Monday, September 2, 2013

A day with the girls...

Today was our fortnightly sewing day, and this time we four girls met at Michelle's.
She spoiled us with curry puffs and rice paper rolls, served with satay and chilli dipping sauces - plus the yummiest banana cake for dessert!

Michelle and her husband Dave cook some lovely food, and have fun doing it...

After lunch Dave left us girls to get back to our sewing and LOTS of crazy laughter!
Michelle is making blocks from Helen Stubbings 'Faux Applique' book, and they are really, really pretty...

Heather was snap happy too, but I was able to grab a photo between her paparazzi impersonation...
She is stitching blocks from Natashia Curtin's gorgeous Christmas quilt, "Long Time Ago in Bethlehem"...

Wendy, as always, was the queen of smiles and laughter!

She spent the day stitching Fee's framed hexies...

I can't show you what I was stitching because it's still a secret. Maybe next week I'll share a peek...??
This is my busiest week of the month in Elefantz with the magazine only days away from publishing, but I'm so glad I took a day off to spend with the girls. Laughter really is the best medicine for whatever ails you, and that's something we have in abundance at our sewing days. 

I'll be away from the blog for a couple of days while I work on the magazine. I don't want it to be late, do I!?



  1. YYUUMMMMMM!!!! - I am now hungry again after seeing that beautiful food!!! What a wonderful sewing group you have and the projects are lovely!!

  2. Очень приятно было познакомиться ! Какие милые позитивные девушки! А то что вы делаете своими руками - выше всяких похвал!

  3. And a good time was had by all! You're truly blessed to have such lovely friends.

  4. Jenny, a day with the girls is MAJORLY important - when you work from home, you can get pretty isolated, and you need that fellowship! I'm so glad you were able to get together. How I love Wendy's smile!!!

  5. Lovely Ladies making lovely projects! Success with your designs, hugs

  6. looks like such a fun day and lots of lovely projects on the go....

  7. Reading your blog has become part of my morning ritual. Inspirational. Thanks Jen!

  8. You are so blessed to have local sew friends. Enjoy them.

  9. What a perfect day Jenny... good friends, fab food, gorgeous stitching...

  10. It's days like this one that makes all that creativity possible and the stress survivable!

  11. how great it must be to be able to get together with other stitchers and share what you are doing, can see great fun was had by you all along with some very tay food.

  12. What fun! I would really like to see Michelle's quilt when she finishes it. I plan on making a similar one. So much easier and quicker than applique.


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