Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friends with talent!

One of the great things about Blogger is being able to schedule my blog posts to publish when I am away with Mr E and not at home.
As you read this Mr E and I should be relaxing down on the Marina at Cairns, for a quick overnighter.
Fortunately we have Blossom back watching over Bob-the-dog and Princess Sophie! What would they do without her?

I really wanted to do this post because one of my very talented friends, Allie Hartom, has just released two gorgeous designs!

Like me, Allie wants to share her Christian designs with you for free, giving all glory to God! She is my sister in Christ, my prayer partner of four years, and someone who encourages me to walk closer with my Saviour each and every day. She also wows me with her unique style, and talent for colour placement.
This new redwork stitchery of Allie's is beautiful, and inspired by one of my all-time favourite hymns,  

Blessed Assurance...

Allie works hard to earn a little from her designs, so as well as her free patterns, she has some that she sells!
I *love* her newest pattern for purchase.

"Summer Concert"

Both of these designs are available HERE in her shop for instant pdf download.
And if you've never visited her blog, drop by HERE and say hi!

Have you begun making Christmas gifts?
Two of my good friends, Vikki and Fee, have some clever and cute ideas you may like to try!

Vikki at Sew Useful Designs has a step by step tutorial HERE on her blog for this sweet vintage-inspired stocking that I *am* going to make...
(Vikki is my guest designer in the October issue of Elefantz Home too!)

...and Fee over at Designs by Fee has a simple idea HERE on her blog for using up those ever increasing fabric selvedge strips and making lavender sachets!

Before I finish this blog post, here's a brilliant tutorial for making Christmas placemats!
I really, really, really, want to make these!

I really must love you guys because I didn't want to go away and not give you something to make, people to meet, new blogs to read...

If only I could have popped a choccy or two through the screen for you.

See you Saturday,


creations.1 said...

I really like Concert In The Park - very fresh and happy. The placemats are a great idea, but keeping selvedge's to make something out of - not this little duck!!Lol!! Have a great trip on the bicycle built for two Jenny!!

Patricia said...

Oh Jenny! You are an enabler, but I love it! Thank you for the blogs1

Patricia C

Anonymous said...

No, no, I'm trying to give up chocolates for a while! LOL I love Allie's blog and already bought her design and got the download. I did think of you when I saw it! I'll head over and look at the others. The stocking will be great for those parts of the hankies I don't use because of no design. I can add my own! Thanks for pointing this out.

Colleen said...

Those chargers are so cute and selfishly, I think they are perfect for my Christmas table. Thank you for pointing them out. Enjoy your time away.

Lida said...

Thanks for the links and the ideas, but still busy with patterns of you and making them into a quilt for my grand daughter! Ellie is finished, but now I want to make more of your lovely designs and use them in her quilt, it is big fun! Enjoy your day out!
Hugs Lida

Sweet Woodruff said...

Awwww, I love Allie. She is so wonderful. I will go shopping. And those round chargers are cool!!! Have a good trip with your husband. :)

Melody said...

Fabulous links and hope you and Mr E are having a wonderful time.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Jenny! Thank you for the ideas! Allie sure is a talented gal, and those lavender sachets sound like a treat to have around the house all year long - perfect!! Hope you had a great trip honey!!! Vik xxxxxxxxxxxxx

margaret said...

I can picture you relaxing at the marina but I bet a needle and thread are not far away. I suppose you could not take much stitching with you though as you went on the bikes. Will pop over and check out the links you have shared. Come home refreshed and ready for a new day.