Saturday, September 21, 2013


We got home from our over-nighter in Cairns yesterday afternoon. We took the motorbike this time instead of the car, and it was glorious!
Four hour trip up on Thursday, followed by a swim in the motel pool, then a sleep!
We took a long stroll around town after our nap, and enjoyed the yummiest Vietnamese/Thai food at a sidewalk cafe...

After dinner we went for another long walk, then got some cool drinks and nibblies to take back to the motel where we spent the rest of the evening reading, stitching, and just chillin' out!
Next morning we walked back down the Marina and bought coffees, and spent more time relaxing by the pool at the motel before the ride back to Townsville...

Our only stop during the 4 hour ride home was at Tully for a cool drink.
Our Honda ST 1300 bike is so comfortable to ride, and it was great to get one last long ride in before the summer up here takes our breath away.
Tully is another sugar cane town, and just behind the cafe where we got our drinks is the sugar refinery with smoking stacks...

Not much got done last night - we were pretty tired as the ride home was very windy, and that can weary the body. Fortunately I'd prepared pasta saltata on Wednesday night and made a double batch. Blossom dropped by and we all shared the pasta leftovers before an early night.
This morning Mr E and I rose at dawn,  as with four days out of the last eight away on the road, we knew we'd both be playing catch up with our work.
But he's a sweetie, and before we got stuck into our various chores and work needs, he drove me down to the beach in Luigi for an early morning coffee. 
Home again and while Mr E did his thing, I decided to clean house before getting on with my magazine!
Two bathrooms scrubbed down, two fridges stripped out and scrubbed, the laundry pulled apart and scrubbed, floors vacuumed...and then a simple but hearty bacon, egg and tomato lunch because our friend Trev had dropped by earlier so Mr E could check his car engine, and he blessed us with freshly laid eggs from his chooks.
After lunch I hung up all the washing, wrote a grocery list, and headed out to the supermarket. An hour later I was home unpacking everything when I decided to surprise Mr E with his favourite cookies, Oatmeal & Raisin. As I've shared recently, we have cut our sugar use down by 50% and I'm playing with recipes to see how well they turn out with less sugar. 
These cookies were yum!

Our coffee machine supplied the cappuccinos, so we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea together...

A present to self : when I was shopping I found these roses and carnations reduced for quick sale...

I don't know about you, but I have a wonderful sense of joyful satisfaction after days like this. I am so blessed.

Tonight it's lamb cutlets and salad for dinner, with fresh berries and vanilla yoghurt for dessert. And maybe, just maybe, another drive to the beach in Luigi before bed...

Enjoy your weekend,


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Hugs.....

  2. I'm tired just reading about your housework - before lunch!! You sure deserved the breaks.

  3. Reading your about your biking trips reminds me so much of what my (late) husband and I used to do -- just hop on the bike and go -- to the beach, to the desert, to the mountains, whatever suited our fancy at the time. Sounds like you and Mr. E have lots of fun doing it. I'm envious and happy for you! =)

  4. sounds like a wonderful time was had, I can tell how close and understanding you are to each other, a perfect match made in Heaven

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I wish we could schedule a little bit more enjoyment into our lives, but Dear Hubby's work is very busy at the moment. Then again, when isn't it? I think we are just going to have to MAKE time and figure all the work will come out right in the end!


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