Thursday, October 17, 2013

Truly, I've been busy....

Oops...three days between blog posts.
I must have been very busy!

Mr E has been away with his job again, and whenever that happens I tend to work non-stop, and sleep very little.
Today I have really felt my body crying out, "stop!".
But let me tell you this - my kitchen cupboards have been emptied, scrubbed, de-cluttered, and are now wonderfully organised. \o/ I thrive on things being organised, so time at home alone offers me the chance to work past midnight without Mr E chiding me and sending me off to bed at a decent hour
But he arrives home in about 3 hours, so my time of cleaning freedom is almost over.
Good. I'm ready for a long, relaxing sleep. 
I'm still waking up before 6am for my Bible study. Such a precious way to begin my day.
Apart from the kitchen, I also re-organised our bedroom wardrobe, and some book cases. 
I've filled the back of my car up twice with stuff that's now in the hands of the local Salvation Army Op-shop. Seriously, I feel great about my Spring clean! 

But you know when you start to de-clutter, and other things catch your eye?
Well, my old white chairs that Blossom painted many years ago after they were salvaged from a tip shop, were looking a bit the worse for wear. I had recovered the seats in pretty floral fabrics back then, but years pass and they just looked sad this week. I couldn't ignore them.

So one of them went from this... this!
I now call it my Christmas chair as the fabric is my all-time favourite festive print and it will remind me of jolly times all year through!
The other chair had quite a different makeover. 
I used some drill fabric I'd bought last year in the home-wares section of Spotlight. I love it!!

I've also been planning projects, tutorials, and due dates for the blog and my e-zine into 2014...

...and I did manage to complete some projects for the November 1st issue of Elefantz Home!

Two different bell short, one long. One is a brand new design, and the other is one I made last year but have not shared before...

This elegant framed shabby roses stitchery will have all four versions in the magazine to suit your own language...
 Every little girls needs her own handbag.
And "Dottie Dog" is her added bit of sweetness...

Now to finish the remaining projects in the 'Girls! Girls! Girls!" issue.

But first, a rest. 



Lida said...

Sleep well, you derserve it! It all loks fab and I love the dog! Hugs

By Neymes said...


Patricia said...

I can totally relate to marathon cleaning or stitching when my husband is gone. May be worn out but what a great feeling. Love the chair covers!

Patricia C

Annerose said...

Du bist aber eine fleißige Biene, tolle Sachen sind das wieder.
Liebe Grüße Annerose

Alice said...

You have been busy! Love both chairs and can't wait for the next issue to come out! What fabric line did you use on the birdie bell pull? A-

Carrie P. said...

I have been doing a little bit of organizing too. I love the new look of your chairs.

Tammy said...

You are a busy busy girl. Enjoy your down time with Mr. E

Denise SA said...

Dear Jenny today I went to post my photo of my finished Betsy's Closet Quilt top and I can't find the blog has it been deleted

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Denise,
The Betsy's Closet stitch along was announced from the beginning as running from July 2012 - July 2013...and I left it up longer. I shared a post on that blog in late August letting everyone know that I'd extended to the end of September, at which time to blog would close. Sorry if you missed all that, but the blog was closed on September 30th.
Feel free to email me a photo and I'll share it here on my own blog...would love to see it!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much you did in only 3 days! I'm in awe! I think that little Dottie Dog bag will be perfect for a little girl I know. I look forward to this issue - as I do to every single one!

marlene said...

Usted siempre se dejara con el ojo cuadrado cada vez que vea sus trabajos, son realmente hermosos. un gran abrazo.

margaret said...

you seem to pack in twice as much into you day than most of us, the chair looks great and your new projects as usual are wonderful

Karen said...

Love the chairs! I remember seeing that material at Spotlight and thought how cute it was. The red is so beautiful too.

LJ said...

This seems rather silly to ask...but what do you use bell pulls for? Yes, I know what they were used for years ago but what about 2013? Are they just a 'pretty' to use on top of a table? Yours are so very sweet.

Sew Useful Designs said...

How sweet is Dottie?!! Love your chair makeovers jen, that festive fabric is divine... you will smile every time you look at it! That home dec fabric is amazing too... it's amazing what a big impact such a little change can make. I too get chided for staying up late... I call Scott the "sleep police"!!! Big squeezy hugs! Vik xoxo