Friday, October 18, 2013

Blocks 7 & 8 in Shabby Roses Home - and a special offer!

It's that time again!
The next two blocks in my Shabby Roses Home BOM is ready for you to download!

This month we have another sweet little home block to stitch, as well as the letters 'l, m, and n' to stitch and applique...

If you have stitched blocks 3 & 4 already, you can now join them to the 'l' in this set when you've made it, for one long strip...

Blocks 7 & 8 are available as a single PDF download, free for one month HERE in my store!

Are you new to this BOM? To see the first six blocks go HERE to the Shabby Roses Home BOM webpage.


I started designing in 2009. Since then I've added quite a few Christmas patterns to my Elefantz catalogue, but have decided it's time to retire a few to make space for new ones in years to come.
But you know, I just *love* some of my older Christmas projects, so before they say goodbye forever, I'm giving them the opportunity to shine - one last time...

For 1 month only you can purchase this set of four 2009-2011 Elefantz Christmas patterns in one instant PDF download for just $5...

Just one pdf file to download.
$5 for the set of four patterns.
One month only.




  1. Very nice work! Thanks for the Shabby Roses Home!

  2. Hallo Jenny, wunderschön vielen lieben Dank. Ein schönes Wochenende für dich und deine Lieben.
    Grüße Annerose

  3. Thank you Jenny for this new installment in the BOM. Enjoy your weekend and time spent with Mr. E

  4. More beautiful shabby houses! Too cute!

  5. Love the new little cottage! Thank you, Jenny. I'm very tempted by your pattern set, but I have to wait two weeks. Don't take it down immediately, please. =)

  6. Thankyou Jenny - very, very much xoxo

  7. One day I'm going to get time to make Shabby Roses Home xxxx


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