Saturday, October 12, 2013

We've gone coconuts...

Have I told you that we have a coconut palm right at our front door?
Well, we do....

...but Mr E and I have never grown coconuts before so we haven't got a clue how to assess if they are ripe or not.
The other day we thought it wouldn't hurt to cut one open and have a look inside.

Mr E looked for one he thought might be the ripest...

Aha! This is the one...

Now to open it...

A bit young yet...

...but still full of lovely coconut water!

Very refreshing to drink!
And full of wonderful things to help with hydration here in the tropics!

I'm rather chuffed that I have so much of this goodness waiting at my front door. 



  1. How wonderful to have coconuts at your front door. I love coconut straight from them. Nice & fresh. Hugs,xx

  2. I don't think I have ever tried a fresh coconut like that - I only see them in supermarkets and they are all brown. very convenient though!

  3. Do you have any neighbours growing them? Maybe they could help you with knowing when they are ripe. I have a feeling they will all be ready at the same time. Perhaps you could set up a "coconut stand" at the curb!

    1. No, just us, Victoria. But we've done some googling and know what to do now. :-)

  4. like Susan I though coconuts were brown very refreshing to have in the hot weather

  5. I lived in Hawaii. The best coconuts were brown when ripe. Like tomatoes, green ones are not ripe.

  6. Whow, your own coconut tree in your garden, how awesome is that....there are no coconuts growing in our country, to cold. I buy them in the supermarket.

  7. Young coconuts are the best! My husband opens up a young coconut and drains out the water into a blender and then scraps out the flesh and blends it in the blender and we drink it. When the flesh is white and sort of rubbery that's the best, because after you blend it in the blender it thickens with the coconut water and it turns into the best coconut smoothie in the world and can be almost like pudding it gets so thick. When the flesh is more gray looking, it's still good, but it's a watery texture. So don't throw away the young coconut meat! That's the best part.

  8. Oh wow y'all are educating this girl on coconuts... I have never seen them growing live before. What fun

  9. Nothing like a fresh coconut! We had them in Florida. There was a restaurant that baked chicken in was a curry chicken and rice.... spicy and so good!

  10. I think by the time they are ripe, there's virtually no coconut water, it's all become the white fruit. Much cheaper than paying for any of it. =)

  11. ooooooo, that is so cool! I am excited that I am going to be able to grow an apple tree, and you have a coconut tree! lol!


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