Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where have I been?

When my children were little I taught them the rhyme -
"Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen!"

Well, I've been somewhere, but it wasn't to visit the Queen.
It was to the annual Stitches & Craft Show here in Townsville.
My buddy Wendy and I have this day all to ourselves each year and we begin with coffee by the sea, followed by a deep breath before we head inside the Entertainment Centre and the stitchy sweetness laid before us.

The show grows smaller every year, but we were both surprised by the evident lack of exhibitors and empty stall spaces this time. We walked very slowly along the aisles, and as it wasn't crowded there were ample opportunities to talk to the stall holders who'd travelled from interstate to display their wares. We found only three quilt fabric stalls, and fortunately two of them carried fabrics in our favoured styles. 
Here is Wendy drooling over the array offered by Karen at Fabrics 4 U 2...

There were some lovely quilts on display so we wandered along oohing and aahing. This "Dear Jane" quilt has been done in all shades of red and cream...

It was gorgeous! I've never seen this quilt made in one colourway before. Have you?
It was machine quilted in the ditch between each block, but hand quilted inside each block. Wendy found her favourite...

Loved this "Dieter's Dream" quilt too...

BUT, the quilt that grabbed my heart was this one, aptly named "An Affair of the Heart" and is from the book of the same name by Aie Rossman...

(sorry about the photo quality...I only had my little camera with me, and it's good photo days are sadly over)

The maker of the quilt is Danelle Hodgson, and as she was closeby when I began my drooling, she came over and chatted with me about her interpretation of Aie Rossman's design...

Danelle chose to omit some of the applique and use embroidery in it's place - and naturally that's what caught my eye!

Coincidentally, The Fat Quarter Shop have just released this as a BOM, making it up in it's original black fabric background. All info HERE.

The featured teacher for this Stitch & Craft Show is Judy Perez Coates, someone I've long admired for her technical ability with mixed media in her quilts.
I LOVED her Moon Garden quilt which was on display...

(you know by now that I adore little birds in trees!)

The tree, deer and bird are all painted on to the solid white fabric, and machine quilted all over. As you study the quilting you find leaves, flowers, birds, very charming indeed!

After three rounds of the stalls, and a long lunch, we called it a day and headed off home. 

This morning (Saturday) I opened up my bags to inspect yesterday's purchases.
Some very "Jenny" sweetness...

...Christmas fabrics for next year's new designs...

...and a first for me - some novelty prints for the children's designs I am working on for the next two issues of Elefantz HOME e-zine.

Lastly I purchased two pretty panels for some quick quilt ideas to share with you in the next month or so.

I clapped my hands in joy at the Lace Lady's stall! She was the reason I wanted to come to the Craft Show. Last year I came home lamenting not purchasing some of her very reasonably priced cotton lace. This year I came home content...

An unexpected purchase were these balls of Perle #12 thread from one of the knitting stalls. At only $2 each Wendy and I almost emptied their stock!

Both Wendy and I bought a copy of this book...I like the fact that Camille has used 'super sized' quilt blocks in her 12 quilt patterns, so this will be one of my 'time out' projects over the next year for the large fabric pieces I've put aside for just such a project...

Just noticed HERE on Wendy's blog she sneakily snapped a photo of me taking a photo!

It's another brilliant memory making day with my buddy, and we even came home with lots of lovely things this year, so double bonus!

Have a blessed and relaxing weekend, my friends.
I think I will stitch - what about you?



  1. Thank you , for showing such beauty!!!! It is hard to believe that everything is done by hand)) Blankets just conquered my heart!

  2. Thank you for the lovely photos and commentary :-)

  3. I went along for a little while today....and I was surprised to see it so bare :( But it was still a nice way to spend a couple of hours....I chatted with a lovely lady from out of town on the way in and I learnt some tricks on cake icing from Julia.....and the displays were lovely too. I love the drive along the beach on the way there. Have a happy weekend Jenny :)

  4. looks like a very good day out, some lovely quilts, will be popping back for further looks! Great shades of 12 perle, think these must be Anchor? I usually get DMC but they do not do all those colours, love perle threads.

  5. lovely to read of yours and Wendy's day out...I am tooing and froing to buy that very book of Camille' your fabric purchases muchly...and that #12 perle thread sure was a good you embroider with it, cheers Vickie

  6. Wow Jenny what a fantastic fair and lots of goodies! I love the lace and yes I saw several one toned Dear Jane's and I always admire them! Enjoy your stitches, hugs

  7. Such a variety of quilts -- those Dear Jane quilts just amaze me. The painted tree and deer with the red bird just really caught my eye. So graphic. Looks like you scored enough goodies to keep you busy for a while!

  8. That looked like a wonderful outing. Thanks for sharing - and all those great pics. I almost feel like I went along.
    Smiles to you

  9. Guauuu que bonitos trabajos muestras!

  10. Looks like the two of you had a grand day. I love all the pictures . Its sad to see things dwindle down so ( shows and all) but you two seemed to have kept them in business for another year!! Thanks for taking us along.

  11. Fabulous day, I know! Thanks for all the sharing of quilts and fun. I can't believe those perle balls were $2! What a great find. I know you'll use them well. =)

  12. Such beautiful quilts and I love your purchases...absolutely drool-worthy! Aren't girls' days out fun? Can't wait to see what you make with your goodies!

  13. What beautiful quilts. I love those perle cottons what a great deal. And your laces are amazing. And beautiful fabrics can't wait to see each fabric made into your fabulous projects.

  14. Sounds like you made the most of it - how disappointing that the show is getting smaller - I know stall holders pay a lot to get a stand but for you guys it must be hard not to have a full exhibit. Love those art quilts too - esp the tree.

  15. Lots of lovely fabric purchases. Can't wait until the Brisbane show in a couple of weeks. Hugs......

  16. What a wonderful post! Enjoyed your show and tell of these fabulous quilts!

  17. What fun!!!! I enjoyed the read, just walking along with you and Wendy thru wonderful, beautiful quilts. And shopping for FABRIC, oh yeah!!! And coming home and opening the packages and going thru the next day...or two, way too fun. The Moon Garden Quilt is so pretty. What a nice day, thanks for sharing!!!


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