Friday, November 29, 2013

Coming in the December 6th Elefantz Home e-zine...

The next issue of Elefantz Home is geared for the boys and men in your life!
That may be sons, grandsons, husbands, fathers, brothers - or just a guy who means a lot and you'd like to bless him with something hand-made that isn't girlie.
I've tried to keep things simpler this month, so you'll find interesting use of quilt blocks, basic hand quilting,  the use of small ties in place of some machine quilting, and gifts that can be put together in a day.

"Peppermint Aero Cushion"
(Blossom named it because the fabrics reminded her of a peppermint chocolate Aero bar!)

"Dee's Trinket Pouch"
(perfect for little boys who like to carry tiny toys in the pockets!)

"A Gift from Heaven"
(simple heirloom baby quilt - could be made in any colour scheme for boys or girls)

"Goblins" quilt
(teenage boys, especially gamers, would love this!)

"Dinnertime" placemats
(simple gifts for any age ~ perfect to make for a family you love!)

"Winter's Fellow"
(he thinks he's the star of the magazine this month, and though I've made him as a mini quilt, you could stitch him onto a larger quilt, or a cushion)

And just because I can't resist having something flowery and girlie in my magazine, there is also the pattern for my new "Hidden Bow Tie" runner...

Also in this issue we'll have our very first "Kezzie's Corner"!
My daughter Kezzie is chatting with us about raising boys, and being the only female in her male dominated home...

If you've ever wanted to dig deeper and get to know what makes me tick, you're going to love my reverse interview this issue!
My gorgeous and quirky friend Vikki of Sew Useful Designs sat on the opposite side of my interview table this month and threw some curly questions my way. She's got hidden interviewing skills indeed...

This issue will be published on December 6th.
All information about purchasing this or any of the previous issues can be found HERE.

We're back to house hunting...
...have a marvellous weekend!



Melody said...

So glad I'm a subscriber as there is lots to look forward to here.

Baa. xxx said... the buttons on the Aero cushion - and so nice to see Bayles - he looks in love with that beautiful quilt!! Praying for an awesome new house.

Lida said...

Love yhe Winterbird! Lots of success with this wonderful issue, hugs

suz said...

looking forward to this Jenny - Winter's Fellow cracks me up

Moira said...

Love all of the projects you showed. The blue simple heirloom quilt is one I'm going to have to keep in mind because I have a number of battenburg doilies that I haven't known what to do with.

But most of all I want to ask - where did you get the Theodora Cleave snail button that you used on the basket you made your friend? I collect snails (after beign nicknamed "snail" once upon a backpacking trip years ago, and would love to get one or two of these buttons.

Tammy said...

What a lovely assortment of masculine items

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous issue! The highlight of each month is the day it arrives. =) Thank you for all the hard work you put into these.

Jenny of Elefantz said...
lovely, lovely buttons!

daisydilly (vicki) said...

`Thank you for your help ( with magazine) Going to miss it .