Saturday, November 30, 2013

We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts....

Earlier this week Mr E and Blossom set to relieving the coconuts from the palm tree at our front door.
We use the coconut water for our vegetable blasts (juices) each day, and whilst we're still in this house we're making the most of our coconut bounty!
Mr E drilled the holes and Blossom extracted the water...

After a while, with still so many coconuts on hand, Blossom decided she'd strip the outer husk on some and keep the hard shelled coconuts for later...

She had quite a workout!

And finally success!
One coconut later...

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts with our venturing off to look for a new rental home.
We found one!
Actually, we looked at the outside of the house on Wednesday, and went back today for a tour inside. It's small, and it's just right for Mr E and I. 
It's 150 kilometres south west of here, back in Charters Towers where we used to live from 2009-2011.
You see, we're small town people at heart, and going back to the slower country life suits us.
The house even has rose bushes, and two raised beds in the back yard for a vegetable garden!
We've put in an application and as long as the owners are okay with us having a cat (a dog is fine) we can sign a lease and move in before Christmas.

This will be our 20th move in 22 years.
That's 20 houses in 12 towns and 4 states. Just thinking about packing up again has me exhausted!

But, we're ready to stay put this time. Praying God has that plan too.



  1. I have moved 10 times and have been married 11 years. This is all due to a military life with the hubby being in the Army. Most of the time I don't mind it though:)

    Hope you get the house!!

  2. I think you have beat my number of moves! I slowed down at around 45 and it's a good thing. =) I'm so glad you found a house you like in a place you want it! Those coconuts look like a lot of work. Kudos to Blossom for sticking with it.

    1. That was age 45, not 45 moves. LOL

  3. I haven't written hear before, but I just had to this time. I feel for you in the moving process. I have moved 23 times so far, and come spring we are putting our current house up for sale. So looks like another move in the near future. I once had to change schools 3 times in 3 weeks. It is never fun. Pennie D.

  4. I hope the cat is accepted and the move is easy! I have relatives who are like you. Before computers, we had to keep their addresses written in pencil because they move so much! It's probably a good way to keep down the clutter. Our house has accumulated a lot of stuff in the 14(!) years we've lived here.

    Peace and Laughter!

  5. I don't envy anyone that has to move - no matter how positive the move :) I've moved 6 times in the last 25 years and have lived in the same place for the last 12 years. I can see the adventure in moving, but Ihave to say I really like staying put for the most part. I pray your plans align with the Lord's and congratulations on your new home - I'm sure you'll get it.

  6. Oh my goodness!!!! I would love to have a clean out, but, moving so often is not for me, I am very blessed that my life is very settled. In 62 years I had 2 moves before marriage 1 after marrying and 1 as a widow. Best wishes to you and Mr E, at least you share the adventure together. Hope you get your chosen house to make it your home.

  7. I am so happy y'all found a place you like. Nothing wrong with small town life. Wish I was a whole lot closer. I would gladly help you move.

  8. Hopefully this house will become your new home. Roses and a vegetable garden will suit you to a T

  9. Good luck on the application and hopefully a nice new house for you and Mr. E.

    We'll likely be moving in the Spring , with budget cuts its hard to keep a bigger house going. Do hate moving but looking forward to cleaning out the stash!!

    Also will need to cancel my subscription to the magazine and not sure how to go about it. Going to miss looking forward to it but maybe after things get settled I can re start

  10. Wishing you luck that you get the house Jenny.

  11. Coconuts and tropical fruit! Hope all goes well with the application for your new of both worlds - living in the country with the city at your doorstep. And wonderful to hear you are staying in the North. Good luck Jenny xx

  12. Jenny, I'm so happy to hear you found a home to rent in the area you will enjoy. I will be keeping your family in prayer that your sweet kitty will be welcomed and also that you will be able to finally settle in a stay put for a good long time. Also loved the pictures of the coconuts. When we lived in Hawaii, we had but to walk out into the yard at any given time and collect them if we wished. However, the landlords gigantic dog, a wonderful overgrown puppy of 13 years old, generally beat everyone to them, ripping them open in a matter of minutes to first drink the wonderful juices, then consume the coconut, then he would move on to the next, LOL. Our landlord always managed to save one or two, but "Boy" the loveable dog got most of them. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and bringing back some fond memories of way back when I was just 19 and my now 42 year old daughter would not be born for another four months. Big Hugs...

  13. such good news you have found what sounds like the ideal new home. You will be a bit far from Blossom I seem to remember she is not living at home any more.

  14. Oh no, moving again! Prayers for you and Mr. E. and Blossom as you go where the Lord leads.


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