Monday, November 25, 2013

Friends and daughters...

Today was sewing day with the girls, and our foursome grew to six because two daughters joined in and made it even more fun! 
My girl Blossom and Heather's girl Barb...

Blossom and Barb both had days off work and to make it even better, it was Barb's birthday!
See the set of three little baskets in front of her? Wendy made them! Aren't they the cutest things?

It must have been the day for baskets because I made one for Barb too!
(tutorial HERE)

 Michelle had been busy baking and for morning tea she served us Eccles Cakes. I had never tried them before and have always wanted to - truly, they were delicious!

But Michelle did not stop there!

Now you might think all we did was party and eat, but we really did sew for a between the continual laughing and talking, that is.

 I guess it all looked fun from outside because Michelle's dogs, Missy and Nikki seemed anxious to come inside and get involved...

To prove we really did achieve some stitching here is a run down of everyone's individual projects...

Another day of sore sides from laughing so hard, and full bellies from Michelle's kitchen -  but the photo of the day has to be this one!

There is nothing quite like a day spent with good friends and beautiful daughters.



  1. You had me thinking..."Where did Barb get that hat"....LOL! I have been contacted by an agency, they want me for the new summer range! LOL!

  2. What a fantastic day! Fun, food and needlework, what more can you wish with people you love!

  3. Looks like another fabulous day with the girls!!! Your projects, once again, are all gorgeous; and that food looks divine!!

  4. That looks like SO much fun! Would love to spend a day off work with you x love the teapot and the summery stork scissors, too cute x

  5. Looks like everyone had another wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love it, you girls had way to much fun! Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia C


  8. Another wonderful day! I love the baskets you and Wendy made, and those goodies make me so hungry - especially when I'm trying to lose a few pounds so I can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! Or is that Thanksgiving desserts? LOL

  9. Oh Jenny, your day looked like it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Now if only I can figure out how to suck myself into this computer and appear on the other side of the world, that would be bliss. Gotta loose some pounds first, me waist is thickening by the minute!
    Hugs, as always, Sue from Cyprus xxx

  10. So glad you had so much fun with your lovely friends and daughters

  11. Jenny, it would really be nice to get together and kinda "forget" other things. BUT I have to have Blossom's scissors!!! They are beautiful! How can I, being in U.S. get a pair. We are expecting snow for Thanksgiving, so it will just be us here celebrating. One thing I'm so thankful for, is meeting you and being able to talk with you. Have a blessed week. Sharon Lozano

  12. Hi Jenny, What a fun filled and friend filled day...... Its great to have good friends and greater to have good friends with similar interests.

  13. Having the daughters join in made your sewing day even more special.. Can see why your sides are sore. those ladies are such wags.....

  14. Thanks for the birthday hat!!!!! LOL! Love it!
    A big thank you to a wonderful group of ladies who not only cheered me up, but who also gave me a very special birthday. Lots of love to you all. xxoo


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