Monday, March 17, 2014

A day with Vikki...

As I mentioned HERE I did not go on the Let's Get Stitched shopping days when I was down in Melbourne, but chose to spend those days with people I never, or rarely, get to see.
Vikki Collumbine of "Sew Useful Designs" and I have been online 'sisters' for about 6 years, but we've never had the opportunity to meet 'for real' until my trip to Melbourne this month.

The best thing is that we weren't just meeting up. We were also sharing a room for four days because, though she lives in Melbourne, Vikki's sweet husband had encouraged her to 'take a holiday' and stay at the motel with all the LGS girls!
Do you know how much there is to talk about when you've been waiting six years for a darn long chin wag??
After two plane flights on Thursday, unpacking, dinner, plus meet + greets with the other ladies attending Let's Get Stitched, Vikki and I, along with our other roommate Wendy, talked through the night, collapsing into bed sometime after 3am on Friday morning

(Vikki, me and Wendy - photo courtesy of Vikki's blog)

Three hours later, exhausted from lack of sleep, we were up and huddled with cups of coffee in our pj's chatting again, before waving goodbye to Wendy as she headed off for the LGS bus trip/shopping day.
After scores of phone conversations between us over the years, today was the day I would finally visit Vikki's home and meet her family! 

(photo taken at Vikki's home)

Meet Mr SUDS and Kayla the adorable pooch (who fell headlong in love with me!).

And have I introduced you to my sweet Vikki yet? Oops!
Isn't she a doll?

And speaking of dolls, she makes them.
She makes really GORGEOUS dolls... other sweeties too.

Late Friday afternoon we both realised we'd pretty much reached the limit of our wakefulness, so before heading back to the motel we took a very quick detour up the mountain to the little town of Sassafrass, where I was greeted by Miss Marple's Tea Room. We didn't go in as we thought falling asleep in a tea cup might not be the ladylike thing to do in such a quaint establishment...

Next door was the teapot shop!

Taking a deep breath, we decided to have a little wander inside before leaving Sassafrass, and what a wise decision that was...

There were hundreds and hundreds of tea pots and tea cups and different varieties of teas!
It was an Aladdin's cave of delights, and I just HAD to buy mugs for Vikki and I, as well as something for my sweet Blossom holding the fort with Mr E back at home - but I'll show you that at the end of the post. 

Back to the motel through Melbourne peak-hour traffic and I promptly fell onto the bed and into 'dreamworld'. One day I simply must go back to Sassafrass and have a proper visit!

Vikki was one of the secret designers at Let's Get Stitched and the ladies loved the design she shared with them on the Sunday...

She had made a gorgeous folder to house your pdf patterns that have been printed off the internet.
I have the pattern ready to make as it's such a pretty and useful project (which is obviously why Vikki's business is called Sew Useful Designs - smart cookie)...

Vikki's table display at Lets Get Stitched was beautiful, and I finally got to see her sweet "Rosetta Rabbit" stitchery, which is even more beautiful that the photos. 
(the pattern is HERE on her website, and with Easter not far away it might be the perfect project for someone special, yeh?)

Saying goodbye when Vikki went home on Sunday night was hard as we've no idea when we'll get to meet up again, but what a blessing to have made these lovely memories together. Love you little sis. xxx

Now, let me show you the mug I bought Blossom at the tea pot shop. I chose this because she is crazy about all things Alice in Wonderland...

It even enticed her down the rabbit hole...

I should say that I was an extremely popular mummy when I got home. 

If you have some time to spare why don't you drop over HERE to Vikki's blog and say hi?
She'd love to meet you!
I think I still have some sleep to catch up on...and tea, I need tea. ;-)



  1. Oh my goodness, what a treat for you both! That teapot shop.....amazing....we need to see Vikki's and your mugs, though! So long as you didn't snore, I am sure Miss Marple wouldn't have minded, needs to go on the list for next time! Love Vikki's stitching too!

  2. A beautiful post Jenny to read with my morning coffee :-) Thanks so much. Your post took me right there with you to Vikki's house And the teashop. I cant stop staring at that beautiful doll she has made. Thanks so much for sharing ... I shall pop on over to Vikki's blog now for a read. Happy Monday to you x0x

  3. I thought ,Vicki was an absolute sweetheart when I met her. So glad you had a lovely day out together

  4. What a lovely post Jenny,you are both lovely sweet ladies,and it was an awesome 4 days and I am so glad that you both got the chance to meet each other in person.xx

  5. Thank you for sharing those special times. I love the teapot shop, and the cup you bought blossom is so great - as is the way you photographed it. You are an artist through and through.

  6. Aww Miss Jenny, I had the most amazing time and it was a dream come true to invite you home with me to meet my family! Scott still tells me we are so alike!! Thank you for this amazing post... I'm really feeling the love... You're such a sweetheart! Ok, so you said you need to visit Sassafras again.... There is always a bed for you at our house!!!!! Loves you darling xxxxx

  7. Aww!!! I SAW that mug - was sooo tempted to buy it ... and the mini Alice in Wonderland set!! Still extremely happy with mine though :D Such an amazing teashop that was!!! ... Yes, Vicki is an absolute doll! I was SOOOO glad to finally meet the both of you - it's great that you were able to spend so much quality time together!!!

  8. Oh my how wonderful. Reading this post was like reading about the adventures of family who are on holidays together (without me). so glad you had a wonderful time.

  9. Lovely post Jenny. Hugs......

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. It is so lovely to meet blog friends in real life. I am looking forward to going to APQ in Melbourne & all the friends I haven't yet met :)

  11. What a grand visit it sounds like y'all had. Look at all those gorgeous projects Vikki has created. So very talented. I will head over to visit her blog.

  12. Oh, you've had the holiday of my dreams! I would love to visit that teapot shop! And I will visit her site :) happy St. Patricks Day!

  13. Look like you had a fabulous time. Couldn't believe it when I saw some of those teapots in the first picture, they are from a factory in Leyburn, England..... I have a few of them in my collection!! You can walk around the factory and see them being made.

  14. What a tea shop indeed....I love the Alice mug!