Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beautiful people...

I hope you enjoy these photos of my Sunday at Let's Get Stitched in Melbourne.
The function room at Rydges Bell City was packed with women from all over Australia and New Zealand...

There were seven designers on the day.
Dawn Hay, Joy Coey, Vickie Tucek, Fiona Ransley, Marilyn Duncan, myself, Vikki Collumbine and Rosalie Quinlan...

And so many gorgeous gals ready to stitch!

Meeting so many readers of my blog face-to-face and hug-to-hug, was incredible!
I was bowled over by their kindness, exuberance, fun, and individual talents. I prayed with some, listened to others, laughed with many, and shared my own life with a few who simply stole my heart.
Everyone was 'authentic' and full of excitement about everything!
I had fun. Really had fun.

Most of the other designers who tutored and shared new designs on the day are personal friends of mine, but apart from two (Rosalie and Joy) I'd never met them face to face before!

Rosalie and I met back in 2012 on holiday in Cairns (it was so good to catch up with this gorgeous gal once more), and Joy and her sweet man Darryl met up with Mr E and I last year for the best pub dinner when we travelled down to Brisbane to pick up Luigi and begin our road trip home with him.
But though I've been friends with Dawn and Fee and Vikki and Vickie for over five years, this was the first time we'd ever 'met' for real. I was in happy heaven, but I think you can tell that from this photo of Dawn, Fee, Rosalie and me...

 Sunday afternoon we had a bit of a photo shoot session - what wonderful memories of these girls that I love!
Years ago I 'adopted' Vikki as my little sis, and finally getting to spend time with her was a dream come true for both of us - in fact we even shared a room so there were a couple of 3am mornings spent chatting away with our other lovely roomie Wendy over cups of tea before literally forcing ourselves to get some shut-eye!

Vikki and I...

Dawn and I...

Fee and Dawn...

Joy and Dawn...

Joy and Vikki...

Vicki and I...

We six were all part of the Gum Tree Designers back in 2009-2011, knowing each other only via emails. Over the years a few would meet up at various times BUT at last, we all met face to face at the same time! We've waited a while for this and a huge blessing it was for each of us.
Love these girls so darn much. They made my time in Melbourne a memory for life. xxx

 Fee, Vickie, Joy and Dawn have organised 'Let's Get Stitched' on the long weekend in March for three years now, and next year they will hold it in Brisbane with Joy as the 'host'.
For more information follow their LGS page HERE and when the time is getting closer information will be available. You'll have the time of your life, I promise.
 Later in the week I'll show you photos of the gorgeous designs each of us shared with the ladies on the Sunday, but right now I'm still trying to catch up on all that missed sleep...see you soon.



  1. Jaja q fotos mas divertidas!!!! Un abrazo grande

  2. Que delicia!!!!!!
    What a delight!!!

  3. How wonderful to have had the pleasure of meeting all those fabulous ladies..... Thanks for sharing...

  4. Jenny how lovely! You are always such an inspiration to me!

  5. Gorgeous pics of happy memories indeed :) I wish we had that here! Instead of a general Hobby thing!!

  6. Fabulous pics of a fabulous time

  7. So glad that you had such a great time Jenny.

  8. Oh wie schön, das war sicher ein wunderschönes Treffen. Sieht so lustig aus.
    Sonnige Grüße aus Deutschland Annerose

  9. Hi!!!! I can tell you all were really having fun!!!! Thanks for the email today on blog change!!!! Your comment about big things and little things cheered me up much!!!

  10. Beautiful memories with time spent with much loved friends. Love you xxxxx

  11. I'm so glad that you had a great time, there are a lot of familiar faces in those photos. Enjoy your zzzzz's

  12. So lovely to keep the excitement going as we look at photos of the weekend, Jenny.

  13. Great pics Jenny.....happy to see you and all the ladies having such a wonderful time :)

  14. Oh Jen... it was such an awesome weekend, awesome company, fabulous laughs, heartfelt chats... just what the doctor ordered! I hope you are well rested my friend and look forward to a phone chat soon! Loves ya! Vik xoxoxoxo

  15. was just perfect, wasn't it??? xoxox


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