Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finally revealing "the welcome home"....

Have you ever bought a gift months in advance and spent all those weeks before the big 'reveal' on the very edge of your seat waiting to have it unwrapped by the recipient?
Then you understand what it's been like for me 'hiding' a new project since January, but on Sunday I finally got to share it with the fifty ladies at Let's Get Stitched!

Before I share the photos with you, let me explain the inspiration behind my design.

Last year was a difficult one for our family, and towards the end of the year my husband and I realised that 'where we live' affects positively or negatively on how we respond to trials and grief.
The house we were in at the time was a sad one. And we were already sad enough.

In December last year we found a different house - a home. When we moved into this home just before Christmas the sensation of being 'welcomed' was incredibly strong, and it's never waned. God filled these rooms with His Holy Spirit and began to heal our hearts.

So my design for Let's Get Stitched was a true reflection of what was in my heart.
May I introduce to you -

 "the welcome home"

This beautiful mini-quilt measures 17.5 inches square...

...and features applique...

...a variety of stitches...

...and a simple two-toned colour scheme.
The large centre block was perfectly wrapped with a saw tooth border made from itsy bitsy squares of fabric, which I had to make twice because I cut the squares too small the first time! (see, mistakes can be made so easily by anyone...)

And did I mention how perfectly those sweet red and sage pindot fabrics worked together to add even more homeliness to the design?

As well as the pattern to make  "the welcome home", I gave all the lovely ladies in attendance a second project. A small journal cover with tiny one inch reduced vignette windows from the main design, and embellished with Let's Get Stitched and Melbourne 2014...

I still have a few patterns left, so if you'd like to stitch your own "the welcome home" mini quilt, you will find paper patterns for sale HERE.

It's a large A3 sized pattern sheet for the design and the reverse applique templates, so I have it packed in a plastic display sleeve with the materials list, plus the stitching and piecing instructions...

 I've also included the small cover design for a notebook, which can easily have the wording omitted.
You could add your name or a different message if you like!

This will not be available as a pdf pattern due to the large size of the appliqued centre block, so paper patterns are the only format I can offer on this design, and numbers available to purchase are limited.

I will post this pattern worldwide - all info HERE.

Tomorrow, I have something very special to show you.
Hope you'll drop by...




  1. Blessings to you Jenny.
    I'm pleased that you have found the return of your positivity since this move. This is a lovely mini quilt and the colours are so good together. I shall have to have a look into the international postage. I usually get your patterns through Craftsy.

  2. I was so lucky to be one of the fifty people xx

  3. I am so happy with my pattern Jenny ,it is such a happy design and it is even more special because of the story behind it,I can't wait to start it,and I am so glad I got to chat with you,you are one awesome lady,take care.xx

  4. Das ist ja wieder wunderschön, ich liebe deine Art zu Arbeiten.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  5. These are lovely - the welcome home would be perfect as we have to move this summer. Thanks for showing us your beautiful things!

  6. Sounds like a great time was had by one and all.
    So glad you got to share that lovely experience with everyone there.
    Barb :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry about the first deletion, lots of typos in it! So let's try this again, LOL
      Oh my GOSH Jenny!!! I love these patterns. The Welcome Home is one that am going to have to make two of, and the first one, very quickly. My Grandson is getting married July 27th and even though I she chose to have a signature quilt, rather than a standard guest book, I can't start it until after the wedding when I have collected all the signature blocks. So when I saw this pattern, I thought "What a wonderful personal gift for them to open after they arrive back in Maryland at their new home (whether it be an apartment or a house). I'm going to get this pattern and get theirs made as quickly as my slow fingers will work, and though they don't have a lot of room to carry gifts back with them on their drive...I think this would be easy enough to fit in the car, neatly wrapped with a note that says "Do not open until you are "Home"! Don't you think it would be a lovely surprise, made in both of their favorite colors? But then of course, I have to have one for my entry way too. I gotta tell you that my eyes filled with tears when you told us how you arrived at this design and I'm so delighted that you were welcomed by God's loving spirit when you arrived "Home". Thanks so much for sharing that story. I lived in a sad house once and it never did feel like 'Home'... Big, Big Hugs dear friend...
      Now I'd best get busy on the poem my grandson has asked me to write and read at their wedding ceremony, *sigh*...keep me in your prayers for Divine inspiration. My poetry 'inspiration meter' has been on the blink for the last couple of years.

  8. It let me comment on the giveaway post! So we'll see if I can go two for two. This is a very sweet pattern. I like it very much, especially that little bird. I'm glad your new home is healing. With that stitching sunroom, I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to be there. I'm amazed at how much you design and the speed with which you did the alphabet astonished me.

  9. So pleased you are finding peace in your new home. May the Lord bless you and your family.

  10. So pleased to meet you in person Jenny. It was a wonderful few days. Hugs Noela.


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