Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blocks 17 and 18 in my free BOM!

In yesterday's blog post I said I'd be sharing some 'cool' photos today of last Sunday's adventure with Mr E - but I totally forgot that today is the 19th and that's the date you're all patiently anticipating each month for the release of new free blocks in my Shabby Roses Home BOM!

So, forgive me, but we'll delay the 'cool' pics until tomorrow, and today you can have your next two double blocks to download instead.
This month I've given you four little houses to stitch...

These teeny tiny shabby homes are the cutest things, aren't they?!

They stitch up pretty fast, and if you're not making the 'Shabby Roses Home' quilt, you could use them on any number of personal projects you have in mind...

This double set of blocks are free to download until April 18th HERE in my shop.

On the 19th of next month I'm sharing the very last block of Shabby Roses Home and we can finally assemble all 19 blocks and finish the quilt.
My plan is to have my quilt completed and photographed for you by then...and my sewing group girls have been told to make sure I do, so if you hear whips cracking in the background of the Elefantz blog there is a reason.

To see all 18 blocks so far, head over HERE to the Shabby Roses Home page, and remember it's not too late to start.
All the blocks will stay in my shop until June 30th, when they will disappear, so collect them now and join the fun.

Do you like polka dots?

If you're a long time reader of Elefantz you'll know that I adore them, especially red and white ones.
The other day I was at K-Mart looking for a few stationary supplies and my heart skipped a beat when I saw what they had in stock!

They perfectly matched the red and white polka dot linen napkins that Fee gave me in Melbourne, so naturally I add one as my photo background. 
I spent the sum total of just $10 for all these goodies, with a folder as well...

I think I'm inspired.
Watch out for new designs...

The first ever photo of Fee and me. After five years we met at last on March 6th. xx

Next week I'm going to show you something really special from this lady..



  1. Love those polka dots - I'll have to look out for them.

  2. I had them already. Lovely and bright.

  3. How wonderful that you two friends finally got to meet each other in person! That must have been quite a moment.

  4. Your new little cottages are so sweet Jenny. Thanks again! xx

  5. Oh I do love your bright and cheery stationery. Looking forward to see what it inspires :D No doubt more great designs!

  6. Das sind ja vier wunderschöne Häuschen. Vielen Dank ich bin begeistert und werde sie sicher öfter sticken.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  7. HI!!!! I do love the poke a dots and red!!!!!! I love your new little houses!!!! They are adorable!!!!

  8. Thanks for the great new houses. I love them. The polka dots are great. I wonder if my local K-Mart will have them, too. I'll have to check ... it's right next door to a quilt store. =)

  9. You're a dear; thanks, Jenny.

  10. Gorgeous photo of you two girls!!!! I have a couple of those lever arch files too Jenny... but now I've got serious red and white polka dot stationery envy!! LOL Love your new sweet houses... very cute and right up my alley being the fairy loving girl that I am! xoxoxo

  11. I do love your projects, all of them. Tomorrow I will try to do the sparrow. Thank you for sharing your talent


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