Friday, April 11, 2014

Working on my vintage cloth...

Early this week I was joined by Blossom for a morning re-run of the latest episode of Midsomer Murders. She relaxed on the couch with a big bowl of soy crisps...

...whilst I did some work on the unfinished vintage cloth I'd rescued from the op shop.
(You can read all about it here)

Remember I was debating whether to add a pop of pink to the pale blue and yellow?
Well, I thought I'd trial it...

...and then I compared it to the yellow-gold that was already in the daisy centres when I 'found' it.

I still couldn't make up my mind. I liked both.
But not Blossom. She made the point that 'one day' this cloth would be hers and she'd "much prefer a softer yellow centre to the daisies thank you, Mum".
I see.
Unpicking the yellow-gold centres (and the pink I'd done)...and replacing with lemon yellow instead.

Blossom nodded her approval.

I have to admit, I rather prefer the softness of the lemon too. An almost 20yo knows more than her mum. This time. 

Next day I progressed on to the little chain stitch squares around the daisies...

So tiny. So sweet. So simply delicate. I am in love.

Aged linen; is there anything lovelier to stitch on?
I'm giving this project 30 minutes of my time each afternoon as my reward for working the rest of the day. And it's even nicer with chocolate. Bet that didn't surprise you...



  1. I like the lemon yellow better too, Gives it a more vintage look . It's beautiful...Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Thanks has a real French Country palette now. :-)

  3. Oh, Jenny, it's so sweet. I love the lemon yellow too. Can't wait to see the finish!

  4. The lemon yellow does go really well. As we were only given 2 choices, we had to pick between them. Just as well Blossom turned up to give her opinion. (As it is going to be hers one day). xx

  5. It's lovely. I thought I didn't want the pink but it!

  6. Looking good Jenny, worth the trial and helpful to involve another opinion, guess the original was leading the way, the daisies and cloth overall looking lovely, the daisies now looking like they will pop right out of the cloth into reality. A great find and how lovely to have a young person appreciate, wouldn't be unusual these days for young ones not to have sighted hand embroidered cloths etc. You will enjoy the journey to the finished result, together with favourite tv show and chocolate of course. I am enjoying reruns of an oldie 'As Time Goes By', love that show, so warm and funny. Also definitely will be adding your zip tutorial to my folder for the future, thank you. Happy stitching, Judithann :-)

  7. It's absolutely gorgeous in the lemon!! I can see why you considered the pink though - that was pretty too!! ... Are you using french knots or colonial knots?

  8. I liked the pink but when I saw the softer yellow I loved it! Beautiful work! I found a pillowcase that my Mom made and while the purchased lace edging is coming off and the pillowcase itself is yellowed from use, the stitching is still beautiful...what to do with it? I haven't decided yet so I'll save it until I figure it out. :)

  9. I love your beautiful embroidery Jenny, and the yellow flower centres are very pretty.

  10. I'd say Blossom seems to have it right this time indeed :) The soft yellow really does look lovely. I need to rummage through my mum's things...I'm almost certain that there's a tablecloth there that still needs finishing!

  11. Well - that is why they say - 2 heads are better than one. The lemon yellow does give a warm feeling to the heart when you look at it. Love your chain border - it all looks so beautiful!

  12. I love Midsommer Murders! I'm totally hooked. I watch it on Netflix here in the states. I love the needlework you are working on. I did like the pink too. :) Hugs,

  13. I like the lemon yellow too Jenny. Interested in the chain stitch squares - I have never seen anything like them before. Love MM's too!

  14. I Jenny. Having suggested to go for the pink, love the yellow: nice and fresh. It be lovely when it's finished. Happy stitching and eating; can't wait till Easter, given up chocolate for lent and really starting to miss it with a coffee.

    1. Only a week to go, Petra. :-)
      Then we celebrate! \o/

  15. That's a funny post! I really enjoyed reading it.
    I'm myself stitching many daisies these days, so when I saw a picture of your work on Pinterest I could not resist following the link. I love seeing what fellow embroiderers do. I'll come back to your place for sure as I find your piece of embroidery very beautiful. I wouln't miss a full view of it. All centres are beautiful... I prefer the pink. ;-)
    I read your tutorial for the zippers and I'm very glad that I did. I'll try it for sure next time I'll have to sew one. I sew many but never thought of doing it this way. Thank you!

  16. Wahou que c'est JOLIIIiiii
    j'aime beaucoup bises!!

  17. It's gorgeous. My son loves Midsommer Murders and I've watched quite a few with him. I prefer Murdoch Mysteries, but don't turn my nose up at either that's playing on Netflix. =) Life's just better with chocolate, isn't it?