Friday, May 9, 2014


Sometimes you get a sharp wake-up call in life and wonder how you could have been so blind to something so big.

That's what happened when I watched this woman speak about human trafficking...

...then I read the first chapter of her book and the reality of slavery in the 21st century could no longer be ignored.

Did you know that there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in human history?
It's estimated to be 27,000,000 across the globe.
Women, children and men - exploited as slaves for manual and sexual labour against their wills.

 The average age of human trafficking victims is 12 years old.
It is the world's fastest growing criminal industry affecting every nation across the globe.
Every 30 seconds a new victim is forced into human slavery.
You can read articles outlining this horrendous crime here.

Christine Caine spearheads A21; it's her baby, and one she leads by the power of God. Across the globe she and her teams have rescued many victims and brought them to the safety of shelters and transition homes. These survivors are ministered to, and empowered to live their futures in freedom through education and the teaching of life skills. 

Please visit the A21 webpage to learn more, to become educated in what is happening to our sisters, children and brothers all over the world, and to find out how you can assist.

Our family have become supporters of A21, and I also purchased two Key2Free necklaces for Blossom and myself to wear...they become a talking point and thereby we can spread the word about human trafficking and A21.

Next month I'm sharing a free Block of the Week that will run for 26 weeks. 
I'm not charging you anything for these blocks - they will be a free download, but I encourage you to make a donation to raise funds for A21 somewhere along the way.
 If you're able to support this project with even a dollar each week it will all add up to make a difference to someone's life; someone you may never meet this side of heaven, but someone who needs a key 2 freedom.

So how about you stop what you're doing right now, and visit A21 here...learn for yourself. Let's not be blind anymore.



Kaylee said...

WOW that's amazing Jenny, I certainly had no idea. This is wonderful what you are doing, hopefully you can get a lot of people to participate. Hugs

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thanks Kaylee...when I heard about it, then read more, I felt so overwhelmed. Like, what could I do? But I think it's about everyone doing a little that makes up a whole lot in the big picture. It's a fact that they need money to rescue and rehabilitate these precious lives, and hopefully we together can raise some during the 26 weeks of my free BOW. xx

Melody said...

Hi Jenny, this is an issue that has interested and gravely concerned me for awhile and I've read a bit about it. Emma Thompson's campaign and the her famous you tube depiction of a trafficked woman forced to work in the sex trade, had a profound effect on me. I've always felt helpless, not knowing what I could do to help stop this horrendous trade. Thank you so much for this further information. I will certainly follow it up, donate and see what else I can do. We all need to speak out about terrible injustice.

Thoeria said...

Sadly it is a reality in our "modern, civilized" world Jenny. When my eldest was still in Primary School, she was involved with a charity group that aided one of the local centres who deal with this horrendous issue....we need to educate not only the adults but our children to this reality as this can strike at any family...even thoughpeople seem to think it's restricted to those in poor and destitute circumstances. I'll be popping over to A21 to read up a bit more about them. As with anything, if we put our heads and hearts together, we can achieve monumental things.

Baa. xxx said...

Christine Caine spoke at some conferences for Women in New Zealand quite a few years ago, amazing women and amazing ministries she has been involved with.


Sue said...

I have known for a while that there are more slaves today that ever before, a good friend works for World Vision and has been telling us for years about the plight of slaves in our world. He actually wrote a very interesting piece on facebook about the new movie "Belle"
Always a bit of a warning when a film is "based" on or "inspired" by a true story.
Nevertheless, it looks interesting as it is in part the story of the legal case about the slave ship Zong, which when it was in trouble threw slaves overboard and claimed the insurance for loss of goods.
Which brings me to one of my heroes. The legal case inspired the Chancellor of Cambridge University to base the Latin Essay Prize that year on it. Thomas Clarkson, the writer of the winning essay was so scandalised that it changed the course of his life setting him of the path of abolition of the slave trade and challenging people like William Wilberforce to progress the cause through parliament. It was Clarkson who did much of the research into the trade riding thousands of miles to visit every port in England and gather the facts about slavery.
Anyway, I am guessing he will not be a part of this particular movie though he featured in Amazing Grace.
If anyone sees Belle in the next little while let me know what you think. Peter Archer

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Jenny - this has been on my heart for some time now, you know there are just those certain things that touch your spirit more than others. Christine has spoken at some of Joyce Meyers conferences and on her shows, but I haven't heard her speak on this. I know that Joyce has her "Hand of Hope" that helps in this area as well as other areas. Thanks for taking a stand, and making a way for more people to get involved in being part of the answer. I will look forward to your blocks and a chance to donate.
Still working on Daisy Days - thanks for the label. Have a Blessed weekend. Lynn

Carol Swift said...

We've seen so much of it in the news frightening! Thanks for the link!

Stacey said...

Thank you for this. I've known, but it has seemed so far away. I'm busy reading and learning from the A21 website now. I'm going to follow through. So many of us (me) are so insulated from what's happening all around us. God bless you for opening our eyes.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Thank you for taking time away from your stitching to highlight this atrocity. I heard this message by Christine back when it was first posted. She is an amazing speaker. I am looking forward to participating in your block of the week with a small donation as I am able.

Tammy said...

This is one of my big time interests these days. It is so sad and so sickening and upsets me so much.

Susie said...

Wow! Sounds like compelling reading. Thinks we don't want to know about but need to know about.

celkalee said...

A recent case in the US highlighted this problem clearly in a suburban neighborhood where no one was aware, for 10 years. We all wonder, how can this be? During the run up to the Superbowl Game (American football biggest game after the regular season.) It is supposedly the biggest opportunity for the sex slave trade of the year! People are transported into the host city to act as slaves. Disgusting. I could not even watch the game this year after hearing this. By exposing the problems and supporting the movement to expose this abhorrent behavior we hope to draw attention to the problem. Multiple print and television public service ads were developed to attempt to draw those in captivity into a safe place. Quite frankly it seems to be an overwhelming task. What ever attention we can provide is good. Thanks for highlighting this travesty on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting this most shocking situation and problem in our world, unbelievable to think fellow so called human beings act and treat others this way, we are hearing more and more of it, it has obviously worsened not in the past, with the world population growing so fast harder to control, overwhelming really. As you say every little bit helps and passing on information has to help and is very necessary too, very sad reality but needs to be out there. I will certainly help,
Thank you Jenny, Judithann xx

Lin said...

A sad fact - and everywhere. Happy to join your BOW and donate. Thank you. xx

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

I have not read the book, but I have been following A21, for sometime now. I have shared their site and work on my facebook page. thank you for sharing on your blog. I am moving to Florida next week, they are # 3 out of the states for Human Trafficking. I hope to get involved some how. Thought my fabric art or some other avenue. thank you for sharing this.

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

Look forward to your BOW for A21, I will share on my Facebook page.

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

If we miss a week, will we be able to go back and get it?

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yes, RoseMary... I'll keep them up for a few weeks each.