Saturday, May 10, 2014

We wanderers...

Mr E and I are wanderers. 
I sort of decided that today after another adventure to an unknown destination!
With fruit, fresh baked rock cakes and ginger beer, we headed off in Luigi, cameras in tow.
South this week, first stop Alligator Creek.... a National Park about 25 minutes from home, and it's beautiful...

Who lives in here I wonder?

It's rare to see the turning of autumn leaves in the tropics so I had to capture this one with my lens...

There are numerous picnic tables along the creek, as well as one large designated camping area...

I love walkways, so had to follow this one...

Mr E warned me just in time not to lean on the railings. Green ants - ouch!

We went from tree strewn soil to padding along sand the further we followed the creek...

Tadpoles were in all the little rockpools...

 So peaceful, so beautiful...

Time to climb back up the path and head to the car...

...and look who we met?

Only small hints of colour amidst all the green.

Next stop was another 30 minutes south,  down the highway to Ayr for morning tea where we met another fellow...

He's a White Ibis and our area is full of them - their night calls are incredibly loud, but I do love them.
I used my zoom to get some close ups for you...he's giving us the eye. ;-)

After we finished our morning snack we decided to take a west turn off the highway and travel the back road up a mountain and over to Ravenswood.
It's a 50 kilometre gravel road only accessible by 4WD, and once again we met with locals...

About 30 minutes later we stood at the top of the mountain and looked back on the snaking gravel track we'd just driven along...

...and then forward to where we were headed. 
Mr E loves capturing the tiniest of textures in the grass...

Over the rise and we arrived in the little mining town of Ravenswood. We've been here a few times in the past, but never taken this particular route before.
I love the marks of age still left in this place...

We had lunch at the Railway Hotel under the original wrought iron fretwork...

 Pluto Pup and chips for $4...and it was a real treat. 
You know, one of those simple things you loved having as a child? My pop used to buy me a Pluto Pup every pay day. Warm and fuzzies happening about now...

Five hours after leaving home it was time to turn north east and join the highway to return to Townsville.
Only 120 kilometres to go...

Totally love these days of adventuring with my hubby.
Hope you have a fun weekend too!


  1. Those walking paths look so peaceful! What a beautiful country you live in. What is a "pluto pup?"

  2. Your photography is as lovely as your stitchery. Thank you for sharing your part of the world. It is truly beautiful.

  3. Wow - what a wonderful way to spend a day. The pictures are so serene - thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for taking us on another outing Jenny, just beautiful, and so close to your home. Loved the creek, so peaceful looking, how lovely your lunch taking you back to times with your Pop, very nostalgic (and Mothers Day tomorrow too, more wonderful memories, have a lovely day), beautiful photos. We have Ibis in our local parks near the Georges River so many of them they cause a lot of problems in the lake and park and especially for the residents nearby, and we often see them in the most unlikely places. Just wondered if you know of Paronella Park in FNQ, we have visited a couple of times with our Cairns friends, very interesting history and the current owners doing wonderful things there and in the area taking over a couple of other places too including recently the Mamu Tropical Skywalk. So much to see and enjoy out there and great to see new places with your adventures. Judithann :-)

  5. Oh, what wonderful pictures, thank you for showing us.
    Hugs from Germany.

  6. You have so many interesting and pretty places to visit. Thanks for the tour!

  7. Amazing pictures!
    Thank you for this fantastic post!

  8. Stunning picture of the 7-legged cow!! Lovely pictures of a lovely outing! I so enjoy being taken along for the adventure Down Under!

  9. Loved the pictures, thank you so much for sharing. Never heard of a pluto pup before, looks tasty enough...I'm going to Google it and see what's in it and how it's made.

  10. This sounds TOTALLY like a favorite day for me and my hubby. Thank You for showing us these beautiful places in Australia.

  11. Beautiful photos of such a lovely day enjoying the great outdoors. I do enjoy meandering and taking the back roads. How very serene and special to see Nature in all its glory. Blessings...

  12. I love reading about your adventures. I would be exactly the same snapping away with my camera. How lucky are you having a snap happy hubby.

  13. Wow....that is spectacular Jen...Happy Mothers Day..

  14. What a lovely day! DH and I are also wanderers, and always have our cameras at hand. Last Saturday we took a very nice hike looking for wildflowers. thanks for inviting us along! Oh, and I now know what Pluto Pup is.

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  16. wonderful pics jenny thankyou for sharing,such a beautiful part of the world you live in.xx

  17. Wonderful photos. I love these posts showing you outings with Mr E. Happy Mothers Day my much loved friend

  18. Lovely post Jenny. Thanks for sharing your journey. hugs....

  19. I love following your Sunday adventures with MrE.....

    Gail xx

  20. Good morning Jenny. I've always wanted to visit Australia. Hopefully we can do that soon. These pictures are great... It was like taking a free visit without having to leave our home in Florida. I shared your link over on my blog so others might visit as well. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Michael. This one day my husband and I give ourselves each week never ceases to magnify the glory of God's amazing earth and His creative hand. :-)

  21. Thank you for allowing me to go on your journey with you this weekend. Love the photo of the Ibis bird....How amazeing your photos are of everthing.

  22. Thank you for taking us along on your adventure. Your pictures area always so great to look at. Had to look up some of your visitors. I wondered if you got to enjoy the changing of the leaf colors. ;)

  23. thank you for sharing your trip with us - you live in such a beautiful area! I had to look up what a pluto pup was - we call them corn dogs around here! Curious about the round-ish orange things on the floor of the bridge - are they nuts of some kind? The Ibis is totally breathtaking - and that you can see one just riding around...

    1. Suz, they are seed pods. Various types fill the floor of the rainforests and walkways - even at our home they are like a carpet around the back yard.
      The Ibis are everywhere here...we see scores of them every day, even walking the streets of our neighbourhood. Amazing.

    2. Thank you for wonderful adventure ,it looks amazing. It reminded me a time when my husband and myself went to the new forest in England. I used to love walking through the woodland with our dog Cloe we would follow a path way it was such great fun. I can understand what fun you must have. Thank you once again to allow me to see what you do in your past time in Jesus Rosemary x x x


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