Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Up to date, and something new...

Princess Sophie enjoyed extended sleeps on our bed during the current run of cool rainy winter days...

...whilst I stayed warm and productive in the sewing room (sewing machines radiate quite a bit of warmth you know) and Mr E settled in to his business work a few feet away at the dining room table. With Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" in the background we all did our own thing, yet we were all together. Rather nice.

There's a few new ideas in my sketch pad at the moment and four new patterns at various stages of completion so I certainly have plenty of Elefantz design work to do, but... I just couldn't stop thinking about the remaining two blocks of the "Wishes" BOM and how much I wanted to be up to date with it before the seventh block was shared in July. Making the first four blocks was so much fun on Saturday, that when I chatted about it over lunch with Mr E on Monday he encouraged me to put my work aside and finish the last two - so I did!

Here is my "Annie's Choice" block (which Mr E tells me is his favourite so far)...

...and the block I left till last, the "Double Windmill".

This one had so many pieces!

I always clip the little 'ears' off my blocks to reduce bulk in the seams...

With the "Wishes" blocks up to date, I've been able to get attention back on my work.
Here is a sneak peek of a new quilt I've designed. This block is the centre medallion and it's coming along beautifully...

Do you try to stay up to date with your BOMs? Which ones are you more inclined to fall behind on - a quilt with pieced blocks, applique blocks, or embroidered blocks?

The rain has cleared and the sun is shining again so Mr E and I donned our leathers and headed out early this morning for a long motorbike ride around the region. With clear heads we're both ready to buckle down and get back to work...

enjoy your day too,
jenny x


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I've been on vacation so I'm getting caught up. I love the colors of your Wishes blocks and I'm inspired to start one of my own. Hope you have a good time on your ride:)

  2. I have never participated in a BOM - I think I might have trouble keeping up with them because I always have so much on my list - but I would like to try someday.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  3. I'm loving watching your progress Jenny! I had a thought....and maybe you've answered this in one of your earlier posts....but was wondering how you came up with the name Elefantz?!

  4. loving your blocks Jenny, great you had some break with the rain-In the dry season here and everything is brown brown brown...I always seem to fall behind or drop of totally with embroidery boms :(

  5. Gorgeous blocks. I do try to keep up with my boms & so far succeeding. Hugs, xx

  6. I am always behind Jenny as I always take on too much at one time. Love your FQS blocks, you have done a great job of putting them together. hugs.....

  7. Love your color/fabric choices, and your piecing skills are amazing. You got it all together !! I try to do my bom blocks the same day I get them... Not always successful but I try. I get the blocks done but then fall behind putting them together into the quilt top. LOL

  8. I really like the double pinwheel. Your points are so perfect! That is always a challenge for me.

    1. That's where pressing the seams open helps enormously, Victoria. My points are much better since I began using that strategy. ;-)

  9. Your blocks are gorgeous. I seem to always be behind on everything anymore

  10. Wow - you do such beautiful work. Love seeing it and so glad you share.

  11. First I have to mention your fussy cut pears, they were great!! I love your fabric choices for your Wishes blocks! Rainy days are good sewing days. I love the quilt that Sophie is laying on, is that one of your patterns? If it is, which one? Thanks!

  12. Olá Jenny,
    Amo tudo o que você faz!!!!

  13. Love the blocks and the colors. The double windmill block was my favorite. Princess Sophie sure is pretty and looks very comfy.


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