Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tea, cross stitch, and hoops...

It really is winter.
I know it is because in winter I drink copious amounts of tea all day long.
Usually in my little red teapot if it's just for me...

 ...and served in my generously oversized red spotty tea cup with a decent heaped spoon of sugar...

...'cause sweet tea is the nicest tea.
I alternate between Prince of Wales, Earl Grey, and Lady Grey.
Yesterday the Earl was on duty, served with more sweeties of course...

And whilst I sipped my tea and enjoyed mouse sized nibbles of my choccie biscuits (they last longer that way and I don't go back for more) I played with a new-to-me design project.

Perhaps it was the warmth of that lovely Earl in my spotty cup, nestled comfortably between my hands to share its heat with my rather cool winter-bitten fingers?
Or was it the smooth sweetness of milk chocolate melting across my taste buds that made me feel a little too romantic and dreamy?
Either way, one of them is to blame for the path my mind took afterwards. You see, I often chat with myself. And yesterday the chat went something like this...

"Self, why don't you design a cross stitch?"
"A cross stitch? But I don't design cross stitcheries."
"Well, you could."
"No I couldn't."
"Why not?"
"Because I wouldn't know where to start."
"At the beginning."

 And so I did.

Hours, many hours, later...

...pencil marks were finally rubbed away and black crosses filled the graph paper. I had an actual cross stitch design. Mr E smiled. I smiled. Then Blossom dropped by and she smiled.

Threads were chosen...

...and I splurged on a trip to the store for some Dublin Evenweave 25 count, and a few hoops (because I don't use hoops so I didn't have one)....

How does one know which hoop will suit?
I bought two styles of round hoops and a single rectangular, hopeful I'd fall in love with at least one.
I think I prefer the rectangular hoop so far.

But what to do with my three new hoops when not in use?

Well, I had another idea and we'll be making that on Friday in my first of ten Rosedaisy Designs free project tutorials...

It's all been a rather adventurous couple of days. A fresh design - a cross stitch no less! - linen weave from Dublin, and hoops.

More tea is the perfect tonic.

What's your favourite tea? 
....and do you cross stitch?



  1. I'm an English Breakfast girl but I do love all those with bergamot too. I'm really looking forward to your cross stitch. Cross stitch was the first type of stitching I stitched. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Assam is my normal brew but I do like Earl Grey for a change. I have completed many a cross stich in the past, not so much nowadays. I hope it is not to cold for you, we have had few days of sunshine in the UK; 20 degrees so we must be having our summer :)

  3. I've been cross stitching now for over 20 years. I don't use hoops because I don't like the indents they leave in the evenweave/linen, so I swear by my q-snaps as they don't leave indents. You can buy different lengths so you can work within a square or a rectangle frame.

  4. you betcha sweet bippy I do Jen-girl and I can't wait to see yours....isn't it don't hoop with stitcheries and I do, you hoop with cross stitch and I don't.....they say opposites attract dont they?! ;o) xox sugary sweet ones hon.

  5. English Breakfast my brew of choice and lots of it. Very creative and productive Jenny, you are achieving so much in this cool season, very interesting. I cross stitched a long time ago using a hoop and only ever on aida cloth, not the tiny counts, then my eye sight had me creating my own holes and the only time I had was night, so I gave up, can't imagine counting on linen but have never attempted. Looking forward to seeing your creation.
    Judithann :-)

  6. Burrough's Brew tea is my favorite - coconutty. And I'm working on a cross-stitch of Proverbs 31 right now, the pattern for which came from an old Leisure Arts magazine.

    I'm glad you're having fun designing.

  7. Earl Grey is my favorite. I used to do cross stitch, but never really enjoyed it. Embroidery is more my style.

  8. Hi Jenny, I love English Breakfast mainly & in the evenings I drink a herbal tea called Sweet Dreams. I can do a teeny tiny amount of cross stitch & I look forward to seeing your design. I just love every single thing you create & love reading your blog posts with a cuppa tea in my hand x0x0x (p.s I have a red polka dot cup similar to yours)

  9. I wish I had the courage to just jump into something and do it.

    Yes, I do cross stitch, and yes, I do tea. English breakfast, with lemon and sugar.

    LOVE your teacup. Can't wait to see your cross stitcherie.

    Carol S.

  10. Yep Cross Stitch was my first stitching.
    But I've gone off it as I got older. Maybe because I had to concentrate on it too much. Especially counted cross stitch.
    English Breakfast or Green Tea. Don't have sugar but when we were sick when we were young, mum would make us sweet tea and vegemite fingers. And I may or may not have dipped my vegemite fingers into the said tea!

  11. I used to be a big-time cross stitcher. I have lots and lots of things I've done. I adore your embroidery, so I know I'll be elated with your cross-stitchery. And you have red polka-dots on your cup! I have blue polka dot PJs, red polka dot sock slippers, and a red-polka dot iPad cover.

  12. Black tea is my choice and like you I drink it all day... Love the spotty tea set..
    I did lots of cross stitch years ago and have recently started the "Quilty Sampler" one.
    Look forward to seeing yours Jenny.

  13. Since we are mid spring iced tea is my go to drink right now. I love to use the fruity tea bags for it. I can't wait to see your cross stitch design. Cross stitch has been my main hobby for years. I don't use a hoop on my cross stitch either. I use a scroll frame of the large projects.

  14. Ooo Jenny now I am excited about youdesigning a cross stitch pattern, if it is half as nice as your stitcheries they will be superb!
    I know you are only at the beginning of this little venture but if you really get into it you can buy a software to design on the computer, I use PC Stitch, I have no affiliation with the product but I highly recommend as it will save you hours in the designing of your patterns, one click ,and then delete if you don't like where you put the cross!

    I am just stitching one of your designs at the moment, it maybe used for a forthcoming exchange (not decided yet) so I cannot say which one it is, I will send you a photo when it is done.

    I am a tea drinker, I am planning my new garden around tea drinking!
    The arbour is in place, the roses will be planted next and then I am going to get a small table, cover it with a white linen cloth all ready for the china cup and saucer, and of course to finish off, chocolate biscuits and cross stitch on my lap, bliss! Lol......

  15. Ah Jenny I knew you would get around to counted cross stitch. I've done lots of them and can't wait to see what you've come up with. The aida is easier to work with, no counting threads AND stitches like with linen. But the linen looks so much better for those special projects. I rarely use hoops for any of my hand work anymore. Bet once you get the feel of the fabric you'll not use the hoop either.
    The only teas I drink are when I'm sick. A little chamomile or peppermint with honey to open the airways or settle the tummy. Milk is my go to drink. Ice cold milk. Winter summer spring fall. I think I'm making up for only getting the powdered kind growing up. For cooking it's ok but drinking it is just plain gross, YUK.

  16. I love my Irish breakfast tea with a splash of milk. I lived in Scotland for 4 years and used to have a pot of tea brewing all the time. I like sleepy time in the evening.
    I used to do cross stitch all the time and have 2 of them on my wall, still have some packed away.... will do them again one day

  17. Yes Jenny, I used to do a lot of counted Xstitch, in fact I just finished a UFO I rediscovered when I was decluttering my sewing room. I felt so ashamed as it only needed a couple of hours work, and I should NOT have stitched the year on it until I completed it should I? I was shocked to see 1997 on it! It is a beautiful floral sampler and now I am saving to get it framed properly. I am sure you will love cross stitching. xx

  18. I haven't crossed stich in probably 14 years. I do recall doing bibs when I was pregnant with my daughter and she is 14 my dear are way too talented


  19. It is almost summer here. And there are the World Champions soccer (voetbal) in Brazil and to-night at 17.50 hour (our time) is the match Australia - the exciting!!!!`
    May the best team win!!!
    And yes, I drink tea: Rooibos (redbush) with nothing and when I was much younger I did cross-stitch... I cann't see it very well any longer, so I make dollshouse miniatures nowadays and that fills my days and makes me happy.
    Loveand hugs,
    Rya Lucas, Rotterdam

  20. I am not a tea drinker, coffee for me thanks. But I love tea pots!
    I am a cross stitcher. Just finished up a red,white, blue design this week.

  21. I used to cross stitch years ago. Haven't done any in a while. I am from South Carolina USA so the tea that I love is Iced sweet tea. I use Stevia instead of sugar, I use Rishi Jade cloud green tea and PG tips. I go half and half with them. I use loose leaf tea version. A 1/4 cup per gallon of water. And a teaspoon of stevia. It makes it as sweet as sugar without the calories and is just as tasty.

  22. I drink English Breakfast tea too. Also love Earl Grey. Never saw Lady Grey before; will have to look for it and try. Love Cross Stitch.

  23. Glad you asked. I used to love Chai but now I have found Cardamom. I know Chai has cardamom in it but true cardamom tea - precious. No sugar but with a bit of milk. Yes, I do cross stitch but I have only used Aida cloth.

  24. Ooooohhh I can't wait for your Rosedaisy on Friday! I went and got the designs so very excited :) I love that you're thinking of cross stitch! I'm an avid cross stitcher so am very curious to see what brilliance you'll come up with :) As for thanks. Oh maybe if it's herbal with no milk...or the lovely eastern ones...saffron or cinnamon or cardemon....then yes please! Otherwise a good cuppa strong black coffee for me!

  25. Being an American I just don't really "get" tea! I drink coffee all day long. From a mug. But I WANT to drink tea, because I LOVE everything that goes with it-the tea pots, the dainty cups and saucers, the spoons, and cutest of cutes: little square lumps of sugar!! Oh and the linens! How I love them. But alas, I cannot give up my precious coffee. Perhaps I need to pour it
    into a teapot?

    Yes I cross stitch! LOL! Welcome aboard-it can be very addicting!

  26. Hi Jenny, Lady Grey is my favorite with honey. I do cross stitch sometimes. My least favorite is counted cross stitch.

  27. I don't XS, because it drives me crazy. I willingly spend hours on a CQ seam, but in ten minutes, I've had enough of XS. I've made several small things. Two became a two-sided Christmas ornament, and another went into a crazy quilt block. =) They are cute, and I WANT to love doing them, but I just don't. I'll appreciate yours, though from a distance. =)

    My favorite tea is lemon grass herbal. I only drink herbal teas, and my real favorite is one I make myself which has lemon and spearmint and any number of lovely things in it, but if I have to buy one, I like Twinings and I like lemon grass. I love your little red tea pot. I have a round red whistling kettle I use to heat my water. Not quite the same, though. =) Look, look, I'm commenting! LOL ~Susan

  28. I cross stitch a lot but do not use a hoop or frame but stitch in hand. Excited to see what your design is.

  29. Interesting to be reading about your tea time while I'm catching up on your posts and drinking Barry's Gold, and Irish breakfast tea, myself. When a sore throat comes on I just about drown myself with hot tea in order to soothe my throat.

    I didn't always like tea, not even sweet tea, and I'm from the south (Virginia & Tennessee USA)! After a friend of a friend who was visiting from England gifted us with PG Tips, I was hooked. Now I drink tea from all over creation thanks to and Harney & Sons. Sadly, I just learned last night that the elder Mr. Harney passed away this past Monday.

    It's been forever and a day since I did cross stitch, but if your design has anything to do with tea you can bank on the fact that I will buy the chart if nothing else. Maybe I can talk my daughter into stitching it for me as a Mother's Day gift one of these years.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to design all these wonderful things for us to enjoy. May God bless you with many more years of beautiful creations.


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