Saturday, June 21, 2014

The old-new of life....

Yesterday Mr E took me for a morning drive back to the little country town we first lived in when we relocated to this part of the country in 2009.
Charters Towers really has my heart, and occasionally I feel the need to return and just do some of the familiar things that I used to do. We decided to take a wander through the handful of ancient op-shops to see if I could find some treasures to bring home. Housed in old heritage buildings, and a church, country music played in the background, whilst the musty fragrance of aged delights reminded me that this town has a long history and residents that still 'remember when'.

It was only quick visit; much shorter than the 3 hours we spent driving there and back, but afterwards I could see the hand of God in it.

On the crafty front I purchased this old piece of fabric, more of a linen than a cotton, and I found an assortment of vintage buttons as well....

A set of partially used DMC threads, wrapped around thick cardboard and carefully hand marked with the colour code, plus a sweet porcelain dish I couldn't leave behind.
I wondered whose fingers had used those threads and what did she make? This to me was treasure...

At the third op shop I purchased sets of beautifully aged buttons, and whilst standing at the little glass fronted counter to pay, the broken spine of an old black Bible caught my attention.
There is something almost sacred holding a Bible that has obviously been well used and well loved. The bubbly woman who took my coins for the buttons encouraged me to take the Bible with joyfully,  I did.

No name was written on the yellowed title page to declare previous ownership, just a small slip of paper with a Scripture verse...

...and that verse brought so much to mind. 

You see, late last year in my daily prayer journal I wrote a passage from Isaiah that I felt God had impressed on my heart. A passage that directed me to understand the fullness of the Sabbath Day and to live it out...

I admit I have struggled with setting aside that one day each week, and yet my heart has truly desired to do so. That little scrap of paper in an old black Bible yesterday brought me a dose of encouragement, peace, and direction. Blessed.

My personal blue Bible is old too. It was a gift from Mr E almost 22 years ago, and has been well loved, well marked, and definitely shows signs of use. In fact my kids call it my 'fast flickin' Bible because I know it so well and can find any verse or passage quickly...the pages just seem to fall open where I need them to...

Miss Blossom has already laid claim to ownership when the Lord takes me home, and even made me a bookmark many, many years ago so I'd remember her when I use it...

I pray the legacy I leave behind is one that honours Jesus, one that inspires my children and grandchildren to follow Him.
Not many of them follow Him now, but that's what prayer is for.
I hope whoever owned my 'new-old' black Bible lived to see their children and their children's children follow the Lord. (Psalm 128)

I think I'll use the fabric I found to make this block. Maybe a few?

Have a blessed weekend,


  1. Oh I think that fabric will be perfect for that block! Love all your special finds!

  2. 2009 when you were in Charteris Towers. Gosh that was where we first came in contact with each other, amazing to think it is 5 years Jenny. What beautifully loved bibles, both your own and your new treasured find. Everything happens for a reason doesn't it, sometimes we take a long time, others a short time to find out how if effects our life or to get confirmation of what we are doing is the right thing to do. Be happy gorgeous. xx

  3. Fabulous finds. So glad someones loved Bible found a home with you.

  4. A lovely post Jenny, something very special about revisiting those past special places, familiarity and trips down memory lane and wonderful op shops finds, the patchwork block looks like it was designed for that fabric and won't that add to the memories. A pair of much loved read bibles, have a wonderful rest of weekend,
    Judithann :-)

  5. Through Him all things are possible.

  6. Oh Jenny, I so love how transparent you are about your faith sweet sista!! What a blessing it was to find that Bible, so well loved ... and how lovely that you still have the Bible your husband blessed you with all those years ago!! Take heed, the words the Lord spoke to you, that you shared here. You work so very hard dear one, and it is only right that you make the effort to allow God to bless you in the rest. Rest in Him, dwell in Him, and allow Him to wash over you!! Love you sweetie - enjoy His Love ... and the gifts he blesses you with each and every day! Hugs!! xxx

  7. I love the way the Lord speaks to us through his word. How much more clear could he be than you finding a Bible 3 hours away in a used shop with just that one piece of paper in it with that particular scripture! Gives me goosebumps!

  8. God is so good! He gives us just what we need, when we need it, even if we don't know we need it!!It seems to be hard for us to learn to rest in Him completely, not just physically, but in every area of our lives. Trusting in Him for our loved ones, knowing that He has them in his everlasting arms, even if it does not look like it to us! Lovely finds at the shops. I think that fabric will make up into some beautiful blocks!

  9. Jenny what beautiful and blessed finds. I know you will enjoy all of them. I love love love the red and white fabric. That is going make such beautiful items.

  10. that is the desire of every mother i do believe...though my only child has many trials in her life, i know that she is safe in God's hands and she does honor Him....

  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely post Jenny. You are always such a blessing.

  12. A lovely post, Jenny. As another commenter said, With God all things are possible. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  13. I just ran across your blog through a cross stitch blog I follow and was reading back through some of your posts. I have the exact same Bible as your blue one, from the same time and in pretty much the same shape, only mine is red. :) What a treasure the Lord blessed you with to encourage you so specially with His word.

    So glad to have found you!


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  15. Hi Jenny, I had seen you patterns and work before but have just visited your blog for the first time in a lonnng time! Loved your thoughts on the old bible. I bought a new large print one for Church but only use it for that. I too have a bible given by my husband and it is stained and raggedy and worn but when looking for something it just falls open to the right place & has thoughts and notes written over time that are still meaningful. Thanks for sharing and for the Lord's Prayer blooks...will tell my daughter in law about your site, as she is great with embroidery. God bless you,

  16. What a lovely post about your Op. shop. Vists. As soon as I saw your new "old " Bible I thought of the hymn "my Mother's Bible."


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