Thursday, July 17, 2014

A quick gift to make...

There are many different ways to show love.
I show love by giving gifts, but my husband shows his love by 'acts of service' - like washing the dishes, folding the clothes, vacuuming my car or taking me out for a meal. Now because he's doesn't like to receive gifts I had to adjust my natural inclination when we got married and learned over time that cooking his favourite meals and balancing our finances were two things that made his heart sing for me. 
On the flip side he has had to learn that sometimes I need him to give me an actual gift - so bags of spearmint leaves or dark chocolates with peppermint cream regularly appear on my work desk, makin' my own heart smile.
Reading the book "The 5 Love Languages" back in 2001 helped me to identify the love language my family members spoke, simply by studying how they 'gave' love. You see, we show our love the way we'd like to receive it, and that can be a bit of a problem if your love-recipient isn't aware of your love language or you don't know theirs. By discerning what a person's love language is, we can begin to show them love in a way they naturally respond to, and hopefully they will learn what makes us tick too. Pretty interesting, huh?

Here's a simple little idea I got from Amy at Nana Company recently - button cards! I have a good collection of vintage, old, handmade, and new buttons, so I spent one quiet hour yesterday making four sweet gifts that can be given at any time. 

You can print up Amy's button card template here. There are six on her template, but I only used four.
Blossom's old scrapbooking supplies came in handy, plus I already had ribbon and some cute buttons...

I cut the cardstock a bit larger than the little button cards I'd printed up...

...and used double sides tape to stick them together. Isn't this vintage girl card too cute for words!?
Blossom had a small star punch so I made a hole for a short length of ribbon to tie through...

Choosing the buttons for each card was fun!

 Some cream Perle #12 thread to sew the buttons in place...

I'd be thrilled to receive a gift like this, and I'm pretty sure a few friends would too...

These are a fabulous idea for reducing your button stash, and so easy to pop in an envelope and surprise someone you care about.
 It's these quick little ideas that help enormously when those 'what can I give her?' moments arise. 

Would you be happy with small gifts like this?

Over the past months I've been sent a few precious gifts from dear hearts that reached out to me in love.
Sparkly earrings from Illene, encouraging books from Michele, and this cute pencil from Melody...

I think kindness and care makes a heart burst.
It did mine...



  1. Those are really darling Jenny. I remember coming home from school and finding little trinkets on my bed pillow - mum was forever doing that. Just a sweet little something to let me know I was loved. I really like this idea!

  2. I Loved todays post Jenny & would be very keen to read that book "The 5 Love Languages". I can think of a couple of friends I will be making the button cards for & posting to them "just because ..."

  3. Your button cards are gorgeous Jenny. I'd be happy if I received something like that.

  4. Jenny. They are really gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope your leg is improving xx

  5. The button cards are a wonderful idea.....sadly my close friends don't share my love of anything crafty! maybe I will make some gifts for myself! Thank you again for your ideas xx

  6. Lovely cards I think most people would be happy to receive one
    Pleased you liked your ear rings
    I think it is you who bless us with your sharing of your wonderful talents xx

  7. The button cards are gorgeous Jenny, I would be excited if a friend was to send me one of those. love the idea and will be downloading the template to make some.... Thank you for sharing.

  8. yes i agree with Illene ,these look fantastic and i enjoy this post Jenny especially your piece on ways of showing love,awesome,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  9. Just beautiful, Jenny! Have read the book "Five languages of love" and it does ring so true. We are all so different.

  10. Very interesting book - I'll have to read it! Those button cards are so cute. I like little projects like that. They don't take a lot of time, but they are so rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very interesting Jenny and the book sounds interesting and helpful, your button cards are gorgeous and the gifts you received, little treasures are great to give and receive and your blogs are a gift. Also thank you for sharing the lovely works of others in yesterdays post, inspiring to see their interpretations and work also. Thank you Jenny, Judithann :-)

  12. Yes, I would love to receive a cute button card gift and I do think they would be great fun to make, too. Lovely!!

  13. You have made my heart sing. I love the gifts you are making and showing to us. Thank you so much.
    I now have some lovely new ideas.

  14. What a lovely idea for buttons and gifts. our commentary about the gifts you received made me teary. Friends are so uplifting and special.

  15. Very cute. I am same way, I love to give gifts.


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