Friday, July 11, 2014

Blush and Bashful...

Did you ever see the 1989 movie 'Steel Magnolias'?
I tell you, every time I watch it I have a box of tissues handy because if I'm not laughing till I almost pee myself, I'm balling my sad ol' eyes out! It's in my top 10 favourite movies of all time and might just be due for another viewing this weekend (after I restock the Kleenex supply) because Blossom is coming for a visit tomorrow and it's one of her faves too. Better make a note to buy some chocolate too - comfort food, you understand?

The reason I mention Steel Magnolias is because the bride-to-be in the movie (a very young Julia Roberts) declares her bridesmaids will be wearing 'blush' and 'bashful' - not the pink her mother ( a still gorgeous Sally Field) insists it really is - and I was reminded of this when a parcel arrived in yesterday's mail. Inside the standard yellow express plastic I discovered an armful of  beautifully pink blush and bashful from a dear dear friend...

Sweet Melody had sent me a precious parcel of the prettiest pink presents, and with so much love to cheer me that I thought my heart would burst...

Following her instructions I am opening them one a day.
Yesterday's gift was this precious pen and ink drawing by Michelle Palmer, framed on fabric and displayed on a tiny wooden easel....

The Scripture on the drawing was exactly the word of encouragement I needed right now; a 'word in season'.
It's now rested on the shelf in my sewing room where I can see it every day and be reminded of the joy that comes from having gentle and generous Melody as my friend, and the deep gratitude of knowing God's plan for my life will not be moved...

Today's gift was a bag of vintage buttons, and oh how I love vintage buttons.
You bless me, Mel. xx



  1. What a sweet friend to send such beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

  2. "Steel Magnolias" one of my most favourite movies.
    An homage to all strong women who, struggling with so many difficult things, make the lifes of so many people easier!!!
    Chapeau to us!!
    Nice, lovely presents from a loving friend; what else do you need....
    Love and hugs, Rya, Rotterdam

  3. What a thoughtful gift and more to come! Nothing less than you deserve Jenny - enjoy! xx

  4. What a lovely RAOK! I love that idea that the Lord's plans stand firm, no matter what plans men make.

  5. Beautiful drawing on fabric and lovely buttons:) How sweet and thoughtful of Melody! Her kindness to you I'm sure makes you smile and warms your heart:)
    love Annette

  6. Just a simple little way of saying how much I value your friendship. They are only little gifts but they do let you know you are in my thoughts every day. Get well soon. Big hugs

  7. I love that movie. Must find my copy & watch it again. Thanks for reminding me Jenny. Beautiful gifts from Melody. Get well soon. Hugs,xx

  8. Yes Jenny its time I watched that movie again too I feel. Such lovely & thoughtful gifts you have been sent from a special friend - even the packaging is just beautiful. Look forward to seeing whats inside as you open some more each day. x0x0

  9. LOVE Steel Magnolias!! In fact, I pretty much watched my copy to death, so thanks for the reminder that I need to go get another copy ready for my next date with Steel!! It's such a beautiful and heart wrenching story all rolled into one!!
    Melody is such a sweet sweet friend! That drawing from Michelle is just so perfect for you - I'm so glad she chose that one to send you!! Hoping and praying you're continuing to look after yourself and get better soon!!
    Many hugs xx

  10. Steel Magnolias is my favorite "go to" movie of all time. In fact I just watched it the other day. What a lovely and thoughtful friend you have. Beautiful gift.


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