Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mountain women!

It's been at least four long months since all five of us stitching girls were together at the same time, so when all our calendars merged on Friday for a day of no distractions, illnesses, employment or other responsibilities, where did we go?
Up the mountain of course!

Here's Wendy, Barb, Heather and Michelle, all rugged up against the slight chill of a mountain winter morning - though the bright appearance of sunshine was quite evident through the windows...

We started our day with toast and warm drinks, plus plenty of chit chat catching up on the events in each other's lives...

Barb brought some sweeties too...

Wendy spent the morning stitching down binding on a gorgeous wedding quilt she has made for her old teaching partner and his bride (you can see more in her blog post here)...

Michelle was also hard at work stitching down quilt binding. I think the girls enjoyed the extra warmth their quilts offered across their knees! You can see the full Fireman Sam quilt Michelle has made on this blog post of mine a couple of weeks ago...

Heather had one stitchery 'on the go' - a gorgeous freebie from Stacey at Bakercourt...

...and another beauty she'd just finished. The fabrics Heather is using with the stitchery were a Mothers Day gift from her daughter Barb. They're gorgeous!

Barb got busy finishing a Natalie Lymer design...

...but hadn't brought an extra project to continue with.

Fortunately, I had a spare and she happily got started on that! This was a real blessing for me because I have this 12 part BOM I purchased in 2009 that I'm only a quarter of the way through, and one of my goals for 2014/15 is to finish it in between designing and stitching my own work.

Here's the block that Barb started for me...

...and the one I am currently stitching.

Lunchtime arrived and we were famished! More coffee and tea, plus some baked goodness...

One of the delights of our little group is the generosity of heart that seems to flow naturally from one to the other. During our day up the mountain Michelle gifted each of us with a small stitched doily she'd made using some of Val Laird's designs for inspiration. Such a special thing to do and she assured us she'd been up until 1am finishing them just in time for yesterday's get-together...

We ended our day shopping at the fabric sale Marci had at her quilting shop.
I was also able to collect my latest quilt as Marci had longarm quilted it for me - and it's gorgeous!
But, no peeks until next Friday.

Before I sign off for the weekend I have to show you the mug Wendy found me!
My love of photography, and perhaps my need to always have my camera on hand, inspired her...

 Have a great Saturday everyone, and let me encourage you to
"love your friends"



  1. Hallo Jenny,
    das sind aber schöne Arbeiten und sicher ein tolles Treffen. Ich mag das auch wenn jeder seine Arbeiten zeigt.
    Viel Spaß und liebe Grüße

  2. The pictures made me smile. What a great way to spend time with stitching friends.

  3. Jenny, You girls have so much fun!

    Patricia C

  4. Pleased you could ALL get together for a lovely day of chatting, eating ,drinking and amazingly some sewing as well.
    You all worked on great projects.

  5. What a great looking group. Time with friends is so precious.

    What stitch do you use for the majority of your stitching ? an outline stitch, stem stitch, running stitch? Your stitches are so tiny and perfect.

  6. I almost feel like I was there. readin your blog each morning is like having a morning cup of coffee with a very dear friend.

  7. Lovely post Jenny,love seeing the fun you girls have.xx

  8. Loved your post - a peek into a wonderful day with all of your friends. Special times!!

  9. Such a lovely post. These days with stitching friends are definitely something to be treasured.

  10. Stitching friends are so very important and they definitely leave a smile on your heart!

  11. Looks like everyone had a fabulous day. Ooh look at all those projects everyone was working on. Great job ladies!!


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