Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Pinboard - another moment to shine!

My intent was to use them in gifts for two of my daughters, but when we moved house they were packed away, and sadly, forgotten. 

When I launched my 2014 challenge - "Moment to Shine" - it was with the intent to try and use fabrics, threads, notions, stitcheries and blocks that I already had on hand, so with Kezzie's birthday this month it was time to unpack her K and give it some style and a moment to shine!

I had these two thin canvas boards, 8" x 10" each...

...and I thought wouldn't they be perfect as the base of a small pinboard that could be displayed on Kezzie's fridge?

All I did was cut a piece of fabric 4 inches larger than the canvas board, fuse a leftover scrap of medium-weight Pellon behind it, and quilt wavy lines down it's length.
Then I sewed the "K" hexie onto the middle top section of the fabric. 
I wrapped the fabric around one of the canvas boards, and used masking tape to secure the raw edges of the fabric to the back of the board, and also to stabilise the fabric before I whip-stitched the front and back fabric sections together down the sides of the board.

Next step was to measure a length of red bobble trim so that it was 2 inches longer than the canvas was wide. I folded the trim around the lower left and right edges of the canvas and sewed the ends into the fabric fold at the back.

Final step was to heat my hot glue gun and use the glue to fuse the second canvas board behind my fabric one. I was generous with the glue across the middle and sides, but had to work fast.
I pressed the two canvas boards together with my hands for about 4 or 5 minutes, then added a little more glue down the side edges, pushing it into the join with a silicone glue tool.
A couple of magnets were glued to the back, a button sewn to the centre of the bobble trim, and a couple of little wooden pegs added...

So simple, and so darn cute!

You could add any stitchery you like to the front, or what about a sweet quilt block?
In fact, if you have some gorgeous fabric you'd like to show off, why not just use that?
Simple ideas like this can take you in so many creative directions. 

I've been very busy behind the scenes with two quilt tops finished in the last few days. 
One is for my own magazine (hopefully ready before we say goodbye to July!) and the other is for next February's issue of Homespun magazine.
No peeks, sorry.

But I can show you what my sweet Sophie has been doing while I've been busy...

What a life.



  1. Another clever idea,Jenny. Your pin board looks great.

  2. Such a clever idea. I'll definitely be doing this one.

  3. Your creativity is boundless.

  4. Pin board is gorgeous Jen
    Kezzie will love it

  5. I am really loving that pegboard Jen!! If we could put things on our fridge without worrying about rusting, I'd make one :) ... Love the pic of Sophie :) She reminds me of Shenade, our cat from the time I was in primary school, all the way through to my mid 20s - she was so sweet!! And her markings were very similar to Soph!! Enjoy your sweet kitty :) They are such dear, sweet pets!!
    Hoping your knee is doing better!!! xxx

  6. Gorgeous Jenny,Kezzie will love this.xx

  7. Another clever idea Jenny! I'll have to think about how to adapt this fridge is rather cluttered with the kid's artwork and pics and stuff....but I like the idea of using the canvas.
    Madam Sophie looks cosy :) My Scruffy, Buttons and Boo are spending the days lazing in the windows to get maximum sunshine too...I do love cats...snooty little critters though they are :)

  8. Very pretty gift idea, Jenny! I'm sure your daughter will love it. Your kitty is so sweet. But I say that about all cats:)

  9. What a life indeed. For you AND Sophie! I like the pinboard idea. I'll have to check around for some thing likethat canvas board here.

  10. Another great creative idea Jenny, will be added to my gift list thank you and have the materials. What a life your Sophie has, gorgeous cat and Bob the dog. Could trade winters but not summers, though cold overnight this week beautiful sunny days to enjoy in Sydney, school holidays are blessed, achieving little in craft but enjoying fun times with grandchildren especially 4yr old granddaughter and she enjoys craft, I become a child again. Quilt and Craft Show on now and inspired to visit over weekend. Happy creating, Judithann :-)

  11. What a great idea and so darn cute too.

  12. Lovely and very cheerful little message board. Your clever projects always make me smile, Thank You. Creative Bliss...


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