Friday, August 22, 2014

Block 4 ~ "REST"...

I have to tell you that I love an old boot spilling over with flowers. Don't you?
It speaks to me of old traditions, wise words, peace for the soul, and 'r e s t' ...

One day, Lord willing, I'm gonna have me a verandah filled with old boots...

Roses, geraniums, gerberas, and sweet daises.
They can all tumble over the side of my old boots and make me smile when I 'r e s t'  in my comfy rocker and sip my fresh coffee every mornin'...

I might even have this quilt laying over my lap in the autumn as my flowers and me greet a new sunrise.

We're a third of the way through the quilt now, so here's the layout for the top half...

 Hope you're loving this project as much as me.
The pattern for 'r e s t'  is $2 here in the shop.

Have a sweet r e s t f u l  weekend, won't you?

bless ya heaps,


  1. I am loving watching this project grow :) Have printed off your tutorial on the churn dash and am waiting for some fabric to get here and then.....who knows!
    Hope you and Mr E have a wonderful restful weekend :)

  2. This is gorgeous and very nostalgic Jenny, love it, beautiful blocks appearing. This one reminded me of my Son I L late grandfather, who I never met, but had made clay plant holders including an old boot style and I was fortunate to be shown them. Does take one back in time and to look forward to 'rest' taking in the outdoors and gardens. Thank you Jenny another beautiful project, Judithann :-)

  3. I love this . It reminds me of my grandmother and mothers flower gardens when I was a very young child.


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