Friday, August 8, 2014

Churn Dash Stitchalong block 2 'inspire'...

A pretty green border to block 2 this week.
Have you stitched block 1 yet? They stitch up so fast that I was almost thinking of making another set in blues...mmm...

What a powerful word: 
To 'be inspired' creates a sense of 'I can do that!' when your incentive has been low and life is weighing you down.
But 'to inspire' is also a powerful phrase because when we inspire others we offer a gift that lifts them up to a better frame of mind and may even strengthen their heart for what is ahead.

May you be inspired today, and may you also inspire another...

The pattern is HERE in the shop. 



  1. Somehow, with a click here, and a click there......I've ended up here......and it's been such a delight to drop in and visit with you ....... & I think, I just may drop in on you again fact I've caught sight of the zippered puch tutorial & just maybe, I might get the chance to follow that over the weekend.

  2. I am always inspired and uplifted whenever and whatever you post. Your a special blessing for me...

  3. hi Jen,i love this block,hope you have an awesome day my friend.xx

  4. Gorgeous block Jenny, love the green too, and I am inspired. Have a wonderful day and weekend.
    Judithann :-)

  5. Jenny Dear you are true inspiration to all. Your generous sharing of your amazing talents is above and beyond kindness to others. Thank You and Creative Bliss...

  6. Love your churn dash blocks!
    Barb :)

  7. I just love these blocks Jenny. The completed quilt will be so beautiful. You are such an inspiration.


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