Saturday, August 9, 2014

stitching in the car...

The Project...

Just out of curiosity, do you stitch when you're travelling in the car?
Mr E and I are off on adventures every week and we tend to travel either far, or farther...never near. 
Hours in the car are perfect opportunities for doing a little fun stitching; not the Elefantz Designs kind of stitching, but the "I'm making this for me" kind of stitching.
Here's what's coming together during road trips at the moment...

I've just finished the fifth block of a 2011 BOM that was shared by Michelle May (Raspberry Rabbits)...

Michelle's original blocks were quite large so I reduced them by 50% to stitch mine...

I'm using some old 2009 Tilda fabric from my stash to bring all the blocks together in a pocketed wall hanging when they're finished, but also Tilda threads, Tilda buttons and Tilda ribbons (gifted a few years back by a dear friend overseas)...

Five blocks down, seven to go!

The Garden...

It's been neglected. My poor potted herbs have been dying. With my torn patella tendon keeping me almost immobile for two months I've been unable to get up and down the stairs to tend them...

...but it's about 90% healed now so I've donned my Garden-nurse cap and begun to administer love and care once more.
The parsley smiled at me today...

...and our chilles are bursting forth in bright red dresses.

Fortunately some plants are sturdy and can diligently attend to themselves when I'm absent.
Look how big the pineapple plant is now!
Mr E planted the top of a pineapple for me back in January and it's thriving beyond my expectations. My foot is in the pic so you can see just how enormous the plant has grown. Another year and we'll have a pineapple...

Three weeks left of the tropical winter, so beautiful right now...

... and mango season is coming because the mango trees are in bloom.

By Christmas the roadside stalls will be selling bountiful buckets of freshly picked mangoes for just $10...

But you know, no matter winter or summer, it's always green in my tropical garden!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are, and whatever season you're in right now - for all seasons have their own beauty.

I'm off to prepare tomorrow's picnic baskets because another new adventure awaits us!

PS: If you'd like an inspired read check out this excellent blog post from Mr E...



  1. No Jenny, I do nothing in the car when we are travelling. I get car sick if I were to do anything and besides, I much prefer to see my surroundings. There is so much beauty out there.

  2. That pineapple plant is amazeing....I've often thought of planting one to see what would happen but haven't done it yet.

  3. Jenny, it is so beautiful where you live. I love all that lush greenery. It is Summer here, but we don't have anything as beautiful as that.

  4. I used to always do crafty/sewing things while traveling on road trips however no longer. Now I do my fair share of the driving and the Mr. doesn't appreciate busy hands. Your garden looks amazing. Mangos are yummy. Creative Traveling Bliss...

  5. Wow it's so beautiful :)
    And I love your sewing so it for a quilt ?? I love it x

  6. For many years there was no craftiness happening while travelling for fear of missing any scenery or photo op - yes, I take MANY photos while moving along with hubby driving. However, about two years ago I discovered that I can cross-stitch, knit or stitch Sashiko and still see the world go by and, with camera at the ready, still take almost as many photos as before. I hate to sit idle so my frustrating turns of being the passenger have turned into very productive times. I've not really been into embroidery, though, with your inspiration and beautiful pattens, I'm currently mulling over some embroidery projects. Can't wait to see where you travelled today.

  7. I'm always the driver so it makes it a bit difficult to actually do anything else!! When hubby and I do drive in a car together (he would always prefer to ride the motorcycle, even in the snow), I have to watch the road for him because I'm just positive that even after 35 years of driving, he needs my help!

  8. Wish I could be more than just a passenger in the car, but I get motion sickness if I try. Your car project looks great. Good luck on getting your garden back in shape.

  9. Oh too cute Blossom, as for Mr E, only joking, great family fun. Lovely stitching Jenny, unfortunately I cannot stitch while travelling but can knit a little (when in that phase) and glance through a craft mag, I get car sick if attempt doing too much but much improved from my childhood years plus I guess sitting in the front helps and there were/are many narrow winding roads in beautiful Tasmania where I grew up. I envy those who can though. Thanks for sharing, beautiful garden too and mangoes yum. Judithann :-)

  10. Hee...hee... you guys are too funny!
    Scrunchy faces! You should have got a funny of pets too!

  11. Had a lovely chuckle at your "funny" pics :) I'm afraid I have a family of abnormals :D
    I don't stitch in the car...but I do crochet! As I tend to cross stitch, I find that it's extremely tedious going, and after once incident of almost 2 hours of stitching only to find that I had placed a few stitches in the wrong spot, I decided that stitching was a no no. Thank goodness I finally taught myself to crochet :D

  12. You have cute little feet. =) I like your chili picture! Those are the best blocks. I used to work on my hexagons when Paul and I pulled the 5th wheel along the highways. Sometimes crazy quilting. I miss those days. Your family seems great to me. People who take themselves too serious are usually trouble. LOL


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