Monday, September 22, 2014

Block 16 and some revisiting!

Over the next month I'm going to be removing some patterns from my shop (here) and restocking the shelves with some old favourites that haven't been seen for a while, as well as some brand new designs I've been working on behind the scenes.

Today I added these two old sweeties!

"Lavender Fields Forever"
This little pillow measures just 4.5" x 7" and is filled with lavender flowers and regular cushion stuffing. Placed on display near an open window the lavender fragrance that fills the room is incredible!
It would also be a really cute pincushion...

"True Peace"
I designed this free stitchery last year as a joyful and bright reminder of where my true peace comes from.
The pattern is for the stitchery only, but I chose to use it as a pocket for a Bible/Journal bag...

...and of course, I'm sharing Block 16 of the "Lord's Prayer" Quilt free as well!

NOTE: I have spelled trespass wrong in this block, not even noticing when I drew it up and stitched it. 
Please omit the extra 's' when you trace it. I will update the pattern tomorrow.

"trespass against us" 

If you are looking for the first free 15 blocks of the "Lord's Prayer" quilt they are now divided between three patterns of five blocks each...

All these patterns are HERE in the shop now.

Have a blessed day!
I'm off to finish my Shabby Roses Churn Dash quilt! \o/...



  1. Wow! Block 16 - it's amazing to think this started 16 weeks ago - that's 4 months!! Love, love love it. That lavender bag is such a sweetie - I still haven't found the lavender I dried since moving house - wonder where I put it. Time to start looking again!

  2. Theresajo@comcast.netSeptember 23, 2014 at 12:28 AM

    I came across your work on pinterest and fell in love with what you do. I want to do the Lords prayer after I finish the project I am working on now. enjoy your blog. Theresa Taylor

  3. Thank you for True Peace, it is lovely.

    Patricia C

  4. Your blog posts are always so peaceful...your stitching evokes such wonderful feelings...peace, beauty, love, acceptance, friendship, joy...I love visiting to to get that healing balm! Love the lavender sachet - need to collect some lavender to make on for myself, but it probably won't have your pretty stitching!!!

  5. Hi Jenny i love seeing all your beautiful work,you come up with lots of beautiful projects,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  6. I love the elegantly simple lavender. One of the reasons I like to read your blog, though is the words between the pictures. Thanks for all you do for us. I downloaded the free ones and I'm saving my pennies for more buying. =)


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