Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pretty storage!

When I was down in Melbourne for "Let's Get Stitched" in March, one of the other tutors (and roomate!)  was my sweet, sweet friend Vikki Collumbine of Sew Useful Designs.
We have this adoration-of-each-others-designs  'thing' happening, always have actually. She's a talent and a half to be sure, and always good for eye candy projects. She wanted to make mine, and I definitely wanted to make hers!
I fell in love with the project she shared with the ladies on the Sunday.
This is Vikki's original,  "My Sweet PDFs", which she designed to store all your printed pdf patterns. Isn't it adorable!?

That cover captured my heart and when I eventually carved out a bit of 'self sewing' time a couple of months ago I stitched up her cover design and framed it in pretty Tilda roses and spotty fabrics. I didn't make the pdf storage folder like Vikki's design, though. 
I had a different purpose in mind....

You see, I usually have around 4 to 6 new Elefantz designs on the go at any one time, and I decided to use Vikki's cover design on a large folder for storing my projects that have been stitched but are still waiting to be made into something.
Inside the cover I've made a nice big pocket that fits A4 pattern sheets...

...and the folder itself holds quite a few velcro sealed plastic pouches that I fill with the completed stitchery, threads, and pattern sheets for safe keeping until I'm ready to sew them into a larger project, or just until I write the pattern...


Pretty cool, yeh?!

I'm sharing this to encourage you to look outside the box with designs you like but think you may never make because they look like they take a little more skill than you have.
Vikki is amazing with little trims and edgings and extras - but I'm not - and she loves what I've done with her gorgeous cover design, so win win all around. Thanks Vikki-love!

You can see all the photos of her original project HERE on her blog. Like I said, she is incredible.

And on to something else incredible!
Remember months ago when I made my pear placemats? 
Well ever since I have been searching for a 'just right' tablecoth to no avail.
Until last week when a Goldilocks moment happened upon me...

I don't know why, but delicious food tastes even more delicious with matching placemats *and* tablecloth!

Quinoa Salad with haloumi, pine nuts and grated beetroot...

Organic grapes fresh from the Atherton Tablelands just a few hours north of us...

Now that I have a full tummy and a sweet folder to store my completed stitcheries in I think I should finish piecing a quilt and empty one of those plastic folders...ready for another new design. 

Have a brilliant Tuesday!


  1. Your folder is sooooooo beautiful and appeals to my desire to be a better organized person. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great folder, Jenny, you are indeed very talented. Love the look of your Quinoa salad, too! Yummy!

  3. Beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your fold looks wonderful, Jenny. I love this design of Vikki's. I have made mine yet. In fact I haven't made any of the designs we received at LGS! I haven't even finished the stitchery I started on the day. How slack is that! But I will one day.

  5. Very, very coolio! And such yummy looking grapes! Delish!

  6. A delicious, colourful, inspiring, tempting post in Oh so many ways Jenny. From the folder cover, to the placemats & tablecloth to even the food . . . x0x

  7. Your interpretation of Vicki's design is gorgeous too.
    Well done to the two of you! :)

  8. I love how you have taken an idea and made it your own with this folder and keeper of treasure stitchings. I enjoyed visiting Vicki's blog and am now following. Creative Bliss...

  9. I love your folder Jenny, I have been thinking of making something along those lines for a while. Maybe I will find the time soon.


  10. I love what you did with the PDF folder design! I am still thinking of making it up, and I might try what you did.
    Your food does look very good on your new cloth and mats:)

  11. Love what you did with your folder. And the cloth and napkins are gorgeous too.

  12. It's so sweet my dear
    Huge hugs x

  13. Hi Jen wow that folder is awesome ,thats what i will do as well if you dont mind me copying,yes i know myself i dont think outside of the square so to speak,thankyou for sharing your idea and i love Vikki's design,enjoy your eveing my friend.xx

  14. Que capa mais linda Jenny !
    É um encanto para quem costura parabéns. Tenha um bom dia!

  15. So pretty! I made a cover for my household binder a while back. Now I need to get busy and make some covers for my pattern binders as well. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  16. Love the way you have adapted your folder Jenny. It is a wonderful design by Vikki, must see if I can find time to make mine soon. Thanks for your great post. Hugs....

  17. Como me gusta todo lo que nos presentas. Tiene un colorido y una frescura increible, además de la originalidad. FElicidades y besos.

  18. O alvo de meu blog é divulgar o bom nome de Jesus. E levar cada crente mais perto de seu Senhor, ficarei feliz se quiser fazer parte dele, contudo não deixarei de visitar, e comentar em seu blog. Ficarei à espera da sua amizade virtual. Minhas saudações em Cristo Jesus.

  19. I have all of your pdf's that I have downloaded and printed in a 3 ring binder in plastic sleeves. I like your binder better though with the pockets for your fabric and threads.

    That food looks so good! I could lick the screen!

  20. Not only is it cool it's gorgeous
    And very organized.
    Thanks for sharing you talent


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