Monday, September 8, 2014

Coffee mugs, a gift, and block 14...

A while ago I did something unusual for me. I bought a coffee mug.
Mr E is almost falling off the chair with laughter at that statement.
You see, I am *given* a lot of coffee mugs, and recently he purged our kitchen of quite a few. 
"After all", said he, "there's only two of us here to use them you know!?" 
Anyhow, I rarely  purchase them myself regardless of his take on the coffee cup population here at home.
But I saw one that just cracked me up it was so darn cute!
And besides, it had my name on what else could I do??
I've never been a meerkat kind of gal, but it's so sweet just perched on the rim with it's long tail sweeping across my 'J'...
Made me think about that old song my Nana loved -
"I'm sitting on top of the world..."
I should tell you she really loved Dean Martin and would make me sit and watch the Dean Martin Show with her all the time. I think I know all his songs and can still remember the excitement of each show's opening with Dean sliding down the barber pole to greet the live audience. That's a really precious Nana memory I'd not thought about for at least twenty years, so here's a tribute for Nana...

Back to that coffee mug, eh?
It was handmade by Louise at Carcoar Pottery...
 ...and if you have a spare ten minutes why not check out all the other goodies she creates over here on her website?
I'm thinking I might need a second mug...with an elephant. ;-)

 This week we're up to Block 14 of the Lord's Prayer! Now begins the second half of the quilt...

How many blocks have you stitched?
Are you stitching the same Bible translation as me or are you making use of the alphabet I've added to each block pattern to create a translation you personally prefer?

Block 14 can be download free HERE in my shop.

The postie blessed me the other day with a surprise gift from a long time Elefantz follower, Joy in Bundy!
Joy had cross-stitched this beautiful and encouraging Scripture design just for me, and I have it hanging on the door of my sewing room for all to see and admire. Thank you Joy. x
"For He shall give His angels charge over thee..." (from Psalm 91 - one of my favourites)
A second gift that recently arrived (yesterday in fact) is my Christmas 2013 gift from Wendy.
We chose to make each other a calendar for last year's Christmas present, but I moved house so I couldn't give Wendy her gift from me until January (you can see it HERE).

I wasn't concerned about the long belatedness of her gift to me as she has had many serious family health issues this year, and family is abundantly more important than stitching.

But yesterday the Blossom-girl arrived after a weekend visit to Wendy's (Miss Blossom and Wendy's lad Nick adopted each other as cousins a few years back so spending time together is always good for them)  and when she dropped by to give Mr E his Father's Day presents she also handed me a red wrapped parcel of prettiness. It was my Christmas 2013 gift from Wendy!
And it was worth every month of waiting...

I wonder if Wendy will release this as a pattern?
I bet you'd love to have one of your own! Isn't it wonderful?
 I might drop some hints her way...

Today I am continuing with my spring cleaning, but this time it will be focused on the utility areas of the house. I figure three hours of deep cleaning this morning should be rewarded with three hours stitching after lunch, don't you?

Have a brilliant week!


  1. So many lovelies. Enjoy your spring - cleaning and all. It doesn't last long enough in the northern hemisphere either and is usually pretty wet (at least in my part). Love hearing that so many people find you special, because you are. Thank you again for the Lord's Prayer stitchery. It is amazing.

  2. My dear I love your mug so sweet
    Beautiful stitches and gifts..
    Enjoy x

  3. Your little meerkat mug is so cute. What a gorgeous gift from Wendy.

  4. Oi Jenny gostei muito da nova capa do blog e também gostei muito da musica. Tenha uma boa semana !

  5. Jenny, I like your mug. Wendy's She works is great!

    Patricia C

  6. A cute name mug Jenny, a must have when makes you laugh an elephant one a great idea and wonderful your new mug brings special memories too. Beautiful cross stitch and calender gifts, lovely work, thank you for sharing all. Have a wonderful week,
    Judithann :-)

  7. Have to comment I just popped over and had a look at the calender you made your friend Wendy for this year, it is gorgeous Jenny, how lovely to look at each day and think your design gorgeous.
    Judithann :-)

  8. Hi Jenny love your new cup its very cute and i can see why you needed it,lol.Oh i love the calender that Wendy made you its so sweet,hope you have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  9. Thanks for a great post. I shall take the time to read your other articles or blog posts.
    Lets hope they are just like this one.

    Stop by my web page: E Liquid

  10. So many many pretty bits Jenny! Love the meerkat mug :) They're very African and I just love the little critters - I think of them as our answer to the Australian wombat (another cute little creature!). Hope Mr E had a lovely Father's day yesterday.

  11. I am heading over to check out the pottery...I do think I NEED a few, don't you? Of course, I only use one that is thermal and has a lid...

  12. Love your mug Jenny - what fun. Are meercats used in advertising there like they are for insurance in UK? I love mugs but they have to be something special. Great gifts too. xx

  13. Thank you for block 14 installment. Love the calendar she made for you and yours too...

  14. Actually, I think three hours of cleaning is worth six hours of stitching time! =) Lovely Wendy gift, and yes, she should release it as a pattern! Cutest cup ever, no wonder you bought it. Nice size, too. Thanks for the link.

  15. Three hours of cleaning! that equals three days of stitching at least! - that's my story and I'm sticking to it! hee...hee... that is such a cute cup - meercats are so cute - we have a wonderful display and living area for them at the Zoo here - not that I am a big Zoo fan. And Wendy should definately release that as a pattern. Tell her she must. Ha!


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