Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Old ways and breathless beauty...

A Sunday drive through nearby farmlands is in many ways a step back in time.
Abandoned homes, cars and old machinery are left to rust and weather out in fields, a reminder of old times, old ways, simpler days...

A sabbath day of rest for the farmer? Not really...

I chuckle over the bemused looks I receive from cows when I aim my lens at them...

...such serious personalities!

But this sweet pony and her companion didn't bat an eyelid when I drew close to capture their quiet lunch on film...

Mango farms line the country roads around Majors Creek, so we stopped a few times and noticed that some plantations had trees still pollinating...

While a few kilometres further on the next farm had fruit appearing on every branch...

I wish we'd been able to throw down a blanket under these ancient trees and rest in their shade with tea,  biscuits and lazy Sunday conversation, but it was private property and I respect their space...

It's lime season in the tropics now as well...

This farm had literally thousands upon thousands of limes fallen to the ground as far as the eye could see...

...and a new crop on the way!

We passed a lily pond far off in the distance and this was as close as my zoom lens could get. It wasn't till I got home and began editing the photos that I noticed a duck nearby...

Further along we drove, down one side road and track after another, occasionally discovering remote residences amidst the tall ghost gums...

...and even a creek (the Major's Creek perhaps?)...

...where I stood still and breathless long enough not to scare away this butterfly. I had all of a few seconds to take the photo when she alighted on a leaf near me. As soon as she heard the camera's shutter off she flew!

 I've saved my favourite photograph of the day for the end.

You may have noticed by now that on my photo adventure days with Mr E I often find a "Lord of the Rings" scene - normally this is in the rainforests or beneath the many waterfalls we discover. 
But last Sunday it appeared in the middle of a mango orchard, and it simply took my breath away...

May your day be filled with beautiful things too,


  1. You just made my day more beautiful. Thanks

  2. Your photography is amazing! You take the most breathtaking photos. God's creation lends for a beautiful back drop.

  3. Beautiful photos, Jenny! I love that butterfly and the last photo is perfect!

  4. You live in a beautiful country, it's so different from the landscape I see every day. I'm a little bit jealous ;-) Such nice photo's and the last one...... wauw , it's breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing it.


  5. Your photography is just lovely, Jenny and I so enjoy seeing your Australia. I live in the Midwest of the US and we, too, have some old abandoned homes/farms and equipment. I have to say that they always make me sad; I think of all the memories that once were made there and now are left abandoned. :(

  6. Thank you Jenny, beautiful countryside adventure and photos, has set me off to a great feeling day, hope yours is too. Can almost taste those delicious mangoes. Judithann :-)

  7. Oh, Wow! that is a seriously
    awesome photo! I can just hear the merry band around the corner just about to come into view!

  8. Beautiful photos Jenny.....I love seeing our part of the earth through your eyes.....makes me appreciate what we have up here all that more. Have a wonderful week and happy weekend xxx

  9. Thank you for taking me along on this beautiful adventure Jenny :) Such peace and serenity in all those shots

  10. leider ist mein englisch so schlecht, aber trotzdem möchte ich mich mal bedanken für die wunderbaren Bilder und Momente. Auch wenn ich keine Kommentare abgebe, lese ich jeden ihrer Berichte und freue mich immer wieder darüber. Ganz ganz lieben Dank.
    LG Dagmar

  11. I so enjoyed your photos. The water lilies and the tree archway and my favourites. Whatever you are doing, either embroidering, patchwork, or taking photos, everything is perfection. So inspiring.

  12. Aaaaahhhhhhh, what a beautiful way for me to start my day. Thank you so much.

  13. Such beautiful photos! It looks like a lovely day out.

  14. Excellent photography. Love the two pics of the butterfly, and of course the last photo - such depth!
    Thank you once again for sharing.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous and magical photos Jenny!!! I seems you live in a wonderland of beauty and mystery. I too love the "Lord of the Rings" photo. While I sat here studying the beauty and symmetry of it, I could visualize a bride, being escorted by her father toward you, standing where the groom would have been. What a lovely image it was. I know my grandson and his new bride would have loved the spot for their wedding, surrounded by all the natural beauty with no need for any additions to decorate or set the mood. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and travels "through the looking glass" with us. After I get them on the computer, I will send you a few shots we took on our little mini vacation of four night away, visiting some breathtaking sites. I know you will love them. They would be on the computer by now but early in the morning we headed home, I fell at the first view point of Escalante Staircase National Monument and broke my left ankle and foot, and also turned much of the tissue in and around my right knee into "mush" was the term the doctor used. Funny thing was, I limped around home for two weeks after we got home and only visited the doctor for my 3 month Scleroderma visit. He was very concerned with the amount of bruising and swelling that was still present on both legs so Xrays told the story. When he asked me why I didn't come in the day after I got home, I told him that when pain is a constant companion in your life for years, a bit of added discomfort doesn't seem worth worrying about and you shut it out the best you can. I know you understand what I mean. But...this too shall pass and I just thank my dear Lord that He protected me as I fell. I was going down concrete stairs. It could indeed have been much worse. Hugzzz my sweet friend. You and yours are in my prayers always.

  16. just love your pictures.
    Would love to have copies of the truck to make quilt pictures out of them.

  17. I always enjoy your jaunts through the countryside. I'm stunned by all the fallen limes on the ground and can't help wondering why they weren't harvested. Personal disaster and sad things come to mind. Do lime blossoms smell as wonderful as lemon and orange? I don't know that I've ever smelled them in mass as I have the others. Thank you for always sharing such beautiful moments. Love that last picture! And the pond. And every other one.

  18. Thank you for sharing another one of your adventures.


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