Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthdays and stuff...

Mr E had a lovely birthday yesterday, very relaxed and chilled out - exactly the birthday he enjoys. The 'no fuss' kind.

We feasted on prawns, coral trout, green salad, avocados and fresh fruit salad...
...and I made fresh mango ice-cream to top it off!
 This ice-cream is made from just two ingredients - frozen mango and coconut milk yoghurt!
It literally takes 5 minutes from start to finish and is smooth, fresh, and delicious. Next time I make it I'll take some photos to show you how...
I gave Mr E a professional microphone for his business videos and webinars, and Blossom gave him this gorgeous bonsai tree...
The only 'duty' Mr E had on his birthday was to choose the winner of the Scandi Christmas fabric bundle from this giveaway, and when I asked him for a number between 1 and 204 he said, "Well, 17 of course - my birthdate!" winner is -

Congratulations Ellen, I have emailed you and as soon as I have your address that sweet bundle of festive prettiness will be winging your way!

Apart from birthday happenings I've been busy finishing the next 'Rosedaisy Designs' tutorial to share with you in Saturday's blog post.
This month I've chosen the Rosedaisy Border block as I think it's perfect for Christmas gifts...I wonder if you have an idea what it will become?
Don't forget the full 10 pattern "Rosedaisy Designs" set with 11th bonus design is still available for purchase here in the shop.
If you haven't seen all the designs in this set have a look at the photos HERE

I'm also intending to have a play with these over the weekend. 
I've not used Semco threads before but it appears that Spotlight stores have ditched Anchor threads in favour of Semco so I'd best acquaint myself with them. 
Blossom loves owls so I chose thread colours to co-ordinate with a sweet bundle of owl fabrics that will become 'something' for her...
She developed her interest in owls back in 2011 when Mr E rescued an owl caught high in a barbed wire fence late one night.
The barbed wire had pierced the owl's wing and while Mr E held the owl close, Blossom cut the wire away.
It was taken into care by our vet the next day and three months later returned to sit every night on our front gate...
The garden is coming alive with temperatures of 30C (86F) already this spring!
My little rocket seeds have sprouted...
...and the chandeliers on our palm trees are turning ruby red.
With such warm days I think there will be a lot of mango ice cream needed to keep us cool.
Fortunately, that won't be any problem at all...

Enjoy your day, won't you?!


  1. Glad it was a fun birthday :)
    Enjoy your day
    Hugs x

  2. Well happy belated birthday wishes to the Mr.

    You have spring and our fall is starting. Both are wonderful seasons.

  3. Happy birthday to Mr E. I hope he had a wonderful day.

  4. Thank you for sharing Jenny, Mr E's birthday sounds like a perfect day, delicious food and the bonsai looks very interesting, lovely plant. Owls very popular and beautiful but having such an experience makes all the more special, memories to last, will be interesting to see what you make with that gorgeous fabric. Judithann :-)

  5. Wow, thank you Mr E for picking me as the lucky winner! Happy belated birthday to you!

    Yummy food! Looking forward to your new projects!


  6. Everything you cook looks so delicious. Love the owl fabric too.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr E! that ice-cream looks yummy! Let me know how you find the Semco threads - I'm interested in what the sew like.

  8. what a wonderful birthday meal for Mark and love the gift Blossom gave him.Oh i wish iwe had your weather down here,its freezing and we have the heaters on,enjoy your evening Jenny.xx

  9. Sounds like the most wonderful meal, and I look forward to that healthy ice cream lesson. =) The fabric looks so cute, and I know it will become something wonderful. I haven't heard of that thread yet, so I look forward to seeing what you think.

  10. 17 he's a young un! LOL. Oh to be 17 again and know what I know now!
    Owls are fabulous! and I just ordered owl fabric from Superior threads! It's for a back ground fabric. The BB quilt doesn't have owls on it but the Theme for the nursery does. Wish I had found it first.
    LOVE THE Bonsai! That is a dear present. and a beautiful one too
    We are heading into fall here in the states, amazing how the seasons are so different.I'm putting my garden to bed, u are waking your up

  11. Sounds like he had a good birthday. Congratulations & many more happy ones to come!

    Love your new header.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to Mr.E.
    The owl fabric is so fun and bright. Good luck with your new floss. The chandelier plant is very pretty and interesting.


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