Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rosedaisy Designs TUTORIAL ~ number 4...

I've chosen the "Rosedaisy Border" as the block from THIS pattern set to use in our monthly tutorial and project!
It wasn't hard to decide what to make with the Rosedaisy Border because I designed it with a purpose already in mind...

If you were a guest visiting a friend's home wouldn't you love to have this waiting on the bed for you to use? I'd feel very special indeed!
It would also be a lovely 'take home' present for a guest, or maybe you'll make it as a Christmas or swap gift?
However you decide to use this lovely hand towel once you've completed it, you will probably want to make a few more because it's a very easy project!

First you will need the "Rosedaisy Border" block (the embroidery instructions and thread colours are listed inside the pattern), a fat quarter of floral fabric, a new (washed) hand towel, and you may like to add some buttons, lace or other embellishment.
I was going to use some buttons, which is why they are in the photo, but decided against them at the end...

When you have your supplies you will need to measure the width of the hand towel. Mine was 16" wide...

Trim the "Rosedaisy Border" block to 3 3/4" (h) x 9 3/4" (w)

If your towel measures 16" wide as mine did, cut -
two, 3 3/4" (h) x 4" (w) pieces of fabric
two,  1 1/2" (h) x 17" (w) lengths of fabric

If your towel measures 17" add an extra 1/2" (w) to the two small pieces of fabric and an extra 1" to the long pieces. Just make sure your total width will be 1" wider than your towel is, ok?

Sew the two smaller pieces of fabric down both sides of the block, and the two long pieces across the top and bottom...

Fold the sides of the block in by 3/4"...

Turn the block over so that the top of the block is facing away from the hand towel.
Lay it about 2" up from the bottom edge of the towel and pin in place as I have done in the photo below...

Sew the block to the towel with a 1/4" seam across the top raw edge...

Fold the block up on to the towel, and press a 1/4" seam along the other raw edge...

Pin the block to the towel down both sides and across the top. Choose some hand sewing thread that matches the colour of the hand towel...

Very carefully slip stitch the edges of the block to the towel. 
You need to be sure the needle goes all the way through to the back of the towel, but only catches the edge of the block...

Gather some Perle #12 threads. 
Choose one colour the same as your stitchery background fabric, and another colour that features in your embroidery or the floral fabric...

Stem stitch the straight line above the embroidery section...

Sew a line of running stitch underneath...

Complete with another line of stem stitch across the bottom...

All done!

You might consider using the Rosedaisy Border down the edge of a pillowcase, as a feature across a cushion or bag, or what about the trim of an apron?
If you have another idea for this design leave it in the comments below, would you please?
I'm sure we'd all love to hear it! 

This design can be purchased in two ways -
HERE in the full 10 pattern + bonus "Rosedaisy Designs" set,
or HERE as a single pattern purchase.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a pretty welcome for a guest or gift for a special friend. Absolutely love it. I love all of your ideas for additional uses. It would make a beautiful border at the bottom of a little girl's dress or pinafore :)
    the hem of a skirt or blouse.

  2. That is beautiful, darling girl, thank you!!

  3. What a great idea. Thank you for the tutorial.

  4. Jenny, Thank you for the tutorial. I have been gone and just today saw a week of your post! Love the picture especially the old ways, made me remember my childhood at my Grandparents!

    Patricia C

  5. This is so sweet!! Thank you for posting the tutorial. They are always easy to follow.

  6. It is adorable. I rarely do embroidery, but I love your web site!

  7. Another great project, Jen. I love the colors you used. I need to divest my life of other responsibilities and just embroider for a few months!


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