Friday, September 19, 2014

Block 8 "trust"...and wedding things.

We are officially two-thirds of the way through the 12 week Shabby Roses Churn Dash Stitchalong today!

Block 8 is close to my heart because it represents the very foundation of a good marriage...

I used our wedding rings in the block photo, but as I never take mine off it took a great deal of moisturiser to shift it from my finger!
And you know, I was mighty pleased about wedding ring knows exactly where it lives and it does not like to be removed...

This little block would be lovely stitched onto a wedding gift...

You can download it HERE in the shop for just $2.

I love celebrating a wedding with a stitched reminder of the day!

A few years ago I decided to design a cover for our wedding album and used some beautiful 1930's inspired fabrics. One of the Australian craft magazines was keen to publish the pattern so I sent it away 'on loan' until that issue of the magazine was published - anticipating that when it arrived back to me I could complete my plan to fill it with photos of our wedding day in 1991.

But someone at the magazine office miss-placed it, and almost four years later it still has not been found. 
Here's the two good photos of it from when I made it in January 2011...

 I may re-make it one day, but without those lovely fabrics I haven't yet found the inclination.
I should mention that I have sent hundreds of projects off to the same magazine publisher since 2009 and this is the only one that never came home. One every other occasion they have been excellent in returning projects.

In 2012 I decided to make a small wedding celebration hanger for Mr E and I...

..and this week I've been stitching a brand new wedding memory design for one of my daughters as a Christmas gift!

It's funny, but even as I write this blog post I'm remembering more wedding designs I have created!
Like the "circles of trust" block from THIS quilt...

 ...and of course, a design that inspired this week's Churn Dash Stitchalong design, the original 'trust' block from the 2009 version of my very first Shabby Roses Quilt!

I auctioned off this quilt to raise funds for the Queensland State Flood Appeal in 2011, and Pam in the USA blew me away with her winning bid of $500. I was thrilled to know it was going to such a lovely home!
Later that year I decided to remake the quilt using Tilda fabrics and a fresh block layout.
"Shabby Roses Quilt" version 2...

Thanks for joining me on a little trip down wedding memory lane.
I think I just may need to design a book of celebratory designs very soon...



  1. Ooooo lovely..lovely and just so lovely.
    Smiles :)

  2. So many beautiful things on show today. Everything you stitch is so beautiful.

  3. And what a lovely trip it was. Thanks for letting us join you, Jenny. Everything is so beautiful.

  4. Sigh, so nice to wake up this morning, turn on the computer and see lovely pretty stitcheries.

  5. What a great idea. A book :) Love them all - I am sure Aisha will love her gift.

  6. Sorry about the loss of your beautiful project, Jenny. I really like the application of the lace. We have the same anniversary! Ours is ten years earlier!

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  8. Such beautiful projects and such a special occasion to commemorate.

    Sorry your album was lost.

  9. Amei. Um mais lindo que o outro. Beijos

  10. Stunning - absolutely stunning.

  11. Beautiful Jenny :) What a pity that your album was never found - and what a good thing you had not put photos into it yet!
    Hope you and Mr E have an absolutely fantastic weekend xx

  12. Just a good thing you didn't have the photos in the book when you sent it! I looked carefully at the fabrics. I might have that blue diamond one on the binding. Want me to look?

  13. Hi Jenny, This is my first ever post, so I am a bit nervous.
    You never stop to amaze me with your beautiful work, Just love the new wedding memory design for your daughter, I sure she will love it. Will it be a pattern very soon? Hugs Daniela.

  14. Hi Dani!
    Thanks for leaving a comment. :-)
    Yes, it will become a pattern, sometime in October.

  15. You are so incredibly talented and your workmanship is fabulous!! I get a warm feeling just looking at everything you create!!!

  16. A beautiful trip you took us on Jenny, all so lovely, designs fabric and stitching, thank you for sharing, a book a wonderful idea. More great ideas, love the wedding/marriage theme. Hope your weekend is a happy one.
    Judithann :-)


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