Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A swap, a posy, and some show & tell!

Less than two weeks ago my friend Teresa and I decided to have some fun with a private swap, the theme being "vintage"!
I haven't done a swap in years, but this was so much fun with no pressure (yay!) and between the two of us we both came away with delicious goodies. 

My parcel from Teresa arrived yesterday and I think I said, "ooo", "wow", "aaaahhhh",  and "aaaaw" at least twenty times before Mr E gave me that raised eyebrow look which silently sounds like "okay, already". But honestly, I wasn't doing all that swooning for nothing - just look at these beautiful swap gifts...

Beautiful buttons, exquisite laces and braid, Paris fabric (mine, all mine), pins (oh you should see them!), a gorgeous scented handbag sachet, vintage cards I cannot wait to wrap ribbon around, fragrant soap, and the prettiest rose and butterfly purse that opens to be a mirrored compact...

I'm totally spoiled. Thank you Teresa. xx
If you'd like to see what I sent Teresa you'll have to haunt her blog HERE for photos. She'll have them up soon.

I've really enjoyed stitching the Poinsettia Christmas designs for last week's 5-day tutorial, as well as the seven designs that feature in the first month of my Stitchery Club.
In fact, I decided to make a little something for myself.
A poinsettia posy...

This is really tiny, just 1¼” x 1½”. The fabric was a piece of scrap hanky linen, and the threads were orphan variegateds that I haven't been able to use in my designs because I have no memory of what brand or colour they are. But aren't they sweet? 
I decided to call them "Watermelon", "Bluebird" and "Zest of Lime".
You could make one of these yourself, you know. 
Just download the free Holiday Hostess Poinsettia Tree stitchery I shared HERE last week and trace four of the flowers close together. Add a few more scattered Colonial Knots around about and you have a very small and cute embellishment. 
I have a wee frame waiting to house my little posy, and once it's ready I'll show you just how well they compliment each other.

What a joy to open emails from readers who've been stitching their Holiday Hostess Table Toppers.
Here are the first photos I've received, and to be honest I think I love theirs more than mine! 
There's some beautiful fabrics and fussy cut snowballs, not to mention those darling trees...

I know there's more photos on the way, so I'll have another Holiday Hostess show & tell next week.
If you'd like me to share yours just send them to me at the email address HERE.

Here's some more show & tell pics from readers who have been stitching my patterns!

Some of these lovely ladies have blogs and if you'd like to visit and say hi just click on their names below. They'd be thrilled if you dropped by!

Today I have some projects to complete for two Australian magazines, patterns to write, and some grain-free sugar-free baking to do for Mr E.
If I'm a good girl, and get it all done, my reward is an old episode of Poirot while I stitch 'whatever I like'.
What is a reward you like to give yourself?



  1. Wow! Amazing swap treasures! And look at all that wonderful eye candy of things people have created from your patterns - so wonderful!

  2. Jenny,

    We are all in such good company and have you to thank for bringing us all together. Looking forward to stitchery club :)

  3. You scored on the swap!!! What great things! I know each one will show up in a creation at some point.

  4. Oh my goodness what gorgeous treasures - but I had to laugh when I saw them, they'd fit in so perfect with what I'm designing right now, lol!!! Love seeing what everyone has done with your patterns, hon!

  5. Everyone's table toppers look great. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us, Jenny. Today's show and tell is certainly a lovely one.

  6. Such awesome projects and some very clever ladies.xx

  7. Oh my Jenny....what a treasure chest of vintage yummies! Can't wait to see what you're going to create with those!
    And how beautiful aren't all those stiched pieces! Your tutorials certainly inspire creativity - what gorgeous stiches from all your readers! Well done ladies!!

  8. Your vintage goodies are beautiful. Everyone's projects are lovely.

  9. Beautiful vintage goodies. Everyone's stitchery projects look great.

  10. OOO! what lovely things Teresa sent to you.
    Love seeing all the projects done by others. Your patterns are loved for sure.

  11. What a packed post! I love what you received in your swap and will keep checking Teresa's blog for what you sent. The projects others have made are terrific! The one from the Netherlands reminds me of a Jan Bret Children's book. The artwork is similar, and she always has a second story going on in the pictures framing the words and the main illustrations. I am making snail pace progress on my table runner. Traced the stitchery today!

  12. Oh Jenny I'm so glad you like your parcel of vintage... I adore mine!!! I have emailed you a photo of my completed table topper... I love it. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I also love seeing what everyone has made with your patterns. Some very clever ladies out there xx


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