Saturday, October 11, 2014

Real life week...

Wow - I think I've just caught my breath again after that intensive 5-day tutorial!
How did you enjoy it?
What technique along the way did you find the most beneficial to you and your sewing?
I'd really *love* to hear more feedback from those who participated as it will help me plan future blog events for 2015,  so leave your comment below this post or below one of the 5-day tutorial posts. Thank you in advance! 

I'd love to show some things that were going on behind the scenes this past week. 
To be honest, I felt a bit like a duck some days, calm and in control above the water, and paddling for dear life underneath. Not in a bad way, mind you, but in a very productive way. In fact, I was paddling with Mr E as we made some decisions for our future.
The biggest decision was to sell our motorbike. If you're a long time reader you will know that we've have some wonderful long trips away on our bike. I even learned to pack only what was absolutely necessary and could fit inside a grocery bag - even for a 5 day ride!  There was an immense sense of freedom letting go of the daily trappings of life at home and heading off into the countryside behind my husband, the wind pushing against us and every sense heightened. This past year we've tended to ride mostly at night as we both love the cool dark evenings out on the road when life just seems quieter.
But it was time to let go of our bike (affectionately known as Camel)  and last night we said our goodbyes before the new owner rode it out of our driveway and into his future.
Mr E prayed over the gentleman and the bike before we waved farewell and we're sure he will have the time of his life, just as we did.
Princess Sophie spent the last few days lamenting the sudden absence of her nemesis, Mr Metallic Starling (you can see him here), and was far more 'needy' of attention than usual. It's not like her to eyeball the camera lens, but she seemed intent on being a star in my outdoor pics this week...
The next day she went searching for new fun and decided to hunt tiny lizards under the palm tree. I think she's missing Bob-the-dog since he left home to live with Blossom...
Our sugar-free / grain-free lifestyle has become second nature now and the daily routine of proteins, salad, fresh vegetable juice, fruits and coconut yoghurt seems effortless.  We rarely go to the supermarket nowadays, but shop twice a week at the local organic grocer. I've lost 3 kilograms in 6 weeks without trying, and my migraines have reduced by 80%.
We do have some gluten free oats in my homemade granola as it's Mr E's favourite breakfast.
Here was a fresh batch made on Wednesday when Blossom visited, as well as a gluten/grain/sugar-free apple & sultana loaf...

There was a blood moon this week, but I missed it that night. Very early the next morning I managed to catch a quick photo as it set under the palm trees...
The next morning I was up even earlier to get a photo of the moon higher in the sky. So beautiful, so big, so far away...
And you know, sometimes you just want to spoil yourself, don't you?
So I did.
I now have a few pieces of some Anni Downs fabric, and one day I'll make the panel up into a small quilt for the couch. It's such a happy print...and happy is  nice...

I was interviewed recently by Debbie Henry from Craftsy and if you'd like to read it you can do so HERE. You'll see some of my friends in the article too! It was all about Block of the Months and has rather an Aussie flavour. ;-)

Before I sign off let me invite you to visit THIS blog page because I've just launched my Stitchery Club and you're all invited!

 Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Great to read about your week, hope your weekend is wonderful

  2. That's a darling pic of Sophie! And great pics of the moon - I missed it completely, lol. Love your Annie Downs fabric. I saw your interview and was absolutely delighted for you - and Wendy and Fee! I pray for huge success for you with the stitchery club, my dear!

  3. was a great week for you.....loved your tutorial, so great to see how others do it from whoa to go! I just know your stitchery club will be a huge success....I'm joining in! xox
    sugary sweet ones lovely
    xoxoxo Wendy :o)

  4. Awesome post Jenny .xx

  5. Wow Jenny you have had a big week.... The Craftsy article is an interesting read... great Aussie designers all 3 xx

  6. You have had a very busy week!! The stitching has been so fun to watch, especially as I am making lots of quilt backings this week and I really hate working with those big hunks of material!! Sophie is adorable as she stalks the camera :) Your moon pictures make it look close enough to touch - I missed the Blood Moon as it was totally cloudy here. You will miss Camel, but as one chapter closes, another one starts - so exciting!!

  7. I'm new to quilting. I've made one baby quilt and that was 9 years ago. It was a beautiful 3-D pinwheel quilt. I found a fabric I loved and put together the fabrics to coordinate. I had no idea there were collections. I love seeing the process from your fabric choices to the piecing and the binding. Every step helps me. While I've read the term fussy cut maybe once or twice, I didn't know what it was. I loved seeing how you find your cut of fabric. While I have purchased a few fabrics in the past few months, I've yet to cut into them. I'm more than a little intimidated by the thought. Weird huh?
    There is so much fabric to love out there. How do you buy for future projects? Is there an amount that works for any project you may come up with? Thank You! And May God continue to bless you and yours. Pamela

  8. I loved every day of the tutorial and am set to begin my own journey this coming week. I chose fabrics and pressed them today, but didn't start cutting because I'm trying to decide how I want to set the stitchery. I loved the affirmation of reading what you do - even a few things that are different were nice to see an alternative to what I know. Your week looks wonderful. Sort of sad about Camel, but good to know when the time had come. Some of us hold on to things way too long. I'm very excited about the stitchery club. Life is about change, and you are changing and challenging yours. Congratulations on continued weight loss!

  9. Ich mag die Sachen von Anni Downs auch soooo gerne, das ist echt ein ganz tolles Panel, hoffentlich gibt es das auch mal bei uns in Deutschland.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  10. hi dear
    i'm sorry that i cout not join the Club
    i am a overseas Reader without creditcard

    Greeting from kirsten from germany

  11. Thanks for the pattern and tutorial, I really appreciate how much time you put into preparing it. I found it great, so nice to follow along to. The youtube stitchery clips were really helpful. I have just posted pictures of my finished one on my blog. Thanks again so much, Wendy

  12. Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into last weeks tutorial and design. Congrats on the weight loss. I am glad to hear your migraines have lessened. I know how debilitating they can be. My husband and I got to ride our motorcycle yesterday afternoon. The first time in months.

  13. I'm sure I missed a few post along the way in trying to catch up on my reading to know why it was time to let Camel Go. But I'm sure you'll fill you days with quilting and other exciting things.
    Great pictures of the moom and Sophie