Friday, December 5, 2014

The 7th gift for you!

I designed the "Christmas Memories" quilt to be a perpetual record of who has shared your Christmas table each year. There is a simple label that can be re-stitched again as the years roll, so that those gathered around your table each Christmas can sign it and leave their memories. Over the years your Christmas Memories quilt will carry a story of Christmases past.
Imagine the legacy of this heirloom as it passes down the generations...

"Christmas Memories" is a free download HERE until December 10th.

Sharing 7 gifts this past week has left me quite worn out and probably in need of a large mug (or two!) of eggnog, but you know, it's been so much fun!
Have you enjoyed your Elefantz presents?

My heart was lifted this week by an unexpected gift in the mail from a dear friend, Christine MacDonald...

I cried when I opened the wrapping to find this sweet little angel ornament inside.
Perhaps we don't realise how emotionally drained we are until someone reaches out and gives to  us?
Christine's gift was the catalyst I needed to make the decision to step back for a little bit and re-fill my soul and spirit

I'm taking a breather from blogging for a few days, maybe a week, and will probably sit back and enjoy some quiet time with a good book, fresh fruit salads, beach walks with my beloved Mr E, and long cool glasses of ginger beer.
Yes, I think that's exactly what I'll do.
During this little blog break we'll also be waiting on God for some answers about work for Mr E and where we'll be moving to early/mid January, so we welcome your prayers for God's provision of work and a home. (thank you)

I'll share all the Stitchery Club photos for month 3 today, and if you'd like to subscribe you can head over HERE and do have until the 16th of December to subscribe in time to receive this set of patterns.
I think they are sweetest Stitchery Club designs so far!

Which is your favourite?

 BONUS: become a subscriber and receive this free pattern to stitch while you await your Stitchery Club arrival on the 17th!

 God bless you all!
See you in a few 7 days...


  1. Jenny thank you for the lovley Christmas Memories quilt... What a clever idea...

  2. Hi Jenny, thanks SO much for the beautiful & amazing 7 days of gifts you have shared with us all this past week. It amazes me always how generous & kind you are & your work is always such a source of endless inspiration. I hope you find some strength & renewal in your blogging break during the coming week & all yours & our prayers are answered for work for Mr E.
    Just a wee question ... do I have to renew my stitchery club each month or does it automatically roll over as I would like to receive each months designs?? Julie x0x0x

  3. Hi, Jenny - you've been a busy gal. Take time for yourself and your family - sit back, relax and smile. Your talents have brightened the lives of so many.
    With warm regards, your friend from over the pond -

  4. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness in sharing these gifts. I hope the coming week restores you and lifts you up. Best wishes.

  5. Hi Jenny. Loving the gifts you have and are sharing with us. You deserve a well earned rest, enjoy. God Bless you and your family, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.☺

  6. My dear Jenny you have certainly earned a well deserved rest. Thank you ever so very much for the most generous gifts...your time and talents shared with us. That was very sweet of your freind to stitch you an angel ornament. Prayers for just the perfect job and residence for you and Mr. E. I shall be thinking of you and smiling over my great fortune to find your blog and stitching club. Thank you dear. Blessings and Bliss...

  7. Thank you Jenny for all of your wonderful shared stitcheries and projects over the last seven days. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Hugs Kaylee

  8. Big hugs to you sweetie!! You certainly deserve a bloggy break now and then - I honestly don't know how you do it blogging (almost) every single day!!! You amaze and exhaust *wink* me, lol! ... A lovely gift today, and I can't wait for the subscription stitcheries to arrive - they're all gorgeous!!! I've already got a few plans for some of those!!! ... Rest, relax and spend some time just being you the next couple of days. Rest in the knowledge that even though you may not know what is ahead, God has it all in hand and will reveal the information when he feels it is necessary - yes, frustration may well be a feeling close at hand but allow Him to use this time to strengthen your faith and trust in Him. He loves you both so much - remember that when things just seem too frustrating for words!!! Many hugs and blessings my sweet friend!!! xxx

  9. You know how I love your birds! You deserve the break. You go have a little spiritual retreat with Mr. E, and find out what the plan is. I know there is one! Thank you so much for your 7 days of gifts. I'll be praying for you every day.

  10. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts this past 7 days. I hope you and Mr.E get some well deserved rest. Prayers going your way.

  11. Liebe Jenny ! Jetzt ist es an mir zig mal DANKE zu sagen für alle Deine Ideen durch das ganze Jahr und besonders für Shabby Rose Home BOM und die 7 Days of Gifts zu Weihnachten. Ich gönne Dir von Herzen diese Schaffenspause und
    freue mich riesig wenn Du wieder zurück bist. Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und a Happy New Jear !!!
    DANKE DANKE DANKE. Nun fehlt mir nur der tägliche KLICK auf JENNY of ELEFANTZ hihihi smile !!!
    Deine Christa B.

  12. Querida Jeenny: Yo conozco muy poco inglés. Por eso hoy prefiero escribirte en Español. Quiero decirte : gracias por todas las cosas bonitas que nos regalas. Y también te digo que mis oraciones están contigo y con tu familia. Deseo que tu mudanza sea para que vosotros tengáis toda la felicidad del mundo. Muchos besos.

  13. Thank you for sharing of your gifts and talents. I pray you truly renew yourself during the week off. Everyone needs to do this so enjoy and be blest!

  14. That is so beautiful hon, and I love your sweet angel ornament from Christine - how precious, and timely! You know I'm praying for you and Mr. E, may you be refreshed and uplifted for the break, hon....we all need a break now and then.

  15. Jenny thank you so much for all the lovely gifts. You definitely should take a break and enjoy the season. I will think of you and keep you and Mr. E in my prayers.

  16. Beautiful, Jenny! I love the little button bird! Thank you for sharing.


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