Thursday, December 4, 2014

Your 6th Christmas gift...

Back in 2009 I designed quite a few Christmas tree stitcheries, and all had a touch of whimsy about them!
Today's gift for you is a pretty heart-strewn tree displayed inside a rather sweet mini-quilt...

It has swirls and twirls...

...and three rather classy prairie points to add some sensibility to the whimsy!
The fabric is an old Mary Engelbreit line, and it still makes me sigh with delight...

Download your free 'Tree of Hearts' min-quilt pattern HERE until December 10th.

I've stitched this design a few times since 2009.
First in silver and gold, 
then in the colours above, 
and finally in pretty pastels as a cushion for my dear friend Fee a few years ago...

 In your free pattern I've also included the 'hearts come home for Christmas' block, in case you'd like to incorporate it in your own 'Tree of Hearts' project.

So tell me, what will you make from this stitchery?
The mini quilt or something else?

 Between stitching the next Club designs I've been experimenting with creating a grain-free/sugar-free Christmas cake...

Mr E has christened this one the "Not-Christmas-Cake" because it still hasn't got enough fruit in it for his liking, so back to the kitchen I go!

 I'll see you tomorrow with your 7th Christmas gift!



  1. Thanks for these. Love the prairie points and the bag too!

  2. Lovely - and super nice as a cushion.

  3. Adorable tree! Love the bag - so sweet!

  4. Thank you this is so pretty. Love the prairie points

  5. Love your Tree of Hearts and the "Not-Christmas" Cake looks amazing. Can you please share your recipe?

    Thanks :)

  6. Love the swirls and hearts and everything about this tree. Wonderful design to add to anything at all. Can you believe the week is almost over?

  7. Another day and another sweet stitching to thank you for dear. I think this "Hearts Come Home" would be very nice on a tote bag for gift giving to my daughter. Blessings and Bliss...

  8. Thankyou so much for sharing such a beautiful design with us. Angel Hugs.

  9. Hi Jenny i love this design,its a cutie.xx

  10. Thank you, Jenny, for another lovely design! I love your mini quilt with those prairie points - it's calling to me. Your cake looks delicious.

  11. Thank you for the adorable tree.

  12. Another sweet stitchery, Jenny :) Thank you!
    I have no doubt that you'll get the fruit cake right before Christmas :)

  13. This is so cute and can even be used for Valentine's day too! Thank you once again for sharing your talents.

  14. just beautiful gorgeous girl! xoxoxoxox


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