Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Quiltjane aka Jane Davidson...

Through 2015 I'll be introducing you to some very talented ladies whose work brings whispered 'gasps'  to my blog reading each weekend.
Today I have an Aussie quilter of extraordinary talent for you to meet.
Say hello to Jane Davidson from QuiltJane...

What always gets me with Jane's quilts is how she takes an old or relatively 'normal' block and gives it a makeover that just leaves you in awe! Her eye for design, vibrancy and life in quilts is a gift. If you follow the 'Aurifil Designer of the Year ' projects each year you will recognise the quilt Jane designed and made featuring all twelve 2014 blocks...

At the end of this post there is a free block design Jane is kindly sharing with us, plus my tutorial for putting it together, but for now - grab a cuppa and  meet Jane!

Who is Jane Davidson?
Mother, wife, passionate quilter and scientist.

Favourite bikkie to have with your tea/coffee? 
Vita Weat with tomato and cheese.

What one thing sparks your creativity more than any other? 
Chaos. I like to be challenged.

Whose quilts do you wish you owned?
So many inspire me but I love the originality of Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

What was the highlight of 2014 for you?
I always love going to Fall market in Houston.


When making a quilt as a gift for someone, what are five things we should consider in our planning?

1.   How the quilt will be used and what size should I make it? 
Is it to be placed on a bed, lounge, hospital room, nursing home?

2.   Will it be washed frequently? 
Do I need to heavily quilt it and machine the binding.

3.   Is it for a child or infant or someone with an allergy? 
Do I use all cotton materials or can I use wool or polyester wadding?

4.   Do I match the décor of their homes or make it in their favourite 
themes and colours.

5.   What can I use from my stash? 
I can choose a little bit of my favourite fabrics to inject a bit of my 
personality into the quilt.

Which one of your quilts (to date) is your favourite? Why?
I have just made quilt for a magazine in all greys.  Grey Matter hangs in my quilt room. A very simple design but the effect of all the different prints makes a very earthy and calming piece.

Would you advise a newbie to quilting to dive right in and make what they love or start small? Most useful advice for a newbie to quilting?
Slow down and enjoy making a quilt. Develop a sound technique for accurate cutting and piecing. It will simplify the assembly process.

Most favoured quilter’s tool you’ve discovered in the last couple of years? What do you love about it?  
I am bit of a gadget girl and like to try new rulers and notions but the most cherished and favourite tool is my antique silver thimble that I received from a dear friend for my birthday years ago.

What’s your favourite quilt block?  
I don’t really have one but I am always to drawn stars and blocks with curves.


What’s ahead in 2015 for Quilt Jane?

This year I am planning a year of designing and publishing. I am at my happiest when I can draw up a design, create a quilt and quilt it.

If you could choose one big adventure to embark on in your future (imaginary or real) what and where would it be?  
I would like to travel the world and live with every culture and learn the art of textile crafts.

What legacy would you like to leave from your life? 
That I could encourage people to find the community and love that is found in the art of quilting.

Jane's designed a large 15 inch "Shark Fins" block as a gift for you to download.
  This is a twist on a 5-patch traditional block using the diamond in a square block as the unit...

Jane's "Shark Fins" block almost did me in 'cause I'm an embroiderer who flirts with patchwork occasionally, just not with blocks as fancy as this one.

However, I was trying to put it together whilst battling a developing migraine and that was a stupid idea, right? My friend Susan helped me (via email in the middle of her USA night)  to see that my biggest problem was not dividing the block into 25 squares and 'creating' from there, so the next day this is exactly what I did.

Woo hoo - it was finally 'all systems go'...

Jane has written the block to include needle-turn applique for the fins, but I'm a blanket-stitch applique gal so I omitted the 1/4" allowance around the curve and just kept the extra along the straight sides.
If you're doing it my way, trace 13 reverse fins onto the smooth side of some Vliesofix or your preferred applique bonding paper.
 (my tutorial for preparing a block for blanket stitch applique is HERE)

Fuse your prepared fins into a corner of each of the thirteen small squares...

I found the best thing to do was make one complete square at a time...

When you sew each square together, trim the seam scraps...

Then sew your squares into rows...
 ...before stitching the rows on top of each other.

And at the end you have a fabulous 15" square Shark Fins block!

I will need to finish the applique fins with blanket stitch before I decide if this will become a mini quilt 'as is' or whether I'll add a border...

The block is HERE to download from Jane's blog.

Thanks, Jane!
 If you're an Instagram or Twitter user you'll find Jane Davidson as @quiltjane
She'd love to meet you and show you more of her wonders!



Christine M said...

It was lovely to meet Jane and find out a little about her. I love your version of Jane's block, Jenny. The fabrics are gorgeous.

Kim said...

Thanks for introducing us to this talented designer. Do you plan to share a block from each of the designers you introduce us to? Maybe I'll make a quilt by doing each of the blocks you share. Hmmmm.

Cheryll said...

Thank You Jenny... it was lovely to "meet" Jane. xox

e said...

Thank you for introducing us to Jane. Excited to try this quilt - I've never done anything like it :)

Createology said...

How very delightful to "meet" Quilt Jane and see what she is creating. I am not a quilter and was overwhelmed with Shark Fins...until I saw that you fuse those curved pieces onto a square and then stitch down. Whew! This design would be fabulous for a guy. Creative Quilting Bliss...

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post,it was great to meet Jane and thankyou for the tutorial Jenny xx

Anonymous said...

I do like Jane's quilts, especially her new gray one. You did a great job on the tutorial. Happy to help in a small way. It'll make the pattern much easier to do. Thanks!

selina said...

thanx for sharing
& it was lovely to 'meet' jane too! gorgeous patchworks!

Libster said...

great interview :) I love your block you did too, the colours really pop

Thoeria said...

Oh my.....what a superb post Jenny! I loved reading about this very talented lady and especially her advice to a novice :) As always....your tutorial just makes the complicated seem less so :)

Vickie said...

thanks Jenny yes Jane is very clever- love your colour's too..looking fwd ro meeting Jane in 3d form in a few weeks,cheers Vickie

TerriSue said...

Oh my goodness! What a quilt this would make. It would be such a labor of love, well it would be if I made it as I'm a novice quilter. Your block is beautiful Jenny. Jane, I can't imagine what goes into designing quilt blocks. You are definitely a Pro among Pro's.

quiltingtaylormade said...

Hi Jenny -- Congratulations to your husband as he embarks on a new career path. I wish him much success !!
I met Jane at Quilt Market last fall. We had already been communicating via Instagram. She is an excellent quilter and designer and she accomplishes a LOT by making and COMPLETING many quilts. She has a longarm machine and does all of her own quilting. She's pretty amazing to me !! I look forward to making her shark fin block. Thank you Jenny !! Tay in Texas

Unknown said...

Hello Jenny! Sending you love💜and hugzzz! QuiltJane is fabulous! I just love her block creativity, such a genius in design and fabric placement within those regular old blocks!

Allie said...

Dear girl you did an amazing job on this block - it's lovely!

Sparky said...

this is so lovely..especially Jane's first quilt...with the spools...iti s is wonderful those colours.
how wonderful that the two of you united...such lovely ladies.