Friday, January 30, 2015

Sneak peek at new designs....

Over the weekend I'll finish embroidering the new set of Stitchery Club designs for February.
The theme for next month is *hooped*...

 Each of the six stitcheries will be displayed inside hoops of varying sizes, but I'll also be showing you ways to pretty up your hoops so the whole design comes alive!

Here's where I'm up to so far. 
Two stitcheries complete, one begun, and three more to start...

Once all six are finished I can begin playing with the hoops.

All information about joining the STITCHERY CLUB, which arrives via email every 17th of the month as a pdf file, is HERE.
Come and join along! Six new stitcheries every month, and some lessons as well.

Between drawing and stitching and blogging, this week I've been busy preparing healthy meals for Mr E to take to work, baking from the Nourishing Traditions book, planning a secret blogging surprise with my buddy Wendy, and spending stitchy time with a good friend...
But today is extra special!
I'm off to have brunch with my sweet Blossom-girl!
I love being her mum. 

Because the 1st of the month is a Sunday, I'll be sharing the next free block of "The Vintage Kitchen" in Monday's blog post. 
If you haven't yet joined along in my free 2015 BOM, all the information is HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Stitchery Club looks very interesting :) Can't wait to start on the new stitcheries :)

  2. Gosh your designs are so sweet. It looks like you like to stitch on white linen for the most part? Do the muffins come with the patterns......:-)

  3. Oooh..... the designs look pretty and was that a butterfly I spied!

  4. Thankfully Mr. E is able to make improvements to his new job. Being invaluable is always a good place to be. Yummy looking muffins. Very sweet new stitcheries you are working on dear. Creative Bliss...

  5. Gosh Jenny, next months stitcheries look very enticing. I just adore little stitcheries in hoops. Your muffins look lovely too. Not sure if I have mentioned it but I am SO pleased Mr E found a new job ... I hope his first week has gone well x0x0

  6. I like the sound of hoops! Can't wait for your next Vintage Kitchen stitchery either, Jenny. I'm glad Mr E is enjoying his new job.

  7. Oh, I love the new designs! I'm going to try to one in YOUR colors this time. ;) Those muffins look scrumptious. Were you taking some to Blossom, too? You two have such a special relationship - I always expected to have a daughter and never got one. I have friends that age, though, and it's almost as good. =) I know that you had a wonderful time with her. And she with you.

  8. can't wait to share our surprise!!! hee hee.....and we must've been on the same wavelength....I've shared your stitchery club on my blog today too!!! They say you start to think alike, don't they?
    gorgeous makings my lovely friend....fling a muffin my way?
    oxoxox love ya ...sugary sweet ones! :o)

  9. Delightful!! And yummy! And so many good things to look at today!
    Have loads of fun with Blossom :)

  10. The purse with the daisies is so bright and colorful. I love the design. Abba really poured out the talent on you. You have been so obedient to develop it to praise Him. Your wonderful sweet spirit are such an encouragement to me. How I wish I could have a brunch with my Emily. We would have to take the grandchildren. I can't remember the last time I had one on one time alone with her. Glad to here that you pack Mr. E's lunches Jim has been taking his lunch to work for the last 35 years. I don't know what it is like in Australia, but here in the States people almost always go out to eat for lunch. I don't know how they can afford it. I package up our leftovers every night in individual servings and freeze them. I keep them in rotation for Jim's lunches. Your muffins look fantastic. Maybe Eric would have eaten them. The nutbread I made he didn't like the texture of so wouldn't eat.

  11. Oh I love that basket of red flowers! I can just imagine them bobbing and swaying in a gentle breeze.

  12. The Stitchery Club is fun and i can't wait to see what you do with the hoops.
    I just love your mind, maybe someday I will be blessed enough to meet the lady in person.

  13. Those sneek peeks sure look enticing girl! I am also looking forward to stitching Monday's BOM. Ready with needle in hand.

  14. Oh my how very lovely - that little basket has captured my heart!

  15. this block is stunning..your stitches are beautiful glad you have popped are such a treat


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