Monday, March 16, 2015

A finish and some free projects for you!

Late Saturday afternoon I finished my newest design, "HOME"...

My Blossom-girl saw it and fell in love so I need to stitch another one for her - especially as she just moved into a new rental home of her own...
This pattern is part of the March Stitchery Club - details HERE.

Some casual hours were spent on Sunday afternoon visiting different places on the world-wide-web where a few wonderful projects caught my attention. You see, I've been searching for some dress-making, wool applique, and children's softie patterns as they are all on my list of things to learn and enjoy during this Year of Gentle Domesticity.
Rather than keep them to myself, I thought you may be interested too - and each of these pattern is free!

I love this red spot dress from Sew in the UK, and it's exactly the style my Blossom-girl wears.
The pattern is HERE...


On the same site is a pattern to make these little squirrels!
We don't have squirrels in Australia but I think they're adorable and as I have two granddaughters who will celebrate their first birthdays in 2015 I might just give them a go.
The pattern is HERE...

I'm not a snowman person (or santa or elves), however this new little heart from the Bunny Hill Designs 2015 BOM caught my attention because I do love sheep (especially Dorpers and this reminds me of them)  so I'm going to make this sweet heart hanger without the snowman.
The pattern is HERE...

With (hopefully) a cooling of temperatures in the tropics when winter arrives in June I'd like to make a couple of simple quilts. 
These two from the Tilda blog are exactly my style - and maybe yours?
Spring Lake quilt pattern is HERE...

....and Apple Bloom can be found HERE.

 Loving the prim style of this wool BOM over HERE at Buttermilk Basin!
(more sheep!)


If I can sit down and plan a sensible working & domestic duties schedule for the next few months I might see these lovely projects come to life in my sewing room. Fingers crossed!

What style of craft are you wanting to try this year?



  1. I came across the Tilda blog last week. And I wanted to dive right in to making both of those quilts. :) And I love your thought of just making Anne's block with just the sheep. I have a few sheep out this time of year remembering the sacrificial lamb. I also wanted to ask you, If I sign up for the stitchery club I would want it sent to a different email than what I have for my Pay Pal account . Is that a possibility? Thanks for your lovely inspiration. Janita

  2. Love all these! Home is gorgeous - another beautiful design.
    I have the Bunny Hill snowmen on my list to use for a quilt - but my list is SOOO long!

  3. Good Monday morning Jenny. I have just the friend in mind to stitch the Home Sampler for. Looking forward to the stitchery designs this month so much. Finally got a new inkjet cartridge installed & printed off the last two months. I always feel like stitching wool felt when the cooler weather arrives, it just something I associate with wintery months for some reason, so that prim design looks perfect.

  4. The 'home' stitchery looks so lovely in it's frame. I hadn't been on the Tilde blog so thanks for the link - it was nice to see the things on it.

  5. Jenny, I just wanted to let you know that I signed up for the stitchery Club. Please send the patterns to

    My Pay Pal address is listed as
    Account name: Bryce Abbas

    Thank you so much.
    I'm looking forward to the patterns. :)

    Janita Abbas

  6. Thanks so much for all the free pattern sites. Love the home in the frame.

  7. Your "Home" stitchery is beautiful. Love those squirrels. I am planning on making those snowmen hearts soon. Thanks for another lovely blog post.

  8. The home stitchery is lovely and has a part with me as it is one of my favourite words.

  9. Love the sweet home..
    Big hugs xx

  10. "HOME" is so cute stitched on the pink gingham. You are just so creative.

  11. I love the way your stitchery looks in that beautiful frame. I look forward to seeing how different Blossom's looks. Thanks for the links. I'm checking out the Tilda pattern as soon as I leave your blog. =) I can hardly wait for my stitchery patterns!

  12. Hola mi querida Jenny! Yo este año quisiera amigarme con la máquina de coser y pintar con acuarelas.
    Cariños Vicky. Me encanta la casita!

  13. Jenny, I love your new 'HOME' design. I think it is your best yet. Vicki Knight

  14. Hello Jenny. I follow your blog ever since I have found it about a month ago. I love all your creativeness and you inspire me to try the things I've always wanted to do. I wanted to ask- is it too late to get the Alphabet Sampler if I sign up now for the Stitchery Club? I just realized I may have missed it!!!
    Thank you!

  15. Yes,Karen, that month closed on the 16th. Sorry! x


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