Friday, March 6, 2015

A new day, and my granddaughter...

I've not introduced you to my sweet little granddaughter Frankie before.
Our family is rather private so I don't share a lot about them, but my daughter Aisha has two gorgeous daughters - Ebony & Frankie - and little Frankie has been accepted as an entrant in the Bond's Babysearch 2015 and we thought you might like to meet our cherub, and hopefully vote for her...
Go HERE to the voting page, ok?
Honest, she's adorable...and as I have not yet been able to hold her (we live a long way apart) having regularly updated photos to swoon over is a true blessing, but in a few months she may well be wrapped in Nana's waiting arms and my gushing will move into overdrive. Be prepared. 

As promised yesterday here are some peeks at my 'work in progress'.
The first is where I'm at on a design by my friend Cori Blunt of Chitter Chatter Designs. This will have it's full reveal during Mdm Samm's blog hop in April....details soon.

The project below is a progress peek at one of my own new designs, also being prepared for a blog hop (in June), but the full reveal will be late in April. I love spotty curtains and apple pie, don't you?
I'll close out this week on the blog with some photos I took at sunrise today.
Mr E and I rose early before work and headed towards the beach and port with large coffees and our cameras.
It's still very hot in the tropics and the forecast is for a sweltering autumn so dawn in Townsville is alive with activity before the sun makes sport and exercise too hot to handle.



  1. Frankie is just too cute - my heart breaks for you not having held her yet and so looking forward to that time :) Every grandchild should have the priviledge of grandparents close by. Stitchery is beautiful as always and a little bit of envy over the scenery and proximity to the ocean. Gorgeous, thank you for sharing all of it :)

  2. Beautiful photo's of the beach and port Jenny. All the sneaky peaky photos of the stitcheries are real teasers. Frankie is so adorable - roll on cuddles!

  3. Your little Frankie is adorable. Beautiful sneak peaks of your stitching. Thanks for sharing.

  4. She is adorable Jenny! All those lovely pics of the beach make me want spring and summer to come and visit with me. Hope you are having a blessed day.

  5. I sent in my vote. She is a cutie.

  6. Awe...Frankie is so sweet! I just voted for her! :0)

  7. What a little sweetie Frankie is. I'm looking forward to the blog hop with Mdm Samm. And I can't wait to see more of those apple pies and what other loveliness you have stitched. xx

  8. Already voted for your adorable little granddaughter - hope you get to gush in person soon dear girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE the spotty curtains and pie - gorgeous!!! And your pretty beach pics, especially the one of the bench - love 'em. I can almost feel the warmth!

  9. She is so sweet !!!!!! I just voted for her !!!!
    Lovely stitching , Jenny !!!!
    Niki Adamidou

  10. Lovely early morning pictures. Thank you so much for sharing that beauty. Frankie is a beauty, too. =) I love your projects, of course! I can hardly wait to see more of them.

  11. Thank you again Jenny for all the great stitchery patterns.
    Your grand girl is so cute!! Of course I voted for her.
    Have a blessed weekend. Patty Mc

  12. Jenny, little Frankie is adorable and I can certainly feel how exciting you are going to be to have her and fAmily visit. Such a special moment for you, enjoy every minute.

  13. What a wonderful mini vacation for us showcased in your beautiful pictures Jenny. I had a little sigh of delight upon seeing your sneak peaks....OH MY GOSH!!! So far your Tea for Two is looking so beautiful! I am thrilled you chose to be a part of this. I knew it would be gorgeous... KNEW IT! AND your little pie...awe... so adorable. Hugs, ~Cori

  14. Oh my goodness, Jenny! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Already voted and confirmed the vote :) I bet you can't wait to get her to yourself for a bit :)
    Love your daughter's name - Aisha. Very unusual :)
    And ooooooo......glorious stitcheries and piccies! Hope you and Mr E have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Frankie is gorgeous, have voted.

    Nice sneak peeks

  16. what a sweet cherub and your photos are all such beauties...such a beautiful area you occupy...stitchings superb

  17. Your granddaughter is so pretty. She's bound to receive many votes. Love all your embroidery.
    xx Beca

  18. She is too adorable! She sure needs a grandma cuddle!
    I cannot wait for the reveal of that apple pie stitchery - looks gorgeous!

  19. I voted (and confirmed) a vote for your beautiful Granddaughter :)

  20. I voted and confirmed the vote for your beautiful granddaughter.
    The pictures are beautiful...a slice of heaven on earth!
    Love you!

  21. Precioso Frankie. Por supuesto cuenta con mi voto. Que Dios os bendiga a tí y a toda tu famila. Besos.

  22. Of course Frankie is gorgeous - I have been to vote. Great photographs Jenny - thank you. xx

  23. Such a sweetie. Of course she has my vote. Your work is ever so sweet and precious. I invite you to link to Wips Be Gone to celebrate all your progress. PS the photos were luscious. I have a pot of those spider lilies.

  24. OMG love love love your glasses frames... my fav colour... oh and your grandie is gorgeous too xxx

  25. Precious Grandbaby (I voted for her) :)
    Gorgeous patterns and stitching by
    Beautiful beach pictures ... Wow!!!

  26. Olá Jenny,
    Ela é muito linda! Parabéns!

  27. sweet sweet granddaughter..............I too don't get to see my two granddaughters very often :-(

  28. Beautifuls views, and your grandaughter ist very pretty
    La cocotte de kiev

  29. Beautiful baby, of course I gave her my vote. Hope she wins.


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