Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekend reading....

I don't normally post on Saturdays, but as I'll be offline on Monday finishing some rather pressing projects I've popped in a short blog today instead.

This year my love of books has returned so each weekend a small pile is stacked by the couch or on my bedside table to browse through and be inspired by. They also elicit a sense of homely calm because each of them take me on a journey that knocks on the door of my homemaker heart, and that's a wonderful head and heart space to be in, don't you think?

Here are this weekend's lovelies, all off my own shelves instead of the library...

The BAKING book was a purchase last week from my local post office. As I browsed through the vintage inspired pages and saw that it not only had wonderful recipes from years past but simple kitchen crafts as well, there was no doubt it needed to come home with me...

And who can resist a pretty red and white ribbon bookmark and velvet embossed words on the cover?
Not me.

 So there is every chance I'll have biscuits to show you next week, and a sweet new apron!


Wendy Ford was my partner in the first Stitchery Club Swap of the year and on Thursday her parcel arrived all the way from Alabama. The chocolates were gone within the hour as I was in swappers heaven with these pretties and needed reviving....

On Friday my dear friend Janelle, whom I've not seen in over 3 years, came for a visit. We had a precious few hours of catch-up over lunch and afternoon tea, and she gave me a belated birthday gift of gorgeous vintage laces and ric rac, a silk rose and some sweet fabric.
She knows me well... 

 What's on your reading list this weekend? 



  1. Just found your blog thru pinterest. Love your needlework!

  2. those books are awesome! i wouldn't mind the baking one either
    lovely gifts
    have a great weekend
    thanx for sharing

  3. I have the baking one too! love the book design and contents!
    Im actually going to read the backs of my eyelids!

  4. Jenny, I love the little crocheted hearts. Do you suppose your friend would share the pattern with the rest of us? I googled for some but had no luck. I even went to a search on images but couldn't find anything near as nice as hers. Please?
    Thank you so very much.

  5. I'm starting a new series to me - Laurie King and The Beekeeper's Apprentice. My librarian had recommended, with happy consequences, the Bess Crawford novels, which are finished until the next one. Being at loose ends, needing something besides the teen fiction I am testing, I am taking her up on these. I'll let you know how that goes. =) I love the book you showcased. Your post office sounds MUCH more interesting that mine, which sells only boxes and tape. And beautiful stamps, of course.

  6. They look like lovely books, Jenny. In fact, I went on line and placed a hold on some of them. Your swap gifts from Wendy are lovely.

  7. What a wonderful stack of books! And, I was so surprised to read that your Stitchery Club swap partner is from Alabama...I live in Alabama, too! Your patterns and stitching are lovely. I am a cozy mystery reader, so they are the books that are usually stacked by my bed, along with my Cottage Journal magazines! Happy stitching and reading! ~ Donna E.

  8. What lovely swap gifts from Wendy - love the hearts! We are deep into baking sites on the internet for cake making at the moment as Miss H has a bit more free time as she has nearly finished her homeschooling, She has just discovered Karen Kingsbury too.

  9. Lovely gifts! I never saw that baking book at our post office or, rest assured, I would have snapped it up! Off to the library website to see if they have a copy!

  10. Rosebud, here is what Wendy said about her crochet hearts:

    **Rosebud, the link is below...the only thing I did different was to use a magic ring instead of using the chain three at the allows you to close the hole better.



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