Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Family tea-time and one last free design!

It's funny how life turns out.
I've been good friends with Heather and Barb for a couple of years now, sharing many a stitching day with a few other friends but also enjoying the odd cuppa on the spur of the moment when the mood strikes.
I love that - having a friend up the road to just 'drop in on' and there's no effort or planning involved. Just "pop the kettle on and I'll be there soon" kind of thing. 

Having no family here apart from Mr E and Blossom, and still feeling rather 'foreign' after 3 years in Townsville, the comfortable pleasure of friends close-by is a true delight.
But then you start to talk and share about the wider family you've both got and a surprise pops out you never imagined!
You see, about four generations ago three brothers left Teglio in Italy and arrived in Australia.  
Heather, Barb and Mr E are all descended from those brothers - maybe the same brother, we're still working that information out.
So here in a place I never wanted to live, but which has now got my heart, we found 'family'.
Probably second cousins twice-removed (ha ha!) but family none-the-less - and I cannot tell you the depth of joy that has filled my heart at the discovery of this connection.
And that is why the title of this blog post is "Family tea-time".

Whilst whiling away a few hours over coffee (yes, it was coffee in the tea cups...but I LOVE pretty much anything in a tea cup!), Heather brought out a project she'd been working on and seriously I wanted to stuff it under my blouse and run home with it!!
You would have too, right?!

 This gorgeous little pouch is a heart stealer...

In fact if you head over HERE to her blog you can see a second version she made in greens (equally divine) and Heather also has a link to the pattern in her blog post so we can all make one.

 Today is the 31st March, and that officially ends my 9-day Tea Week!
I hope you've enjoyed all things TEA with me?
Of course there was one more design that wouldn't leave me alone so I had to make it for you, didn't I?! 

It started like this...

....and became something rather lovely.
This pattern is free to download HERE until after Easter (April 7th) at which time it will become purchase only, so you'd best hurry over now to claim it...

I think these fabrics make The Tea Lover's Pot sing!
They are a mix of "Wiltshire Daisy" and "Tilda".


Drop by tomorrow because there's a blog hop and I am part of it!
I'll have a list of all those involved so bring a cuppa to the blog with you 'cause you'll be here a while.
There's a lot of lovelies to swoon over...and it all has a tea theme...well, what do you know about that?!



Sherri said...

Hands down, I would've come home with that adorable little zippered bag! I have so enjoyed your tea postings and yes, everything is wonderful in a teacup.

Anonymous said...

I love the very shape of this teapot, Jenny, and your fabrics are so perfect for it. Thank you for another delightful design. It's downloaded on my new laptop in a brand new Jenny folder. =) I think it has to be about 18,000,000 to one, or maybe twice that, that your two friends and your husband would have come from the same family! How awesome that you found what you needed right in your own backyard. And when they left Italy and came to Australia, your Heavenly Father had it planned out for you at this time. TRULY awesome. =)

Christine M said...

I'd want to pinch that caravan bag too. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the lovely tea pot pattern with us Jenny. I've really enjoyed Tea Week. xx

Jacqueline said...

What a great finish to a great tea week. I love this little pot. Thanks and have a wonderful week.

selina said...

have thoroughly enjoyed the tea week, wish it could go on longer! thanx so much for the tea pot design, when i downloaded it found the next kitchen vintage BOM there too! i am guilty of using a small mug for my tea & coffee but i do love tea cups, & have a set in the cupboard which i will bring out & use one day, your blog is inspiring me to do that too.
thanx for sharing

Rosie said...

I'm sooo lucky to have seen your tea pot in the making Jenny. It's even more gorgeous now that it's finished. Tea at your place next time so I can pinch it!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the lovely pattern! I've enjoyed Tea Week. Glad to hear that you found family...have a wonderful day!

Lesley Gilbert said...

That pouch looks like a caravan from the 1950's - how appropriate and a beautiful window box full of flowers :)
My daughter has been researching our family tree for the past 5 years or so and she has gone back about 300 years up to now. Just last week she found out a famous relative on UK tv - my Grandfathers brother is the connecting descendant - made us both smile :) It's nice that you are finding your husbands relatives.

Kathleen said...

I have really enjoyed all your tea postings and saved all your pretty patterns. I also enjoyed the tea etiquette pictures (I have 3, don't know if I missed any) and saved those too. I was hoping for more of them and will miss those as well as your pretty tea things. Today I had to go to my china cabinet to look at a cup my mother-in-law gave me because I almost thought the picture in today's post was the same cup, but it wasn't. And, about enjoying anything in a tea cup . . . have you ever used one for ice cream? I have! :o)

RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

I totally understand not wanting to live somewhere. I once told my husband I would live anywhere except Florida, I never wanted to live in Florida. LOL
May will be a year of living in south Florida. Never say Never. No family, no friends. It's very hard, but God is with me. I have my husband. I do have one lady i meant in my quilt guild.

But I love your tea pot, but I love all your work.

TerriSue said...

This is just so sweet. What did you put the little tea pot on though? I can see that you have stitched something, but you didn't show us what! I have so enjoyed your "tea" posts though I haven't always commented. I have been laid low with a viral infection that I just can't quite kick. It has been off and on but mostly on for over a week now. A couple of days I haven't even turned the computer on. I'm getting very far behind in my housework which is quite discouraging. I'm glad you have found family nearby. I'm also glad that you have Blossom. Aren't you going to have a visit soon from one of your sons, and get to meet a "new" granddaughter?

Tammy said...

Oh how exciting your best friends are really family..That is the coolest thing to discover. Love this tea pot. And I love that pouch. I have got to go over and check it out on her blog. If I ever get to Australia before I die I want to visit you.And have tea or coffee.

Createology said...

Family is family and how wonderful that you have found this connection. Very sweet teapot and thank you for so generously sharing once again. I am off to sip a cuppa tea. Creative Bliss Dear...

Ondrea said...

They say there is always only 6 degrees of separation from others. I love that little bag, soooo cute! Your teapot is so pretty. I hope to start on your teapots soon.

Judy1522 said...

Thank you for the lovely teapot pattern. I have definitely enjoyed all of your tea postings. So happy for you that you have found family where you are living. Actually I find that to be a totally amazing story that made my spine tingle.