Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still walking...

Back HERE I shared about 'walking the room'  and offered a free download sheet you could use to walk your own rooms...

If you used that sheet have you found it helpful?

Knowing it's a year long project helps me stay on track. 
This week I'm autumn-cleaning  our bedroom, and I've taken time to 'walk the room' and make notes about what I'd like to achieve - like de-cluttering drawers, sorting through the wardrobe and donating what's not being worn or used, planning projects to create that will add a sense of 'us' to the room, adding indoor plants to help filter the air, and making a new bed for Bob-the-dog because he sleeps there as well.
Overall the plan is to give our bedroom an air of sanctuary and rest...

I also printed up my mission statement for 2015 and framed it because I need to read this daily as a reminder and an inspiration. It's too easy to succumb to busyness and forget the importance of 'living life' and looking after self. 
As soon as my bedroom is re-organised this will be displayed on my bedside table. For now it's in my sewing room...

If you haven't yet read about my Year of Gentle Domesticity you can find it HERE.

Part of choosing to bake more in 2015 has been finding recipes that suit our gluten-free and 80% paleo diet.
I love to be in the kitchen but when I succumb to busyness with work our meals can tend to become rather repetitive because that's the easiest option - making what I already know. 
So in keeping with my framed mission statement (above) recently I've purchased a few new cook books. Some of them are e-books which are stored on my Ipad, but a few have been too good to not own the hardcopy, like this one by Australian cook Irena Macri.
I browse through it every time we have a meal or smoothie at the Paleo Cafe, and finally decided we should own it. 
Yesterday I baked Irena's Banana Bread and seriously, it was simple, delicious, and mouth-wateringly addictive...

You can eat it as a cake, or toast it.
I added dried apricots and peaches to my mix and scattered walnuts across the top...
Irena has a blog HERE filled with wonderful recipes so if you're gluten free, Paleo minded, or just want to freshen your menu planning it might have some ideas to inspire you.
You'll find her free recipe for the Banana Bread HERE.

I also made Irena's Lemony Harissa (recipe in the cookbook) and used it to marinate chicken breasts for a few hours before grilling.
Another winner. Repeat performance tonight, but with lamb this time.

 Another great place for recipe ideas is your local library. 
Why not go for a wander down the cooking aisle and borrow a few books that catch your eye?

Have a great day! 
I'm back to that bedroom and some drawer de-cluttering...



  1. thanx for the recipe link, always looking for alternative breads & that looks delicious, as do all the others!

    thanx for sharing

  2. You are so much better a cook than I will ever be. I really don't like to cook and only do it because the alternative is dying of hunger. =)

  3. I make a similar cake just with almond meal, coconut meal, eggs, hazelnut meal, banana and mango, agave syrup and vanilla YUM! Can toast that too. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

  4. Thank you for the link dear..looking yummy xx

  5. My mouth quite literally drooled when I saw your pics! Thanks for the link!
    PS. I baked some more of your ANZAC cookies this weekend :) YUMMY!

  6. Jenny, On the little kitchen sampler--I'm doing this stitch a long with you. I love the designs! The red "kitchen" word hanger goes so well with this...do you have a source for purchasing? Thanks!

  7. I see that one of your goals is to learn about bobbin lace. When my daughters were younger, we took lessons on making bobbin lace from a local expert. It was a lot of fun! None of us do any lacemaking right now, but I'd like to find time to get back to it someday. Enjoy!!

  8. Jenny,
    I am learning Bobbin Lace this year also. I was able to get a wonderful vintage pillow off of Etsy that came complete with old bobbins. I have just received my pins and paper I need to copy my beginner pattern on. This week I hope to hear the clatter of bobbins.
    Emily and Eric had terrible food allergies growing up. It was easier telling people what they could eat than what they were allergic to. The ingredients were not available then that are available today. Emily comments quite often on how much easier I would have it now trying to cook for them. We belonged to food co-ops at the time as that was the only way to access some of the ingredients that today you can find easily at Target or the corner grocery store. Your bread looks amazing. Luckily both of them grew out of their allergies. I still bake whole grain and sugar free most of the time. But I am able to bake whole wheat now when for years it didn't pass my door. Our son-in-law cannot have gluten and I am able to bake for him while the rest of his family groans and complains. With all of the resources available today it just isn't that hard. When I was trying to bake for the kids 30 years ago it was a whole different situation. I enjoy baking for Lanham because of the wealth of ingredients and resources out there. I will be making him your bread this coming week. Thank you.

  9. Almost time for spring cleaning here, lol! Wow that's quite a mission statement Jenny....I think mine will be to get out of bed every single day. :) Love the frame it's in. You almost make me wish I liked to cook.....


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