Thursday, May 14, 2015

My week so far...

This week (so far) my fingers have been working over-time on many things.
One and a half days were spent piecing stitchery blocks into completed projects...

...and taking a gazillion photos of those projects.

 Then there was a full day and a half glued to my desk writing patterns, which would have been sooooooo  much easier with chocolate  but I had none - note to self: "train Bob-the-dog to carry shopping list to corner store for cocoa laden essentials as soon as possible"... 

 ...and did I mention the fight I had with fabric when I was cutting out eight of these "Gorjuss" panels?

They have been printed on the fabric slightly off-centre so they won't sit square because of the bias.
I was a bit growly over this last night, but then I took a deep breath, prayed for Divine assistance, and kept my thoughts  focused on Blossom as this will be her 21st birthday quilt and should be oozing with love in every step of the process. 
 Love really does make difficult things a bit easier, you know.

So with the first three days of my week done and dusted here I sit on Thursday morning planning the day ahead.

I shall piece the Gorjuss quilt top...

 ...and prepare "at the heart of it all" for hand quilting.

Time will be spent dreaming how I can make use of the 1940's vintage lace I recently purchased and which arrived in the mail yesterday to my shrieks of delight ...

...and when all the days chores are done and the moon has risen over our home, I shall wrap myself in the beautiful pj's which Blossom gave me on Sunday....

...and snuggle under the covers to start a new book.

 I might even have some chocolate by then. 

I thought I'd best update you on our dear Bob-the-dog after his recent illness and emergency dash to the vet.
He had a burst abscess in an anal gland and was quite unwell for a bit, but he's back to his bright and bouncy self again now and asked me to say 'thank you' for all your concern and well-wishes.

I hope your day is marvellous!
(it could be even better with chocolate, of course....)



  1. So much beautiful sewing. Blossum's quilt should be delightful and it's so wonderful to see a healthy little Bob the dog.

  2. So much loveliness going on - I would need chocolate too :) I would have shared mine - had I known :)

    Love all the projects, especially Nana's Jug of Posies - what a sweet one that will be :) Thank you for sharing so much of your "Nana" with us.


  3. Such beautiful work, Jenny. I am sure you will stock uo on chocolate soon :-) I have given up sugar so the 'normal' chocolate fix is a no no for me. It is amazing how one's taste buds adjust though. Enjoy the rest of your creative week.

  4. Sew much loveliness there. The panels and fabrics are very different from your usual ones.. Sew cute.

    pleased Bob the Dog is now feeling much better..

    such gorgeous PJ's and looks like a great book. Enjoy

  5. Ok, I can hardly sit still in my chair! Where did you get the Gorguss fabric?! Surely there isn't someone in Australia selling it? Or somewhere overseas that you don't have to sell your house to pay the shipping? Please, I need to know! I bought my daughter a Gorguss handbag for her birthday last year and now I know there is fabric (swoon!!), I need to make her a quilt too.
    Love all the other goodies too - but the Gorguss fabric - oh my!!

  6. So many lovely things all very pretty. Please take some time out for yourself and smell the roses. Preferably with chocolate.

  7. I don't know which project to comment on first.... all so beautiful! I am glad Bob is better... so worrying when they are ill. Can I ask have you used a disappearing ninepatch block to make the table runner? It is so pretty! :) x

  8. I love all the beautiful projects! Your creativity always inspires me. Thank you...

  9. You have been busy. Just LOVE the 'at the heart of it all' Quilt. Love how you inserted the embroidered blocks into it.

  10. I have a hidden stash at all times, in case the stress gets bad. And there are always chocolate chips in the baking tin. =) I love your finished projects and the partly finished, and the basket of lace and, and, and .... Blossom has good taste in PJs! I have the Gorjuss panel because I have always loved her designs on tags and it was natural to buy the fabric!

  11. All of your projects are so beautiful. I am sure Blossom's quilt will turn out great also. I am more of a vanilla person than a chocolate one. Every once in awhile I will get a craving for chocolate. When you have a craving for it nothing else will do, will it?

  12. Gorgeous projects, Jenny. Glad to hear Bob the Dog is feeling better. xx

  13. Hi Jenny! I just read my Quilthome newsletter, and I think that you won a $50 shopping spree... congratulations! Now, I could be wrong, because there might be more than one Jenny Reynolds in Australia, but I just have a feeling that I'm right. :) At least I sincerely hope that I am right! Yay for you!

  14. Oohing and ahhing over such beauty on your blog, girl!!! Lovely pj's, such a beautiful gift. I really hate it when they print panels off-center like that....I don't think I've ever had ONE that wasn't.
    Jenny, chocolate is a MUST for pattern-writing. Chocolate, and coffee. *G* Do train Bob-the-dog. So very glad he's feeling better!!

  15. Very thankful Bob the Dog is feeling spunky once again. Your new pjs are lovely. I do agree everything is better with good chocolate (I did eat some today). Blossom's quilt will be stunning! Wonderful Weekend of Joy to You Dear...

  16. A busy week indeed Jenny - those PJ's look fantastic. xx


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