Saturday, May 16, 2015

What YOU have been stitching!

It's about time for some Show & Tell don't you think?
Here's what some sweet ladies have been sewing from my tutorials or stitchery designs recently -

My simple sewing caddy tutorial has been incredibly popular and what a blessing to find them popping up all over pinterest and blogdom!
You'll find the tutorial HERE...

And we have more sparrows...
(free design HERE) pretty  Vintage Kitchen blocks!
(free patterns HERE)

And a few other Elefantz designs that have been made personal and pretty!

(the teapot and sewing machine patterns are HERE)

Thanks for sending me your photos, girls! I love seeing what you've been making for yourself from Elefantz projects...


Visit Kaylee here, Heather here, Illene here, Lin here, Edi here.


  1. Sew lovely to see what others are stitching and doing with fabric and thread. I just today received a hand-written thank you note from Sparrow Ministries for my stitched Sparrow donations. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. That was a fun show and tell! I love all the different ways people are using the designs.

  3. So lovely - well done ladies!!!

  4. Oh, how lovely to see all the beautiful things people have made with your patterns - they look gorgeous!

  5. Everyone's work is beautiful!

  6. A lovely collection of work Jenny - thank you for your inspiration. xx

  7. they are gorgeous, the top one is my favourite. x

  8. It is so wonderful to see how much you have inspired people. Such a lovely array of projects. My hat off to you.

  9. Lovely stitching, ladies! Hopefully the next time you share, Jenny, I will have something to show. I have not stitched anything in months. Life has been crazy. Thank you for the beautiful patterns, Jenny!


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