Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Margaret and I made...

I promised on Monday that today I'd show you the aprons Margaret and I made each other for the Apron Swap which Wendy and I hosted earlier this year as part of my Year of Gentle Domesticity. 


Margaret was heading off on a holiday in March so her and I swapped a month later than the rest of the girls who participated.
When  my parcel arrived from her I opened it to find this pretty bundle of shabby chic sweetness inside. I'd asked for a half-apron in THIS style and Margaret certainly blessed me...

As well as an apron all swappers were to include a hand written recipe for their partner, but Margaret sent me a few so I have a bit of time ahead of me in the kitchen don't I? Mr E will be quite pleased!
Margaret also included some photocopies of family pictures from her childhood which involved aprons and tea. How precious these were to receive in my parcel.
The photo below has both of Margaret's grandmothers sharing tea...

...and this one is Margaret herself as a wee child in her very first apron.
I think she would have given Shirley Temple some competition with that smile!

Margaret asked me to make her a full apron, so remember back HERE when I made a Magic Apron?
I made her apron using that pattern  and some gorgeous Cabbages and Roses fabric. This time I made my own bias binding and designed a stitchery with Margaret's name for the doily pocket...

The recipe I sent her is a long-time Reynolds family favourite aptly named the Scrummy Slice...

With Margaret's nostalgic family pictures on my mind I decided to look through the small handful of Nana photos I have and see if there were any of Nana wearing an apron. Back in the 60's photographs were rarely taken and only when we were 'dressed' for them, so I was pretty sure I would have no success.
But then...

Here's my beloved Nana wearing an apron with our wonder-dog Soxie at her feet!

She has rollers in her hair which confirms why Nana's not looking directly at the camera. It must have been a photo of dear Soxie she was wanting, as she'd be aghast at having a photo taken of herself with curlers. 
One day I shall tell you all about Soxie. He was my guardian and protector and first true love.
Nana and Soxie, both so very precious.

Here's the final aprons I shall be showing from the Apron Swap. 
Stephanie sent photos to me yesterday of the aprons her and Carol made each other. Aren't they happy aprons!?

I think I shall head to the kitchen for some baking today, and I'll be wearing an apron...



  1. There is much apron love here! So pretty and the old photo's and recipes and extra treat..............enjoy!

  2. I feel the wonderful age of the sixties while reading and seeing your photos. Aprons are timeless in my generation. So many younger people do not even cook let alone wear an apron these days. Old recipes are such great fun to read and try to recreate. Creative Sixties Bliss Dear...

  3. Everyone of the aprons are adorable. I love your blog. You almost always make me smile. Thank you for that !!

  4. Oh, Jenny, what beautiful aprons you and Margaret made each other! So gorgeous and so treasured they will be. Love seeing Margaret old photo's and your nanna one too - how precious!

  5. The aprons are so beautiful. I love full length aprons and the one you made is gorgeous. Not so sure I would want to be doing all that maths though :-) I also love old photos, thanks for sharing yours. x

  6. Hello Jenny. You and Margaret have made each other beautiful aprons. I hope you both enjoy using them.

  7. Well Margaret sure knows you well, dear Jenny!!! You both made beautiful aprons. My favorite apron is still the one you made for me....

    I adore the pic of your Nana. I'm sure I must have a pic of my own grandma in an apron....I'll have to have a look!

  8. What beautiful aprons and I love that you also shared some nostalgic moments too! :) x

  9. I love the aprons and reading the whole post. What a great way to start my day.

  10. What a lovely exchange between you and Margaret. I love the pic of Nana in curlers and apron! We should all take pictures when we aren't at our shining best so that our descendants can see that we were real people. =)

  11. The aprons are beautiful. The pictures are delightful. The one of your nana and pup is a treasure. I remember my grandmothers relaxing with their aprons on also. I imagine my grandchildren will also. When they are at my house I am seldom out of an apron. I often take an apron along when going to their house to slip on as I help in the kitchen. Have fun in the kitchen today Jenny! I'm off to make dinner now. My apron is already on!


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