Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pattern - "I love to bake"...

I really do love to bake.
It's that whole thing about kitchen domesticity, it simply makes my heart sing.
So I thought of a sweet little design to say what I feel...

I traced it onto a piece of white homespun, fused Vliesofix behind it, cut around the heart shape adding a scant eighth inch border, then appliqued the heart to a pretty pink check tea towel.
And from there all I had to do was choose thread colours and embroider the pattern...

 It finished sweeter than I'd hoped...
This is a single pattern (not Stitchery Club) and you'll find it HERE in my shop...


Today is baking day in my kitchen and on the menu is Nana's Rice Custard and Apple Jelly (recipes HERE)...

What are you cooking this week?



  1. Love your little 'I love to Bake' motif and your bakes look delicious... I love rice pudding! :) x

  2. I am thinking of baking Ina Garten's Shortbread Pecan Squares but I don't have the ingredients including 2 1/4 pounds of butter!!! Love your Bake stitchery. Gentle Domesticity Bliss...

  3. Thanks for mentioning that rice custard again - I meant to make a note of the recipe last time and forgot so have done it straight away this time! Love the little stitchery. xx

  4. I like to bake too. Today it is bread. It is on it's first rise right now. A favorite recipe from King Arthur called Goin' With the Grains. I like your Bake embroidery. I might have to save up my pennies for it.

  5. Unfortunately I don't really bake much at all being on a restricted diet I mainly eat fresh foods with the occasional treat. I used to bake a lot of alternative cakes etc when my children were young because I brought them up without added sugar, salt, or artificial ingredients. Back then it seemed rather extreme and odd to many people. Infact, I was told that I was "depriving" my girls! I am glad you get so much enjoyment from baking and gentle domesticity. Sadly, a lot of people don't consider it a worthy job these days. Rearing a family and creating a beautiful calm home life is something to be proud of.

  6. Love love love this GORGEOUS design dear Jenny - it just oozes Jenny-sweetness with every stitch!!!!!!!!

  7. How pretty....Very nice indeed....I love all these domestic designs you have been doing...So refreshing and useful...

  8. Love the stitchery - of course! The baking results look simply scrumptious. I'm coming down with a cold and either one would feel so good swallowing! Thanks for this great new design. I'm collecting patterns in my cart until I have enough for a reasonable charge. =) It's in there!


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