Monday, May 18, 2015

We mountain girls...

Every winter you see a few blog posts of our stitching days up the mountain, and this year will be no exception.
For seven months of the year it's just too hot to spend the day sewing up there (no air-conditioning you see, and here in the tropics that makes it very hot)  so we make the most of it from May-September. This was our first trip to the Heritage Tea Rooms on Hervey's Range for 2015, and it was just as beautiful - maybe more so - as we remembered....
Heather and Barb had arrived first so they had set up in 'our' room (because we always sew and laugh and feast in that room!),  then Blossom and I drove in just ten minutes before Wendy...
We ordered breakfast and while the girls chatted I took a little wander with my camera.
This homestead is very old, built in 1865, and the current owners have left much of the old world charm on display or in use for patrons...
We took tea...
...and tasted good old fashioned sweeties... between laughing...
 ...and teasing...
...serious conversations...
 ...and sewing.

(Barb had packed up her stitching before I took my stitching pics, but she was sewing a "Sparrow"block just like Blossom - two wonderful young ladies supporting Sparrow Ministries)

 It was wonderful to have Blossom with us for a Friday sewing date. We all had the day off work together this time...

While we were in such a pretty place I asked the girls (Barb and Blossom) if they'd hold up my new quilt top so I could get a nice outdoors photo.
Well, they really are crazy (second cousins twice removed and the same nutty sense of humour) so decided they'd hold the corners in their teeth!
You know, their joy was infectious and that really brought home to me every word displayed in the quilt.
Hope, bless, love, dream, laugh, cherish. 
Heather and I are blessed to call these young women our daughters. xx

Too soon the day was over, and it was time to pack up...
What a precious time we had.
Saying goodbye tends to bring more laughter...
...before footsteps slow to delay the final goodbyes.
Even the best of days draw to a close.
Until next last look back...
I find it very precious to be behind the camera and recording these moments with the people I love.



  1. What a quaint,lovely place to spend your time. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  2. Great photos, Jenny. What a lovely place to visit. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. xx

  3. Una preciosa entrada Jenny ,me ha encantado leerte un paraje maravilloso al igual que las imágenes .

  4. What a wonderful, precious time! Yay!

  5. Hi Jenny

    What a lovely place. Definately have to visit one day. Real relaxing time.

  6. Gosh Jenny, what a fabulous day out for you all ... what an awesome place to stitch in & enjoy friends company. Gosh Blossom is a beautiful girl :-)

  7. Precious time together making memories. The settng is wonderful and looks very relaxiing. Creative togetherness Bliss...

  8. Is that a special bling on Blossom's left hand??

  9. What a gorgeous place! A sewing day there would be just lovely.
    I was thinking that too, about the ring!

  10. A beautiful setting for a fantastic day. xx

  11. Looks like a beautiful place to spend a day with friends and family.

  12. What a lovely place to spend some time making memories and sharing them. Is that an engagement ring on Blossom's finger? :)


  13. What a lovely place! Wonderful memories were made that day!


  14. How wonderful! I wanted to drop by and thank you for sharing your free stitcheries with all of us. I am currently working on the blocks of the vintage bom, and thinking of how to use them. Tea towels? Wall hanging? :)
    So many uses...thank you, too, for the tutorial on stitching...mine is much better now! quiltnsrep(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. It sounds so much fun, so glad you could have such a special time with friends. The quilt top is looking great :-)

  16. Wonderfully precious! I love your photos of the place, and the love the people photos show. Thanks for sharing your day. I look forward to our next get together. LOL

  17. What a wonderful place to spend with friends and visit and stitch. By the looks of the smiles it was a great day! Hugs,

  18. and us mountain girls don't even have to be dragged by the hair! such fun and I loved replaying the day through your photographic journey my sweet! So precious, these times together xoxoxo :o) love ya

  19. Looks like a ripper place for a retreat with fun friends....

  20. I can see why you like that lovely place. So good seeing people smiling and happy.

  21. Oh how I'd love to join you there!! That grey and chrome table and chairs.....that would have to come home with me, all your stitching!!

  22. What a beautiful place. Looks like y'all have way to much fun together..

  23. Jenny -What a wonderful day shared with your family at a quaint,quiet and fun place. It may not have been a "quiet" day, but one full of joy, laughter and relaxation. Hope you all felt relaxed and invigorated at days' end. Pat

  24. Glad everyone had a great time. Such lovely projects everyone was working on. So nice they let you spend the day.

  25. Love seeing your photos when you go to the Heritage Tea Rooms Jenny. Such a wonderful time to spend with family and friends

  26. Such a fun time with loved ones.
    Time seams (Yes i spelled wrong) to slip away when we're enjoying ourselves.
    Lovely place.


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